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Macca and Cassie

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Chapter 1

Cassie Turner run down the stairs of Summer Bay house. She was excited today Macca was coming back. Ric was at the breakfast table with Sally and Pippa life was perfect.

"You look happy today" said Sally when Cassie sat down

"Life is just so great Macca gets back today" said Cassie

"What time is her getting in?" asked Sally

"Not till after lunch I'm going to go crazy waiting" said Cassie

"I'm going to the Beach with Luc and Mattie" said Ric "Want to come until Macca arrives"

"Sure" said Cassie

"We will take a picnic" said Ric "It will be fun

"Yeah" sighed Cassie only half interested all she could think about was Macca.

An hour later Ric and Cassie were walking to Matilda's and Lucas's house. I didn't take long to walk there from there house only five minutes. When they arrived they knocked on the door

"Hi Ric and Cass come in" said Beth Lucas and Mattie are getting ready I will tell them your here

Beth called Matilda and Lucas

"So how are things at home" asked Beth

"Fine" said Cassie

"Hows Sally doing" asked Beth

"Fine" said Cassie

Matilda and Lucas came out

"Well we better be going now" said Matilda

The four friends starting heading for the beach

Soon they were at the Beach Lucas and Ric went in the water straight away but Matilda and Cassie stayed on shore

"You look happy" said Matilda "Anything do with a certain someone named Macca?"

"I can't wait till he comes back he isnt come back until after lunch Mattie I'm so in love" said Cassie

"Me too" said Matilda with Luc he is so sweet"

Lucas and Ric waved them into the water

"Lets go in" said Matilda

"Not just yet" said Cassie "I might just read a book"

"Well okay" said Matilda she run into the water and joined Ric and Lucas

Cassie pulled her book out she wasn't even a page in when someone covered her eyes and said

"Guess who?"

Cassie whirled around

"Thought I'd surprise you and come early" said Macca

"I missed you so much" said Cassie she kissed him long and hard.

chapter 2 should be up soon hopefully tommorow

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Chapter 2

Cassie and Macca finally broke free.

"Have you seen Martha and Jack yet?" asked Cassie

"Yeah" said Macca "I dropped my things off there then I went to your house and Sally said you were here with Ric, Matilda and Lucas"

"Great" said Cassie

"What do you want to do hang here or do something else?" said Macca

Cassie wanted to do something else she hadnt seen Macca in weeks she wasn't ready to share him yet she waved Ric out of the water who had just noticed Macca Luc and Mattie were to busy with eachother to notice Macca. Ric came out

"Hey Macca" said Ric "How have you been?"

"Great mate" said Macca

"Sorry Ric" said Cassie "but I have to bail I will see you at home later"

"Okay" said Ric "More food for us I guess"

"You are always thinking of stomach" said Cassie laughing

"Yeah" said Ric "Bye"

Cassie and Macca went off hand in hand. Ric sat down in the sand he looked out to the ocean were Matilda and Lucas were playing Marco polo. Matilda had her eyes closed while looking for Lucas. He waved Lucas out of the water Lucas tapped Matilda on the shoulder they came out

"Wheres Cass?" said Matilda

"Macca came back early" said Ric "So she went off with him"

"Oh" said Mattie "I guess its just the three of us for lunch"

"Yeah" said Ric "But it will be fun even without Cass"

Cassie and Macca were back at Jack's and Martha's everyone else was out so they had the house to themselves. They were sitting on couch. Maccas arm was around Cassie and her head was resting on his shoulder they were watching a DVD.

"I'm so glad you back" said Cassie

"Me too" said Macca "I missed you heaps so much I quit my job"

"What are you crazy?" said Cassie

"There are plenty of jobs in Summer Bay" said Macca

"Yeah" said Cassie "I'm just so glad your back and I bet Martha is too"

"Yeah she seemed happy to see me" said Macca

"Good" said Cassie she kissed Macca he kissed her back everything was perfect again. Cassie was so happy and so in love

sorry thats all thats all I can't think of now Chapter 3 will be up I don't know when

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Chapter 3

Sally was busy chopping up vegies for dinner when Ric walked in with Lucas and Matilda.

"How was your day?" asked Sally

"Good" said Ric "Cass left early though with Macca he come home earlier than expected"

"Yeah I know" said Sally "Cassie is having dinner at Jack's and Martha's"

"Okay" said Ric

"Would you two like like to stay for dinner?" asked Sally indicating Matilda and Lucas

"Sure" said Matilda "I will just go call mum and tell her were staying for dinner"

Jack, Martha, Macca and Cassie were eating dinner Kim and Rachel had gone over to Leah's and Dan's for dinner.

Martha had wipped up a pasta when she got home.

"We should have a dinner party next week said Martha you guys could come of course we could also invite Robbie and Tash, and Kim and Rachel maybe Saturday

"Can't" said Jack "I'm working"

"Your always working" said Martha slamming down her fork

"I'm sorry but I don't control the rosters" said Jack

"Even when you ask for time off you still have to work" said Martha

"Things are kind of hectic at the moment" said Jack its not my fault

Cassie and Macca shifted unconforbly in their seats

"Sorry" said Jack and Martha at the same time

"Actually I've suddenly lost my appetite said Martha "I'm going to bed"

An hour later Cassie and Macca were walking back to Cassie's

"How long have they been fighting like that for" asked Macca

"a couple of weeks" said Cassie "Jack has been really busy with work"

"I guess been married to a cop is never easy" said Macca

"Well you know what they say said Cassie if you marry someone in the army you marry the army too I guess its the same with the police force

"Yeah" said Macca

They reached Cassie's house

"I'll see you tomorrow" said Macca

"You bet" said Cassie she kissed Macca and went inside Ric was watching television

"Hey your home" he said

"Yeah" said Cassie

Sally came downstairs

"Hey Cass" said Sally when she saw Cassie standing next to the couch you was your day?"

