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Written In The Stars

Guest Jackieleanne

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Chapter 10

Lucas P.O.V

“Matilda wake up were here” I say softly as I rest my hand on her leg gently,

“mmm” she moans her eyes still shut as she subconsciously moves so that she is leaning on to my shoulder,

“Mattie babe you got to wake up” I say louder kissing her softly hoping to wake her up, “Mattie” I add when she doesn’t answer

“Ok ok I’m up” she says as she opens her eyes and sits up in her seat undoing her seatbelt before she looks in the mirror adjusting her hair, “Right come on then Luc lets get checked in then no time to dither” she says jumping out the car typical Mattie this was making us wait and then telling everyone to hurry up,

“Yeah babe I’m coming” I say taking our suitcases out of the car and locking it up before I follow her inside.

Jack’s P.O.V

“You took it then?” I ask her as she walks out the bathroom the test stick in hand,

“Yeah I have now we just got to wait until it’s ready” she says as we walk back into the living room and sit down on the settee,

“You know I love you no matter what baby” I say pulling her closer to me,

“yeah I know and I love you two” she tells me as she leans against my chest “I just really hope that I’m pregnant you know it will make our family complete” she adds as she looks up at me,

“Yeah it will and we will make great parents” I say as I cup her face in my hands, I honestly believed that she was pregnant something just felt different about her I mean despite being sick for the past week or two she still looked beautiful, more beautiful than usual she looked glowing.

“Right lets do this” I say softly as I stroke her hair,

“Ok” she says as she opens her hand out I find myself staring down at the pink line,

“pink means yes right?” I say wanting to be sure I had read the box right earlier,

“Yeah oh my god Jack I’m pregnant we are having a baby can you believe it” she says squealing, I couldn’t possibly tell you how happy I am right now, I throw my arms around Martha lifting her up as I twirl her around in the air before placing her back down on the ground gently and kissing her softly.

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Sorry about the wait ive been busy with University and work, im off uni now until monday and only have to work Saturday night so hopefully I can update a bit this coming weekend.

Chapter 11

Matilda’s P.O.V - Two Weeks Later

“I can’t believe its time to go home already, its gone so quickly” I say as I climb into the passenger seat of Lucas car,

“I know same here but its been a great two weeks” Lucas says as he climbs in next to me, leaning towards me he kisses me softly

“that it has its been perfect” I say smiling as I pull back,

“come on then lets get going home then if we want to beat that storm that dad told us about earlier” Lucas says as he starts the engine,

“Yeah we don’t really want to get caught in that” I say sighing as I turn on the cd player.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Can you believe it Jack we are going to see our baby isn’t it great” I sigh leaning against him as we sit in the waiting room of the hospital ready to go through for our ultrasound

“I know it’s great I’m just glad we managed to fit it in on my day off because I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything” Jack says running his fingers through my hair

“That’s good because I think I’d kill you if you did” I say before we are interrupted by the midwife

“If you want to come straight through Mr and Mrs Holden we are all ready for you now we will just need you to slip into one of our gowns for us then we will be able to get straight on with the ultrasound” she says softly as she leads us down the hallway.

“Cold?” Jack asks laughing as I flinch when the gel is applied on my stomach,

“Yeah” I say as I relax myself once more leaning against the pillow on the bed, taking Jack’s hand as my eyes move to the screen waiting for the lady to pass the wand over my stomach, “Oh my god Jack” I say as I stare in awe at the image on screen,

“wow our baby its so tiny” Jack says his voice awe struck I glance over to him briefly his eyes are glued to the screen I look back to his gaze and watch in amazement at our baby on screen the sound of the heartbeat echoing around the room, it truly was amazing.

“One moment ill be right back I just need to get someone so that we can check something” the midwife says looking at us as she stands up and leaves the room,

“Jack what’s going on” I cry panic overtaking me as I imagine all the possible reasons that the midwife could of left like that.

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Chapter 12

“What’s wrong is everything ok?” Jack asks as the midwife comes back in the room followed by another midwife,

“I just need to get another opinion on what I’m seeing that’s all no need to worry from what I can see it’s all good news” the midwife says as she moves the wand over my belly slowly before she stops,

“Is that what I think it is” I stutter looking dumbstruck at the screen,

“Yes Mr and Mrs Holden I am happy to say that it looks like you’re having twins” she tells us

“Oh my god Jack can you believe it we are having twins” I squeal excitedly

“I know we are going to be the best parents” he says squeezing my hand softly as he looks up from the screen and stirs at me a huge smile plastered across his face.

