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Written In The Stars

Guest Jackieleanne

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Chapter 20

Lucas P.O.V ~ 5 days later

“Luc you ready to go mate” I hear dad shout to me, we was going to go and pick Matilda up from the hospital she was finally allowed to come home although it was likely that she would have to be in a wheelchair for another week and we was also told that she would have to keep rested and be pampered, and knowing Mattie like I did that would be something that I’m sure she will love, having everyone pamper her and serve to her every need, “Luc” I hear dad shout again,

“Yeah dad I’m ready” I say walking back into the main house,

“What took you so long mate” he asks laughing

“I was just sorting out our room so that it’s perfect for her when she comes back” I say smiling as Beth walks into the living room from the hallway,

“That sounds like a great idea Lucas I was also thinking that we could all stay in tonight just the four of us and have a movie night just like old times” she says smiling,

“Right anyways lets be off, I’m sure Mattie is fed up of the hospital food by now” I say jogging out the door to the car not wanting to waste another minute, just wanting to get to Matilda’s side and bring her home to me.

Martha’s P.O.V – 15 minutes later

“So everything is moving along ok?” Jack asks the midwife as she finishes off my notes,

“Yeah everything’s fine you’re moving along quite nicely, I also have been asked to pass this along to you it’s the picture and video taken from your first scan the other week” she says handing us the package,

“Thanks” I say smiling

“I’ll have to rush so ill see you guys next month for your next appointment” she says rushing out the room,

“I can’t wait to get home and watch this, and until next week when we can show everyone once we’ve told them I’m expecting” I say climbing down off the bed and taking Jack’s hand as we walk out of the room and make our way down the corridor,

“Hey son what are you doing here?” I hear Tony’s voice say startling me from my thoughts as I look up staring right at Beth, Lucas and Tony.

Jack’s P.O.V

“Hey son what are you doing here?” I hear my dad’s voice say as we are met face to face with my dad, Beth and Lucas, now I really don’t know what to say we only planned on telling them next week,

“erm we was coming to see Matilda why?” I hear Martha say thank god she was able to think of something quickly,

“Didn’t you remember that we are taking her home today, we’ve just come to pick her up now?” Dad says as Beth and my brother walk into Matilda’s room,

“Oh yeah I totally forgot about that you know what my memory is like at times dad” I say walking past him and leading Martha into Matilda’s room as my dad follows us in,

“I’m so glad to be coming home” Mattie says as she sits on the edge of the bed,

“dad, Jack can you give us a hand getting her into the wheelchair” Luc says as Beth moves the wheelchair to the edge of the bed placing it in front of Matilda, I hand the parcel containing our photograph and video to Martha before making my way to the bed and helping Matilda down into her wheelchair,

“You know I think I’m going to get used to being pushed around in this wheelchair Luc I’m sure Rachel said that its going to be a month before I can start to walk on crutches so I guess you’ll be pushing me around for a while” Matilda says to my brother as he pushes her out the way I can’t help but laugh at those two, they always managed to put a smile on my face,

“I’m sure she did say that Matilda don’t push you’re luck” he says causing everyone to burst out laughing at the two of them before he quickly adds “but I would push you around all day you know that I’d do anything for you”

“Seriously bro could you be anymore cheesier” I say wrapping my arm around Martha as we make our way out of the hospital.

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Chapter 21

One week later – Christmas Day

Martha’s P.O.V

“Merry Christmas babe” I hear Jack say to me as I slowly start to open my eyes,

“Merry Christmas to you too” I say smiling softly as I stretch slowly as I sit up,

“merry Christmas to you two as well” he says rubbing my stomach, I can’t help but laugh at my husband at times he can be so adorable.

“I can’t wait to tell everyone Jack I mean everyone is going to be there its going to be great” I say as I throw my legs over the edge of the bed

“now come with me I got something to show you” he says taking my hand in his own and leading me out of the bedroom, out at the kitchen table laid a spread of French toast, pancakes and fruit while I could see a handful of presents laid out under the tree,

“Oh Jack thanks” I say holding back the tears as I look around the room,

“How much longer is this over emotional phase going to last” Jack says laughing,

“Jack Holden you best shut up now and let me eat breakfast” I say letting go off his hand as I sit myself down around the table.

