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Home and Away 2015

Guest dr kimberley

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Alf- Alf is retired and lives in the apartment above the diner with his wife Colleen.

Amanda- Amanda is Unemployed and her daughter and son don't like her.

Brad- Brad is the Deputy principal and is married to Sally.

Cassie- Cassie is a Teacher and is going out with Drew.

Colleen- Colleen is Retired and married to Alf.

Dan- Dan is the School counciller and lives with Leah, Ryan an VJ.

Drew- Drew is th Manager of the gym, is going out with Cassie and lives at Irene's.

Jack- Jack is a Detective and is married to Martha with two children.

Leah- Leah is the owner of the diner and is happily married.

Martha- Martha is currently on maternity leave.

Robbie- Robbie is single and owns Beth's old house with Tony. He owns a boat service.

Rachel- Rachel is a Doctor and Phyciatrist, she is single and lives at Amanda's old apartment.

Sally- Sally ia a Teacher and is married to Brad. Cassie and Pippa live there.

Tony- Tony is widowed and lives with Robbie.

Irene- Irene and Paris are dating and Drew lives at the beach house. Irene is still at the diner.

Ryan- Ryan is a rebel of a teenager but is very nice.

VJ- VJ is a kind teenager and always helps his mother

Pippa- Pippa is the sweetest girl who's ambition is to be a doctor.


(Summer Bay high)

Brad- I hope you have learnt not to throw stink bombs down the corridor Ryan.

Ryan- Yes I wont do it again. Hey, are you annoyed Paris has taken your job as principal?

Brad- No deputy is good enough for me.

(Cassie walks in)

Cassie- Sorry to interupt Brad, Ryan you are not to arrive late to my class today. Understood?

Ryan- Yes ms Turner.

Cassie- Good, carry on.


(Amanda's house)

Amanda- I hate Belle, I hate belle, I HATE BELLE!

(Someone knocks on the door)

Amanda- GO AWAY!

Leah- Amanda, please open up I want to help you.

Amanda- I said GO AWAY!

(Amanda throws her glass at the door?

Leah- Ok, ok I'm going.


(The diner)

Irene- How did you go love?

Leah- No good. She was really angry. I wish I could do more to help.

Irene- Don't put yourself down darl, you've done all you can.

Leah- Yeah but she can't keep drinking her sorrows away.

Irene- I know.


(The apartment)

Colleen- Alf, lunch is ready.

Alf- Ok, I'll be there in a minute.

Colleen- If you don't hurry up your lunch will go cold.

Alf- Flammin heck women I said I'll be there in a minute and I will ok!

Colleen- Don't get cranky at me. I'm going for a walk.

Alf- Bye


(The warf)

Colleen- Hello Robbie.

Robbie- Hey Colleen. How are you?

Colleen- Good thanks. Just had a blue with the husband.

Robbie. Oh ok.

(Robbie's phone rings)

Robbie- Excuse me for a second Colleen. Hello. Oh hey Tony. What? I'll be there right away. Sorry Colleen I've gotta go.

Colleen- Is everything alright Robbie?

Robbie- No time to explain. Bye colleen.

Colleen- Toodles.


(Summer Bay High)

Cassie- Alright class settle down.

(Cassie sits on a pin)


Ryan- Alright it was me.


Ryan- It was only a joke. God!

Cassie- Not to me it wasn't. Report to Mr Burnett's office at once!

Ryan- NO!

(The whole class is shocked.)

Next time on home and away:

.What will happen with Ryan?

. Why did Tony call Robbie?

. Will Amanda admit she has a problem and how will Irene help her?

I hope you like it.

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Chapter 2

(Summer Bay High)

Cassie- I beg your pardon?

Ryan- I said No!

Cassie- You will do as I tell you Ryan now go.

Ryan- You can't make me.

Pippa- Come on Ryan, just listen to Ms Turner.

Cassie- It's ok Pippa I can handle it.

( Sally walks past)

Sally- Is everything alright?

Cassie- Ryan is refusing to go to Mr Burnett.

Sally- What happened?

Cassie- Ryan put a pin on my chair.

Sally- Ryan that's not very nice. Why don't you come with me to the office?

Ryan- Fine.


(The gym)

Drew- How can I help you Colleen?

Colleen- I would like to buy a membership.

Drew- Alright it is $200 per year.

Colleen- Ok I'll pay in cash.

(Colleen pulls $200 out of her purse)

Drew- Here is your membership.

Colleen- I'd like to start on the weights thanks.

Drew- Why do you want to build up your muscles?

Colleen- I have a wrestling match against Madge Wilking in a week.


(Paris's office)

Paris- Thank you for bringing Ryan in Sally.

Sally- That's fine.

(Sally walks out)

Paris- Why did you put a pin on Ms Turners chair.

Ryan- Because she is a cow!

Paris- Watch your attitude Ryan!

Ryan- Just telling it how it is.

Paris- Your suspened for a week.

Ryan- WHAT!

Paris-(smirks) Just telling it how it is.


(Tony and Robbie's house)

Tony- I'm glad you came so fast.

Robbie- Who would trash our house?

Tony- Maybe the stalker. She's come back alive 10 times.

Robbie- Oh god!

(Jack arrives)

Tony- Thanks for coming mate.

Jack- It's fine. Do you know who could've done this?

Tony- No idea.

Robbie- I have no clue.

Jack- Is there anything missing?

Tony- Not that I can see. Except a picture of Robbie that hung on the wall.

Jack- Ok we'll have to look around.


(Amanda's house)

Irene- Amanda open up!

Amanda- Go away Irene.

Irene- NO! You need help and i will not leave until you face it.

Amanda- You will leave when I tell you.

Irene- You are an alcaholic. I want to help you.

Amanda- I am not an alcaholic now **** off!



Leah- How did you go?

Irene- No good. She is very angry. We need to get someone who will be able to talk sense to her.

(Dan walks in with Ryan)

Leah- What are you doing from school early?

Dan- Ryan has been suspended for a week.

Leah- What? Why?

Dan-He put a pin on Cassie's chair and then had an attitude about it.

Leah- Ryan! That is not acceptab;e behaviour.

Ryan- You'll get over it.

Dan- Watch your mouth! Your are not going to stay home during you suspension.

Ryan- Where am I going to go then?

Dan- You're going to work at the diner isn't he Leah?

Leah- Yep.

Ryan- That is so unfair!

Leah- Anyway, Dan we need your help.

Dan- How?

Leah- Amanda is drinking her sorrows away and is getting out of control.

Dan- I'll se what I can do.



Rachel- What a boring day. Nothing is happening.

(Suddenly a bed comes in with Colleen in it)

Rachel- What happened?

Paramedic- Mrs Smart tried to lift weights but it was to much of a strain for her heart.

Rachel- Put her in that room.

Drew- Will she be alright?

Next time on Home and away

. Will Colleen survive?

. Is Zoe back again?

. What tradgedy happens in Summer Bay?

. Can Dan get through to Amanda?

. Which ex resident comes back and will they stay?

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