Jack’s P.O.V Four hours later,

“Right I best be off, make sure you keep an eye on her dad” I say kissing Martha’s cheek softly from where she sat next to Beth on the settee,

“Is there something you’re not telling us son” dad says looking at me his eyebrow raised,

“Nope just worrying about my wife I mean the storm looks like its going to get pretty bad” I say

“Yeah I just hope Matilda and Lucas get home ok” Beth says softly her face full of concern,

“I’m sure they will love they should be home soon Matilda rang when they left about five hours ago so they should be getting back now” dad says sitting down beside them,

“Well you better be off to work you want to get to the station before the storm gets any worse” Martha says looking at me,

“Yeah I will do, I love you” I say kissing her gently before I head for the door “Bye” I say as I leave I just hoped my brother and Matilda arrived home soon.

Lucas P.O.V

“Lucas how long is it going to be the storm is getting pretty bad I can hardly see the road” I hear Matilda’s soft voice it was laced with fear and worry,

“It’ll be ok baby we are nearly home now see look if I see clearly that sign says welcome to Summer Bay right” I say softly trying to hide my own fear I just wanted to get us home I was concentrating so hard on the road but it was still so hard to see clearly,

“Lucas look out!” I hear Matilda scream looking infront I see the lorry swerving directly towards us, I press on the breaks as hard as I can as Matilda’s screams fill the car “Luc” I hear her scream as I watch the lorry slam into us.

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Lucas P.O.V

“Lucas how long is it going to be the storm is getting pretty bad I can hardly see the road” I hear Matilda’s soft voice it was laced with fear and worry,

“It’ll be ok baby we are nearly home now see look if I see clearly that sign says welcome to Summer Bay right” I say softly trying to hide my own fear I just wanted to get us home I was concentrating so hard on the road but it was still so hard to see clearly,

“Lucas look out!” I hear Matilda scream looking infront I see the lorry swerving directly towards us, I press on the breaks as hard as I can as Matilda’s screams fill the car “Luc” I hear her scream as I watch the lorry slam into us.

Chapter 13

Jack’s P.O.V

“There’s been a head on collision between a car and a lorry at the entrance to the bay Constable Holden we need to get there right away” Mcgrath says to me as he rushes out of his office,

“Ok right with you” I say grabbing my jacket and hat and following him out the door, something in the pit of my stomach was telling me something wasn’t right I just hoped that my brother and Matilda had made it home,

“do we have any identification of who is involved yet sir?” I ask as we get into the car,

“no the fire service or ambulance hasn’t got there yet and the witness said that he couldn’t get to them,

“any word on the condition?” I ask him

“well he says the man is talking to him briefly he said that the man kept saying to help his girlfriend” he told me I really do not have a good feeling about this.

Lucas P.O.V - Ten Minutes earlier

“Mattie” I cry spitting the blood from my mouth as I lift my head up off the airbag, I try to move slightly but the pain in my neck stops me from turning fully to see her, I can’t hear her voice, I can’t even tell if she’s breathing the noise from the storm making it impossible to find that out, I need to see if she’s ok I need to know she’s ok I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t turning around in my seat slowly as I hold my neck I don’t care about the pain I’m going through I just want to see Matilda, looking down at her blood stained hand I follow my way up her body her face is pushed down against the sideboard I can see the blood falling onto her legs but I can see her breathing faintly which has to be a good sign right, looking down at her legs I see them bleeding they appear to be trapped under the crumpled frame of the car,

“Sir are you ok?” I hear the voice of an old man say, stumbling me from my thoughts,

“I’ll be fine just please you got to help my girlfriend” I say as I grab hold of Matilda’s hand.

Jack’s P.O.V – Twenty Five Minutes after the accident

“Constable, maybe you can help we need to get the man out but he is refusing to leave his girlfriend we need to get him out and seen too before we can get to his girlfriend, her legs are trapped the only way we can get in to her would be to airlift him out and get our men in to cut her free” the fire chief says as I stand with McGrath as we arrive at the scene looking at the scene the car appears to be in a total mess its lucky that they are still alive, wait hang on that looks like Lucas car s**t I need to get to him,

“Luc” I scream running towards the direction of the car,

“You know him” the fire chief says running behind me,

“My brother” I scream back at him stopping as I reach the car,

“Luc mate its me Jack can you hear me are you ok?” I ask him my voice stuttering from the panic running through me,