Lucas P.O.V

I look down at her sleeping peacefully she looks so angelic I am so glad that she survived the accident because I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her, she has a few scratches left on her face as well as the scratches and bruises on her arms but it is her legs that suffered worse off, she’s still in cast which will be removed in two days so we will have to wait and see how they have healed but she suffered some deep cuts and she was so lucky that the firemen got her out when they did because if they hadn’t of been able to operate when they did she could have been paralysed and not just that she suffered a cardiac arrest in the ambulance due to internal bleeding I really was so close to losing her and it had made me realise how much I loved her how much I couldn’t risk losing her. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and of hers I wanted to be with her every step of the way as she recovers as she attends physiotherapy to help her get the strength in her legs back so that she can walk, run, swim and dance again like she used to.

“mm” I hear her mumble I look over and notice that she is slowly starting to awake I lean down kissing her lips softly, her eyes slowly flutter open at the touch of my lips on her own,

“Morning baby merry Christmas” I say smiling down at her

“Morning and merry Christmas now lets go and open presents” she says sitting up,

“you know Mattie you’ll never grow out of being a big kid at Christmas will you” I say laughing as I watch her wait for me impatiently to help her into her wheelchair so that we can go into the main house,

“No now hurry up and help me” she says throwing her arms up in the air, she always was a drama queen when she wanted her own way.

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Chapter 22

Matilda’s P.O.V – A few hours later

I sat next to Lucas watching as my family and friends talked amongst each other about everything, I watch Ella playing with my mum and Tony my gaze moves to Martha as she watches Ella a huge smile plastered on her face, I’d been watching Martha and Jack for a few weeks now something is going on I can sense it seeming they are already married it can only mean two things they are either having a baby or are getting divorced and seeming both of them look more in love than ever and have a huge smile plastered on their face twenty four seven then I presume it’s the latter.

“Mattie” Lucas says interrupting my thoughts,

“Yeah” I say turning to face him,

“Stop zoning out and what did I tell you about jumping to conclusions I’m sure nothing is going on” he says quietly,

“just you wait and see Lucas I know these kind of things I can just tell” I say smiling to myself,

“Whatever you say Mattie” he murmurs.

“Right everyone we have a bit of an announcement to make” Jack says as he and Martha stand up,

“See I told you” I whisper to Lucas, mum glares at me warning me to be quiet and let Jack and Martha finish.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Well me and Jack are going to have a baby” I say placing my hand on my stomach,

“Congratulations” everyone starts to say jumping up,

“Wait that’s not all” Jack says “we aren’t just having one baby we are having two babies” he finishes,

“Oh love that’s wonderful” granddad says as he stands up embracing me,

“thanks granddad” I say resting my head on his shoulder,

“Just think you’re going to be a great granddad” I say smiling,

“I know love and I couldn’t be happier” he tells me.

“Congratulations love” Tony says engulfing me in a hug

“Thanks” I say smiling

“you know that me and Beth are always around if you need a babysitter when these two are born” he says,

“I might take you up on that offer when they are keeping me up until all hours of the morning” I reply laughing.

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Chapter 23

One month later – Matilda’s P.O.V

“Are you sure you’re ok going back to University so soon” mum says as I sit at the table eating breakfast with her, Lucas and Tony,

“Yeah I’m sure mum I’m in a wheelchair my mind is completely fine” I say

“I know that sweets I’m just concerned that’s all” she says softly,

“I know you are mum but really I’m twenty years old and my last year of university is about to start, I’m fine honestly” I say smiling warmly at her hoping to put her mind at ease,

“Besides she has this fine young man looking out for her” Tony says laughing,

“That she does” Lucas says wrapping his arm around me,

“please” I smirk laughing as I roll my eyes to mum.