"Great" said Cassie

"Thats good" said Sally

"I might go have a shower" said Cassie heading for the stairs

She sighed tomorrow seemed so far away

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Chapter 4

Cassie woke up the next morning bright and early. She got showered and dressed and went downstairs Sally was down there with Pippa

"You're up early for a Sunday" said Sally

"I'm meeting Macca at the Diner for breakfast" said Cassie

"Great" said Sally "You seem very happy"

"Oh" said Cassie "I'am I'm so in love with Macca

"Thats great" said Sally

"I better go now see ya Sal"

"Yeah bye Cass" said Sally

Cassie met Macca outside the Diner they went in together holding hands

"Hows things between Jack and Martha?" asked Cassie

"Could be better" said Macca

"Oh" said Cassie they found a table and sat down.

"Are you glad to be back in the Bay?" asked Cassie

"Sure" said Macca "Glad to be with you again"

Cassie smiled Colleen came over to their table to take their order. Then she scurried of into the kitchen.

"I'm going to live here permantly" said Macca

"You are thats so great!" squeled Cassie

"I know" said Macca "I havent told Martha yet"

"She will be just as stoked as I'am

"I will to look for a flat soon" said Macca "I don't want to cramp Martha's and Jack's style for too long

"Martha loves having you here and so do I what about your job?" said Cassie

"I quit" said Macca

"Why?" asked Cassie

"So I could be closer to you and Martha" said Macca

"Cool" said Cassie

"Theres a job going at Noah's Bar you should apply for it" said Cassie

"Yeah I might" said Macca

Colleen brought over their food they tucked in it was delicious

Cassie and Macca spend most of the day together. They said goodbye to eachother about three. Macca went to spend time with Martha Cassie walked to Matilda's when she got there she knocked on the door Beth answered

"Hello Cassie" she said

"Hey" said Cassie "Is Mattie home?"

"Sure I'll just call her" said Beth "Matilda Cassie's here" said Beth

Matilda appeared out of her room

"Hey" said Cassie

"Hey" said Mattie "Lets go to my room

Matilda and Cassie went into Mattie's room

"Weres Luc?" asked Cassie

"He went into Yabby Creek with his Dad" said Matilda

"Cool" said Cassie

"How was you day?" asked Matilda

"Great" said Cassie

"Cool" said Matilda I didnt do much today

"Have you seen Ric today?" asked Cassie

"No" said Matilda "I saw Belle though man she is such a pain"

"Tell me about it" said Cassie.

Later Cassie got home

"How was your day" said Sally

"Great" sighed Cassie she was so happy

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Chapter 5

The next day was a school day. Cassie would rather spend the day with Macca. But she was meeting him for lunch. Cassie got up and went and had a shower. She put on her uniform and went downstairs Ric and Sally were at the table Ric was buttering a piece of toast and Sally was feeding Pippa. Cassie sat down and poured herself a bowl of cereal.

"Morning Cass" said Sally

"Morning Sal" said Cassie.

Later Cassie was walking to school with Ric, Mattie and Luc when they saw Belle approacing

"Ric I have to talk to you" said Belle

"Get lost" said Ric

"Yeah get lost" said Cassie and Matilda together

"Guys come on" said Lucas give her a fair go"

"Why are you always so soft on Belle?" asked Matilda

"Shes my friend" said Lucas

"Shes a a cow" said Matilda

"Don't talk about me as if I'm not here" said Belle

"Stay away from Luc" said Mattie

She started stomping off to school Cassie chased after her Matilda had tears running down her face

"Ignore her Mattie" said Cassie "shes such a cow"

"She is trying to steal Lucas off me like she stole Ric off you how can I ignore that?"

"I don't know" said Cassie

Ric caught up to Cassie and Matilda

"Weres Luc?" asked Matilda

"He went off with Belle" said Ric

"Grrr" said Matilda

Matilda entered the school building she saw Belle by the lockers

"stay away from my boyfriend" cried Matilda

"What how dare you I can hang out ever I want"

Matilda slapped Belle Belle slapped her back before long the two were in huge fist fight

"Right to Mr. Armstrongs office both of youright now" said Sally

Matilda and Belle got tons of detentions from Mr. Armstrong

Matilda went to find Lucas. Matilda had no idea what was about to come

"Luc stay away from Belle" said Matilda

"I can be friends with whoever I like" said Lucas

"Stay away from her or else" said Matilda

"Or else what?" said Lucas

"We will break up" said Mattie

"Fine" said Lucas "Lets break up"

"What" said Matilda she run down the hallway in tears she went to find Cassie but found Ric instead

"Whats wrong Mattie?" Ric asked when he saw Matilda tear streamed face

"Luc and I broke up" said Matilda

"Oh Mattie I'm sorry" said Ric they hugged. Matilda wasnt sure why but she felt save in Ric's arms.

This will lead to Ric and Matilda getting together and Lucas and Belle.


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