“Jack please you got to help her she’s barely breathing” he groans,

“ok but you are going to have to let the firemen get you out I know you don’t want to leave her but they have to get you out before they can get to her ok” I say as calmly as possible trying to keep my cool for his sake but the truth is I was terrified,

“Ok” he says,

“Right get him out” I say to the chief,

“Ok men clear you can get him out put a neck brace on him first we don’t want to damage his neck even more when we lift him” I listen to the chief order, dad I need to ring dad, pulling my mobile from my pocket I slam number two of my speed dial and watch as it rings dads mobile

“dad dad its Jack” I say,

“Woah Jack calm down mate where are you” he says

“Dad I can’t calm down its Lucas he and Matilda have been in an accident” I scream out so that he can hear me over the wind and rain,

“accident Jack please tell me there ok aren’t they” he says I can hear the worry lace in his voiced,

“Mattie” I hear Beth cry in the background,

“Lucas is ok I’ve been talking to him he’s hurt his neck they are lifting him out now” I say,

“Thank god, how about Mattie?” dad asks interrupting me as I was about to tell him,

“they needed to lift Luc out before they can get to her she’s trapped from what Luc said she’ barely breathing and she’s bleeding heavily we need to get her out dad” I say tears forming in my eyes as I say those words it kilt me to say those words about Matilda over the years she had become like a little sister to me I wanted more than anything for her to be ok.

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Chapter 14

Martha’s P.O.V

“We need to get to the hospital” Beth says tears running down her eyes, I can’t possibly imagine what this is like for her and Tony its hard enough for me

“We need to listen to Jack we have to wait until its safe to go otherwise we will only get into an accident ourselves” I say even though I wanted to get there just as much as her I knew it would be dangerous and I had two children inside of me that I needed to think about,

“Martha’s right love plus Jack said they wouldn’t be at the hospital for another hour or so yet” Tony says softly as he wraps his arms around Beth I can tell he’s trying to stay strong for her even though he is hurting just as much himself inside, I just prayed that Matilda and Lucas would be ok and that they would get out and to the hospital safely I knew Jack would make that happen he would do anything for those two, and he wasn’t going to stop that now when they needed his help more than ever.

Lucas P.O.V

“Jack I’m not leaving here without Matilda I want to know that she is ok” I say from where I sat in the ambulance with Jack as the paramedics treated my neck, they had given me some drugs to ease the pain and cleared up my wounds the only thing I wanted to do was to get to Matilda to be by her side holding her hands for her to wake up,

“Stay here ok ill go check on her now” Jack says as he climbs out of the ambulance,

“Please don’t leave with him yet it means the world for him to be with her please let us go with her when they take her to hospital” I hear him say quietly to the paramedic before he rushes off towards the wreckage of the car.

Jack’s P.O.V

“How is she?” I ask the fire chief as I reach the outside of the car,

“She’s woke up but she’s in a lot of pain we are trying to free her legs now” he says as I’m about to speak I hear her tiny voice scream out,

“Lucas” she screams out she sounds in so much pain and agony,

“Can I get to her so that she can hear me I’m her step-brother, and boyfriends brother whatever you want to call me but please let me get to her I might be able to calm her,

“Ok then but be careful, here wear this, the boys will help you in” he replies handing me one of the safety helmets to wear.

“hey Mattie its me Jack, were going to get you out of here” I say as I’m lifted into the back of the car,

“Jack, I want Lucas is he ok?” she cries,

“he’s fine just a broken neck he’s waiting for you and worrying sick so just sit still ok while we try and get you free” I say softly,

“here do you want to sit upfront hold her hand try and ease the pain, they nearly have her free now we need her to stay calm does she have any medical conditions that we need to know about?” the paramedic asks me as the two firemen next to him work on getting her free,

“she has asthma” I say as I clamber into the front, “come on Mattie stay awake you’ll be back with that brother of mine in no time” I add as I take hold of her hand,

“it hurts jack” she cries in pain as she clutches my hand,

“it’s going to be ok Mattie just try and stay awake for me” I say softly.

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Chapter 15

Fifteen minutes later,

“Is she going to be ok?” I ask the paramedic as I watched the firemen cut away at the car trying to free Matilda she had passed out about ten minutes since and we was unable to wake her she still had a pulse and breathing though which was a good sign,

“I can’t be sure until we have her free from the wreckage the longer it takes though the less chance there will be for her if we don’t get her free soon I fear that the damage to her legs may be permanent” he says

“Permanent?” I gulp

“Yeah I’m afraid that she may be paralysed but we won’t know for sure until she is in the hospital and until I can have a proper look at her legs” he explains,

“please help her” I say fighting back the tears.