Later that afternoon

“So Matilda when do you get your cast off?” my law tutor Mrs Smith asks me as the rest of the law students file out of the room in a rush to get home,

“Well its been about two months now I have to go in next week if it appears that it has healed nicely the cast can come off and I can start my physiotherapy to get my strength back in my legs so I can get walking again” I say as I start to pack my files into my bag,

“yeah well we are all just glad that you and Lucas came out ok we was horrified when we heard about it” she says softly

“yeah it was pretty horrifying but no drunk driver is going to keep me down” I say

“that’s the spirit you know that you might even be able to help out in the trial yourself I mean you are in your final year and I’m sure that friend of your mothers Mrs Bellingham will let you work with her as more than just her client” she says I hadn’t thought of that my mind had been on everything that had happened and getting better but Mrs Smith was right it would be great experience as well as being a good pleasure in assisting as well as just testifying against him,

“you know that sounds like a plan Mrs” I say smiling at her, as there is a knock at the door and Lucas enters,

“Hi Lucas, you can get her know we was just talking about the trial” she says smiling warmly at him, he walks over to me before pushing me over to the door,

“thanks Mrs Smith” I say “see you tomorrow” I say as Lucas pushes me out the door,

“Bye Mrs” Lucas says “anyways how’s your afternoon lecture’s been?” he asks me as he pushes me down the corridor

“good Mrs Smith came up with a really good idea about the trial” I say.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Where are you Jack” I mumble to myself as I sit at the table my head in my hands as I look around the room at the candles, the dinner and everything I had prepared for a romantic night in, its so hard being the wife of a police officer they have such a demanding work schedule and it often gets changed but I just wish that he’d call and let me know, reaching for the phone I dial his mobile after a few seconds he answers,

“Jack where are you?” I say

“Sorry Martha thing’s have got a bit hectic around here we got called out on an emergency” he says

“when will you be home?” I ask trying to hold back the tears, I had been nothing but emotional in this pregnancy and it was getting worse,

“I don’t know Marth look I got to go ill see you later” he says hanging up,

“ugh” I sigh slamming the phone down into the handset.

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Chapter 24

Martha’s P.O.V

It had been an hour since I rang Jack and he still wasn’t home I’d given up on him ate my dinner by myself leaving his out to go cold so that he could see all the effort I’d put into tonight it had been five years since we went on our first date since we first got together, I’d wanted to make it special but my plans for the night had all fallen to pieces, I hear a knock on the door, so stand up to go and answer it,

“Hey Mattie, Lucas come in?” I say as I see them stood in the doorway I go and sit on the settee, Lucas pushes Matilda in placing her by the chair which he then sits in himself,

“Mac what’s up?” Matilda says looking at me concerned as she notices my red blotchy eyes,

“well I’d planned this romantic evening for the 5th anniversary of our first date and when we first got together and well Jack’s not shown up and I rang him at work and he said he got called out on an important job” I said tears starting to stroll down my cheek,

“aw sorry Martha you know what my brother can be like at times he doesn’t always think before he acts I’m sure he didn’t mean to get you all worked up like this” Lucas says,

“Mac I’m sorry now seeming I can’t exactly get to you right now come here and give me a hug” Matilda says looking at me as she holds her arms out to me,

“Thanks Mattie” I say standing up and walking to her where I bend down a hug her lightly.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“I hope Martha’s going to be ok” I say to Lucas that night as we lay in bed

“She will be, ill have a word with Jack make sure he makes it up to her” he says pulling me closer to him,

“You’re such a charmer you know I’m lucky to have you apart from when you was going through that bad boy period you’ve never actually done one thing to upset me purposefully although at the time I might have thought differently” I say

“well I’m lucky to have you two and I don’t want to lose you, or see you upset so I promise that I’ll always try and make you happy” he says before kissing my forehead softly,

“I love you Lucas” I say smiling softly to myself as my eyes start to drift shut,

“I love you too Matilda” I hear him say as sleep starts to overcome me.