“Right that’s it we got it” I hear one of the firemen say his voice snapping me back to reality I look up and find myself starring in horror at the site of Mattie’s legs bloodied and bruised,

“right we are going to have to get her to the hospital fast she’s lost a lot of blood quick lets get the stretcher in and lift her out” I hear the paramedic say,

“you’ll need to get out the way constable so that we can get the stretcher in” one of the firemen tells me, I climb out quickly getting out of the way the image of seeing Matilda’s legs like that stuck in my mind,

“Can me and my brother travel with her please I don’t want to leave neither of them and he really wants to be with her please” I ask the paramedic as he climbs out waiting for the firemen to hoist the stretcher Matilda has been strapped to out off the car,

“well we don’t usually allow that” he starts to say but I cut him off,

“please it means the world to me” I say pleading with him

“ok then but only this once” he says.

Lucas P.O.V

“Oh my god Matilda, Jack her legs what’s happening?” I cry as I see him running behind the trolley she is on that is heading straight towards us, her legs are red raw I don’t think I’d ever seen as much blood, I watch in horror as they place her in the ambulance her legs and face covered in blood this couldn’t be real it had to be a dream this is supposed to happen to her not to my Matilda she isn’t supposed to be injured like this in the back of an ambulance battered and bruised, unconscious with an oxygen mask supporting her breathing, I feel Jacks hand on my knee, “Jack what’s going on she’s ok isn’t she?” I ask pleading with him to provide me with the answer that I wanted to here that she was going to be fine that it was just a lot of bruises and blood and that was all,

“they don’t know if she will walk again Lucas” he says squeezing my hand softly, no this couldn’t be happening to her not my Matilda.

“How long will it take us to get to the hospital now?” I hear Jack ask as the ambulance sets off,

“not long…” the paramedic starts to reply as the bleep of the monitors that Matilda’s heart monitors was connected to start to go off, I open my eyes and see her convulsing on the bed,

“what’s going on Matilda don’t do this to me” I cry,

“get back sir, we need to get to her John get back her she’s arresting” he shouts as he rushes to her side grabbing the defibrillator from the wall.

“No Mattie come on stay with me you can’t go” I scream bursting into tears as my world stops around me.

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Chapter 16

Martha’s P.O.V – 20 minutes later

“Shouldn’t they be here by now” Beth says pacing up and down the corridor as I sit next to Tony as we anxiously wait for the ambulance to arrive,

“It will be...” Tony starts to say but is interrupted when the doors fly open, and Matilda is pushed in on a hospital trolley followed by Lucas in a wheelchair being pushed by Jack

“Mattie” Beth cries running over,

“Luc” Tony screams rushing over

“Jack” I cry standing up,

“Stand back please” one of the paramedic says “Cardiac Arrest on way to the hospital she needs to get to surgery straight away” he tells one of the doctors, I watch as she goes past her small body covered in blood and bruises it was awful to see I hold back the tears as I see her, glancing at Lucas I see his tear stained eyes his neck in a brace as Tony embraces him, I feel Jack’s arms wrap around me,

“Is she going to be ok” I cry leaning against him,

“I don’t know Martha it was awful they think she may be paralysed we nearly lost her in the ambulance” he says I turn my head slightly looking into his own tear stained eyes that matched those of his others, I pull myself further into him resting my head against his chest just needing to be in the comfort of his arms right now,

“Right Lucas we best get you seen too” Rachel says walking over to us,

“How’s Mattie is she ok?” Beth asks her,

“I don’t know anything yet they’ve just taken her into surgery as soon as I find anything out ill let you know, if you all want to come this way so that I can take a look at Lucas” she says as she leads us towards a room, Beth and Tony follow pushing Lucas as me and Jack make our way behind them slowly,

“Babe try and keep calm ok you don’t want to be getting stressed out you got our babies to think about remember” Jack says stopping me as I’m about to follow them into the room,

“I know I love you” I say kissing him softly before making my way into the room.

Lucas P.O.V – 30 Minutes later

“Right Lucas we are going to have to get you off to surgery to fix the fracture in your neck but other than that you just have minor cuts and bruises, surgery should be ready for you in about thirty minutes so ill get the anaesthetists down here straight away so that they can prep you for surgery” Rachel says as she looks over her notes,

“What about Matilda have you heard anything” I say just wanting to know if she was going to be ok,

“I’ll go and check for you now she is in good hands though I’m sure they are doing everything they can for her” she says softly as she leaves the room,

“Jack thanks for being with her in the car, I’m glad that you could be there for her” I say softly as I look up at my brother where he stood in the corner of the room his arms wrapped around Martha,

“It’s ok little brother I’d do anything for you both, besides she didn’t stop asking about you when she was awake” he says smiling softly “she always has hated being away from you, despite everything she wanted to know how you was that was the first thing she said to me” he says.

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Chapter 17

Jack’s P.O.V – One Hour Later

The room was deadly quiet apart from the beeping of the machines from Matilda’s bedside as we sat and waited for her to wake up, Lucas had gone to surgery just before Matilda was brought out, the doctors told us that we would have to wait until she woke up before they would know if the operation on her legs had been successful in stopping Matilda being paralysed for the rest of her life, I just hoped to god that it had been successful that’s all we could do now hope and pray. They told us that she had been bleeding internally which was what caused the Cardiac Arrest in the ambulance thankfully they had managed to stop that otherwise she could have bleed to death. That’s how I find myself sat here in the middle of the night my pregnant wife sleeping peacefully in my arms, dad and Beth sat at Matilda’s bedside each of them holding onto her hand delicately not wanting to let go off her, no one spoke a word since the doctor left we just sat waiting.

“She still not awake yet?” I hear Rachel ask walking into the room breaking the silence,

“No” I say softly

“Rachel is their any chance that we can get them in the same room please” Beth says finally looking up from Matilda’s bedside for the first time since she had been brought into the room,

“I’ll see what I can do Beth” Rachel says “Let me know when she wakes up” she adds before leaving the room.

Matilda’s P.O.V – Twenty minutes later

“Mattie” I hear mums soft voice say as I slowly start to open my eyes the bright lights instantly hitting me as they clash with the white of the walls,

“Mum where am I?” I say softly croaking as my throat itches from the dryness,

“here, you’re in the hospital sweetie” she says softly handing me my drink and placing the straw in my mouth I take a sip it is then that it all came running back to my the car, the storm the lorry heading towards us, oh my god Lucas was he ok,

“Lucas where’s Lucas is he ok?” I say panic overcoming me tears stinging my eyes,

“He’s ok love he’s just been worried sick about you, he’s in surgery now he has a broken neck that’s all other than that he’s fine no need to worry in fact I’m sure he will be back in here with you shortly” Tony says looking down at me,

“ah Matilda you’re awake” Rachel says softly “How are you feeling?” she asks me softly

“A bit groggy and sleepy” I say softly

“that would be all the painkillers you are on to ease the main now Matilda I just need to run a few simple tests on your legs that’s all” she says taking some small instruments out of her bag.

“Right Matilda let me know if you feel this?” she says softly as she picks up the small instrument from the side she takes it whacking it against my leg,

“Ow what you doing that for, can’t you see that my legs are already red raw” I say but she ignores me and whacks it against my other leg, I flinch as it hits my knee,

“What does this mean is she going to be ok?” mum asks her,

“well I would be if she would stop hitting my legs and tell me what is going on” I say

“Well Matilda’s reactions I am happy to say have shown us that her nerves in her legs haven’t been damaged the fact that Matilda reacted shows us I am happy to say that Matilda is not paralysed all which we need to do now is get some more scans done to find out the extent of the damage but I can tell you that we will be looking at her being in a wheelchair for a while and then followed by a course of physiotherapy when Matilda has gained strength again in her legs she will gain back full mobility.

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Chapter 18

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Oh sweets thank god you’re going to be ok” Mum says wrapping her arms around me, I felt relieved at what I had just heard although it came as a pretty big shock to me I had no idea that my injuries had been so serious

“Oh mum” I cry finally breaking down in tears in her arms as everything of the days events hit me,

“It’s going to be ok sweet’s you’re going to get better” mum says rubbing my back softly,

“Yeah love you and Lucas will be back in health in no time and just think for the meantime you can get him and the rest of us pushing you around everywhere while you take it easy” Tony says looking at me,

“How long does she have to stay in hospital for?” mum asks Rachel,

“Well I’d say it will be a week before we can release her and then after that she will have to keep coming back for check ups and then physiotherapy we just need to make sure she gets plenty of rest” she says smiling softly at me.