Jack’s P.O.V

Walking into the house that night, the lights off, Martha must be asleep I think to myself throwing my boots down by the door and hanging my coat up, that’s when I see my dinner placed out on the tables, the candles set up around the room, damn why do I always drag myself into situations like this, I hope she isn’t to upset with me I think I’m going to have a lot of making up to do somehow, walking into the bedroom I see her sleeping peacefully in our bed, her eyes red from crying I hate seeing her like this, I change out of my clothes down to my boxers before climbing into bed beside her and wrapping my arms around her,

“I love you Martha, I’m sorry for spoiling your plans I promise I’ll make it up to you” I whisper before kissing her cheek softly.

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Chapter 25

Martha’s P.O.V

I rub my stomach softly before stretching as the sun shines in from the window, my elbow whacking something hard in the chest,

“Ow” I heard Jack groan beside me, climbing out of bed I wrap my gown around me before walking into the kitchen I wasn’t in the mood to be around him right now not after last night, taking out the bread from the cupboard I place it in the toaster before pouring myself a glass of milk from the freezer, I feel the babies move around inside me pressing against my stomach placing my hands over my protruding stomach I rub it softly as I wait,

“bubs causing trouble babe” I hear Jack say I look around to see him walking around,

“don’t act like nothing has happened Jack, well actually nothing did happen because you think its just ok to miss our plans and not show up” I say angrily grabbing my toast from the toaster and starting to butter it fiercely striking at the toast with each stroke as the anger within me rose,

“Marth please come on I’m sorry I promise ill make it up to you” he says coming towards me and trying to wrap his arms around me,

“don’t jack, until you have made things up to me I don’t want to touch you I don’t even want to speak to you so I suggest you go for a surf and think about what you can do to make it up to me while I go shopping with Beth, Matilda and Tasha.

Lucas P.O.V

“Hey bro you coming for a surf” Jack says as I open the door to see him stood in his boardies with his board he looks kind of down, and I can only assume that Martha must be mad at him about last night, I should probably speak to him about things and theirs nothing better for me to do than go out with my brother and surf anyways I mean Mattie’s off with Beth and Martha shopping so that will probably take up most of her day,

“Sure I won’t be a second” I say rushing back into my room to get changed into my boardies and grab my surfboard,

“where are you in a rush too” Mattie says from where she lay sat in bed,

“I’m off for a surf with Jack” I say throwing my shirt off and changing into my boardies

“ok you should speak to him about making things up to Martha” she says quietly obviously not wanting Jack to overhear,

“I will do don’t worry, have a good day shopping I love you” I say kissing her softly on the cheek,

“I love you too” she says as I grab my board and head out the door.

“So what do you think I should do?” Jack asks me as we walk back out of the surf a few hours later,

“Well personally while you have the house to yourself while she is out shopping you should go home and prepare her a nice romantic meal and get the house dolled up for a romantic night maybe go out and by her some flowers and chocolate and whatever you do, don’t let work call you in and say that they need you say that you can’t go in for once and spend some time serenading your wife” I say as we walk back up the beach,

“Little bro when did you become such a romantic?” he says

“I always have been Jack it’s the Holden charm I just know how to use it better” I say smiling at him,

“we’ll see about that” he laughs,

“well then don’t just tell me about it go and show Martha” I say

“will do thanks bro” he says running off.

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Chapter 26

Matilda's P.O.V

“So how was shopping babe?” Lucas says as he wheels me into our bedroom,

“it was ok I brought a few things, I can’t wait to get this thing off tomorrow” I say as Lucas helps me out of the chair and into our bed,

“me neither I miss you” he says seductively,

“I miss you too, we have a lot of catching up to do” I say smiling at him,

“that we do and as soon as we get from the hospital we can start catching up” he says wrapping his arm around me, as he starts to kiss my neck,

“mmm” I moan softly “you know this isn’t going to help me wait even longer” I say

“who says we have to wait we can take things slowly and I can do all the work and you can just sit back and relax” he says running his fingers up and down my back,

“sounds like a plan to me” I tell him.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Oh my god” I say when I open the door, I see Jack stood their holding a dozen white red roses while the dark house was dimly lit from candles that he had spread out from the room and the fragrance from whatever Jack was cooking smelled delicious,

“These are for you babe I’m so sorry about upsetting you yesterday I promise to make it up to you, tonight I’m here for you and I’m going to do whatever you want I promise” he says handing me the roses,

“oh Jack” I say wrapping my arms around him tears coming to my eyes, damn pregnancy hormones I swear I never stop crying,

“now come on lets get you sat down for dinner to feed our little babies then I can give you a nice massage and you can take a nice hot bubble bath to help you unwind from your day out” he says leading me over to the dinning table and pulling my chair out for me like the perfect gentleman, he’s obviously been speaking to his brother about romancing me but I’m not going to think about that for now just enjoy the company of my husband and I’ll have to remember to thank my brother and law later,

“I love you Jack” I say softly

“I love you too Martha” he says as he sets the plate down in front of me.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“That felt amazing” I say cuddling up against Lucas bare chest as we lay in bed that night,

“It did I’ve missed that” he says softly running his fingers up and down my arms,

“I love you Lucas” I say turning to face him and looking deeply into his gorgeous blue eyes,

“Matilda” he says,

“what?” I ask looking at him

“marry me Matilda” he says smiling down at me.

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Chapter 27

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Oh my god, did you just say” I stutter stumbling on my words as I look at him in amazement at what I had heard him just say,

“I said will you marry me Matilda?” he tells me

“Oh my god yes off course ill marry you” I say squealing as I throw my arms around his neck,

“I love you” he says looking down at me,

“I love you too, Lucas make love to me again” I whisper seductively pulling him down closer to me, so that our lips and body are inches apart.

“When do you think we should tell everyone Luc” I say smiling at him as I sit at the edge of our bed the next morning,

“It’s up to you although I was thinking that we might want to go get your ring first your appointment is this morning so I thought we could go into Yabbie Creek after and pick something out” he says sitting down next to me,

“that sounds good to me” I say leaning into kiss him softly,

“Breakfast” I hear mum shout in to us from the hallway,

“come on we should go in” I say smiling.

Lucas P.O.V

“What’s going on with you two you haven’t been able to take the smile off your faces all morning” Beth says as we arrive at the hospital ready for Matilda to have her cast removed and start her first course of physiotherapy and hopefully if she was strong enough she’d be able to start walking again using crutches,

“Nothing” me and Matilda both say quickly,

“Oh ok” Beth says looking at my dad.

“Right Matilda just walk down to the end of the row, keep hold of the bars” Rachel says

“Come on Mattie” I say standing at the other end of the bars willing her on to reach me, looking deeply into her eyes so that she can focus,

“come on Matilda that’s really good keep going you can do it” Rachel says as she walks by Matilda who is slowly making her way towards me using the help of the bars,

“I can’t do it” she sighs distressed,

“You can do it Matilda you know you can” I tell her willing her on I know Matilda she has been through so much, she is strong she can do this.

Martha’s P.O.V

“So what’s going on why did you want us here for” Jack says as he sits down next to Tony and Beth as I sit on the other chair opposite Matilda and Lucas, Robbie, Tasha, Ella and Kit stood behind me,

“Yeah come on what’s the big news” Robbie says,

“Well you see Lucas asked me to marry me” Matilda says holding out her hand,

“and she said yes” Lucas finishes

“Oh my god congratulations” everyone shouts at once.

“another wedding to plan” I say smiling

“yeah we’ve got a lot to sort out sweets oh my baby girl is getting married” Beth says wrapping her arms around Matilda.

Next up: Will Matilda beable to walk up the aisle to her marriage to Lucas and more drama at the wedding.