“Right we should be going, its late and as you can see we need some sleep plus we should probably leave you too it” I hear Jack say as he holds Martha steadily his arm wrapped around his waist as she rests on his shoulder half asleep,

“get better ok Mattie” Martha murmurs softly

“Thanks” I say to her softly “An thank you Jack for being there for me” I say looking up at him,

“That’s no problem” he says smiling before they walk out the room. I hope Lucas would get back soon I wanted to see him before I fell asleep today made me realise how much I truly love him and how much it would hurt me if I lost him I couldn’t live without him.

Jack’s P.O.V

“Come on Martha we’re home” I say softly stroking her cheek as she leans sleeping against the car door,

“mm” she moans,

“Martha we are home baby come on I need to get you to bed you can go back to sleep in the comfort of our bed” I say

“Ok” she mutters her eyes opening slightly, I wrap my arms around her waist helping her out of the car, and slowly leading her inside as her eyes fight to stay open, I open our bedroom door and help her into bed, “Jack stay” she mumbles shutting her eyes as her head hits the pillow, I laugh softly at my wife she was so adorable I’m so lucky to have her, I climb into bed next to her pulling her into my arm she snuggles into me as she moans softly in her sleep.

Lucas P.O.V

I stare softly at her as she sleeps peacefully attached to countless of machines when I had come round after the operation mum and Tony was surrounding me, they said Matilda had fallen asleep before I had come back into the room, I was relieved when they had told me that she wasn’t paralysed that she would be able to walk again once her legs had fully recovered after she had healed and undergone physiotherapy for a few months.

“Luc” I hear her scream I look up to see her shaking in her sleep, I presume she is dreaming about what happened I want nothing more than to wrap her in my arms but I have to stay in bed,

“Sweets” Beth says stroking her softly

“Lucas” she mumbles her eyes slowly opening,

“Its ok Mattie I’m here everything is going to be ok” I say softly looking at her as she looks over at me staring into my eyes, I have never been happier to see her blue eyes looking back at me, she had given me such a scare today at one point I thought I was never going to see her again, and that scared me more than ever I couldn’t live without her I truly didn’t know what I would have done if I had lost her today.

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Chapter 19

Martha’s P.O.V – 3 day’s later

“You ok baby” I hear Jack say as he knocks softly on the bathroom door, I sigh rubbing my stomach softly before another wave of nausea comes over me and I find myself throwing my head over the toilet bowl,

“Yeah just the usual” I say a few minutes later standing up and opening the door once the nausea has passed, “When’s all this morning sickness going to end” I say wrapping my arms around his waist,

“Well you’re three months now right so I guess you probably still have a few months left of being like this” he says taking my hands and leading me into the kitchen “now lets get you and our babies something to eat” he says

“but Jack ill only throw it up” I say sighing as I sit down while he walks over to the fridge,

“but Marth you have to eat babe, you have three people to feed now you need to get your strength up” he says as he takes the bacon, eggs and sausages out of the fridge,

“Jack” I say softly

“What babe?” he asks turning to face me,

“Will you get me a glass of orange while you’re in the fridge” I say smiling sweetly,

“I suppose I’ll have to” he replies laughing as he reaches for the orange.

Half an hour later

“Jack when are we going to tell everyone about me being pregnant” I say as I place my fork down at the table,

“Well I was thinking how about at Christmas lunch in two weeks” Jack says standing up to clear the plates away,

“Yeah that sounds good to me, I don’t know how much longer we can hide it from everybody” I reply

“Yeah you’re starting to get a little bump now” he says walking back over to me he kneels down and places his hands on my stomach,

“It makes it even more real doesn’t it” I say smiling down at my husband,

“Yeah it does” he says as I watch him place soft kisses over my stomach.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“I wish you didn’t have to leave today” I say softly to Lucas as he stands beside my bed holding my hand softly, he still had the brace around his neck but as he suffered no other injuries he was free to go as long as he rested up and didn’t go around surfing or playing sport, I had to stay in for another few days yet while they kept an eye on how my legs where healing and until my pain killer dosage could be reduced enough for me to take tablets at home,

“I know babe I wish I didn’t either but you will get to come out in a few more days as well and you try and stop me coming back every day to see you, you’ll get sick of seeing me” he says softly stroking my hair,

“I’ll never get sick of you” I reply looking into his eyes,

“I know I’ll never get sick of you either” he says,

“Look at our kid’s Beth we have raised a bunch of love sick children haven’t we” I hear Tony say

“Yeah especially Lucas Tony you really did raise a good one there” mum says,

“Well personally I think that Beth raised the perfect beauty in Matilda” Lucas says, I blush slightly as I laugh at my family’s banter I really don’t know what I’d do without them.

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