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Chapter 28

Lucas P.O.V – 3 months later

How do I get through one night without you

If I had to live without you

What kind of life would that be

Oh I, I need you in my arms

Need you to hold

You're my world, my heart, my soul

I felt sick to my stomach my nerves getting the best of me as I pace around the foyer in the church, as we await the arrival of the guests, and then my beautiful bride Matilda today was going to be the best day of my life the day I had been waiting for since I was 16 five years ago when we first met I still remember that day quickly we had just moved to summer bay and she came round with her mum to bring over some muffins and welcome us to the neighbourhood I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was beautiful back then as well and that beauty had only grown over the years, her beautiful eyes and captivating smile, her soft skin and curvaceous body just some of the many things I love about Matilda, more than anything I love her personality and her kind heart what make Matilda the person she is, the woman I love the woman that I will shortly make my wife.

Jack’s P.O.V

If you ever leave

Baby you would take away everything good in my life

And tell me now

I smile looking at my brother as he stands pacing the floor as me, dad, Ric, Robbie and Scott look on,

“Calm down Luc” Dad says laughing as he walks over to him and rests his hand on his shoulder,

“I can’t help it I mean what if something goes wrong, what if she doesn’t show up and does a runner decides that she doesn’t love me” he stutters nervously,

“little bro this is Matilda you are talking about do you really think she’d do that the girl is crazy about you, she will have been dreaming about this day for years just calm down and relax in an hour Matilda is going to be your wife” I say he smiles nervously at me,

I see Beth walk in with Sally and make her way over to us,

“how is she?” Lucas asks her his hands shaking,

“she’s great nervous but great she can’t stop smiling and she looks absolutely beautiful” she tells him her eyes already teary.

Martha’s P.O.V

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever, ever survive

How do I

How do I

Oh, how do I live

“You look beautiful Matilda absolutely amazing” I say to Matilda as she smoothes out her dress,

“Thanks Martha you do too you’re glowing” she tells me smiling at me “I’m so nervous god I mean what happens if something goes wrong” she says her hands shaking,

“it will all be fine Mattie don’t worry this is Lucas Holden we are talking about, he wants nothing more than to make you happy and in less than an hours time your going to be Mrs Holden” Cassie tells her, I rub my stomach as the babies kick against me, they have done nothing but kick this morning they must be just as excited about this wedding as I am,

“Can I come in?” we hear Henry’s voice say from the doorway,

“Sure, we will leave you too it” we say leaving the room as Henry walks in to be with his twin for a few moments before we leave for the church.

Matilda’s P.O.V

Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky

There would be no love in my life

There'd be no world left for me

And I, oh Baby, I don't know what I would do

I'd be lost if I lost you


f you ever leave

Baby you would take away everything real in my life

And tell me now

“Oh Tilly you look beautiful” my brother says looking at me as I stand in front of the mirror looking over myself,

“Thanks” I say nervously holding back the tears as my emotions get the better of me,

“Tilly don’t cry yet you’ll ruin your mascara wait until we get to the church and you’ve said your I do’s ok” he says walking over to me, and resting his hand on my shoulder,

“Thanks for agreeing to walk me down the isle” I say to him turning to face him,

“I wouldn’t want anything else in the world, I’m so proud of you Matilda we all are and dad will be looking down at you from heaven wishing that he could be hear to see his little princess get married” he says I wipe at my eye as a single tear rolls down my cheek

“ok I’m not going to cry, I guess we should be getting to the church” I say smiling nervously at him,

“Yeah we should, and Matilda calm those nerves its going to be fine” he says laughing as he links my arm in his own.

Lucas P.O.V

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever, ever survive

How do I

How do I

Oh, how do I live

Please tell me baby

How do I go on

I hear the music start to play and my heart skips a beat I watch as Cassie, Ella, Hayley, Martha and Tasha make their way up the aisle, and watch closely as I see my Matilda show her face in the small church that we had picked out for the day, she looks stunning absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and she is going to be more, I watch as the rest of the church gasps as they see her make her way up the aisle linked to the arm of her brother, she reaches me and I stare lovingly into her eyes I can’t believe that this moment has finally arrived,

“Dear Friends we are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding off Matilda Harriet Jane Hunter to Lucas Anthony Holden” the preacher says “Who gives this woman to this man?” she asks Henry

“I do” I watch him reply smiling from me to his sister, before kissing her cheek softly and taking his seat by Beth.

Matilda’s P.O.V

If you ever leave

Baby you would take away everything

Need you with me

Baby don't you know that you're everything good in my life

And tell me now

“Matilda with this ring as a token and a pledge of my love for you I thee wed” I watch Lucas say looking into his eyes as tears fall down my face as he places the ring on my wedding finger,

“Lucas with this ring as a token and a pledge of my love for you I thee wed” I say nervously slipping the ring on his finger oh my god we are married I think to myself smiling happily as tears flow freely from my eyes,

“Lucas and Matilda in so much as you have shown each other your love for each other by the giving of these vows and have joined your hands by the giving of these rings I now declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” I listen to her speak and watch as Lucas moves closer to me before his lips crash against my own, kissing me softly but with all the passion in the world as we share our first kiss as husband and wife.

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever, ever survive

How do I

How do I

Oh, how do I live

how do I live without you

how do I live without you baby

how do I live....

Next Time : Drama at the wedding reception - Final Chapter

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Chapter 29

Jack’s P.O.V

“Jack” I hear Martha’s voice stutter,

“Yeah Martha” I say turning around to face my wife only to see a look of pain etched across her face,

“Martha what’s wrong?” I ask her resting my hand on her shoulder,

“Jack I think its time I think the babies want to join us” she says before screaming in pain as she holds her stomach,

“What’s wrong?” Matilda says rushing over, Lucas, dad, Beth, Alf and Morag behind her,

“the babies…” she starts to say before I watch as she squirms as her water breaks,

“I think we need to get you to the hospital looks like the babies are on the way” Beth says, “I’ll go and get Rachel” she says before rushing off,

“Lucas what time do we have to leave?” Matilda asks Lucas

“in about six hours why?” he asks her,

“because do you think the car can pick us up from the hospital” she says

“Matilda really stay here it’s your wedding you need to enjoy your party” Martha tells her,

“no its fine Martha there is no way you can stop me, me and Lucas are coming to the hospitals to see our new baby nieces or nephews” she says smiling at Martha as Rachel rushes over to us.

Lucas P.O.V – 5 hours later

“I hope that she’s given birth before we have to leave I want to see the babies” Matilda says as she paces the hall still dressed in her wedding dress as passers by in the hospital look on,

“Matilda she can’t exactly force the babies out just so that you can see them before you go on honeymoon” Beth says laughing at her,

“I can’t help it if I love children” she says as she takes a seat beside me,

“I’m sure it won’t be much longer” I say wrapping my arm around my new wife, I can’t help but look forward to when we will be in the same position as Jack and Martha are right now when Matilda will be bringing our own children into the world.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Right I need you to push for me one more time and then your second baby can join us” the midwife tells me,

“Come on Martha you can do this” Jack says kissing my forehead,

“I’d like you to try doing this” I scream at him squeezing his hand tightly as I push

“that’s it congratulations you have another baby girl” the midwife says to us, I can’t believe this we have two baby girls, I have been waiting months for this moment, and now its finally happened I’m overwhelmed,

“here you go” the midwife says wrapping them in two pink blankets and placing them in my arms,

“wow Jack isn’t it amazing look our baby girls” I say smiling down at them in my arms,

“It is I’m so proud of you” he says kissing my forehead softly.

Matilda’s P.O.V – 6 hours later

“It’s beautiful Lucas it truly is thank you” I say looking out at the Indian Ocean from our hotel balcony as the sun sets in the distance

“Anything for you, I just wanted to make it perfect” he says wrapping his arms around me from behind and pulling me closer to him,

“It is perfect thanks” I say smiling as Lucas starts attacking my neck with kisses “mmm” I moan softly

“come on lets go inside” he says lifting me into his arms and carrying me towards the bed,

Today really had been perfect it was truly amazing, I can’t believe I’m Miss Matilda Holden its all been so surreal if it wasn’t for the ring on my finger then I’d swear it was all a dream and to top everything off we had got to see our two nieces be born into the world before flying out to the Maldives I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day.

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