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Written In The Stars

Guest Jackieleanne

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Title: Written In The Stars

Author: Jackieleanne

Category: Long Fiction

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Martha/Jack Matilda/Lucas

Rating: T (SC)

Summary: The two couples battle lifes dramas.


I have decided to write a fic based on the Holden boys and their ladies. It is set four years from now Jack is still working at the police station while Martha is still working as an electrician aswell as helping her grandad and Beth out at Noah's bar. Matilda and Lucas are twenty and at University about to go into their final year Matilda is studying Law while Lucas is studying PE.

The first chapter will be up tonight I hope everyone will like it. :)

Thanks Jackie. x x x

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Chapter 1

Martha’s P.O.V

“Can you believe we’ve been married four years Jack it’s all gone so quickly” I say softly as I snuggle up to him in bed that night his arms wrapped around my stomach,

“I know the best four years of my life Mrs Holden and hopefully sometime this year we will have a new addition to the family” he says, did he really just say that I really didn’t think Jack was ready for kids yet I had been waiting for him to say those words for the last four years of our marriage,

“Really Jack you’re ready to try for a baby?” I say trying not to show to much joy in case I had misheard him in case I had been imagining the last words he had said to me,

“Yes really Martha I want us to try for a baby” he says looking down at me,

“Oh Jack I’ve been waiting so long to hear you say that” I say smiling widely I don’t think I’d been this happy since we was married,

“I love you Martha” Jack says as he gently pushes me off him and slowly pushes the straps down on my bra,

“I love you too Jack” I moan softly as he kisses me softly.

I sigh softly burying my head in the pillow as the sunlight shines in through the window, I feel beside me and realise Jack is no longer beside me eventually sitting up I look at the alarm clock beside me 10.00am great I have to be at work in an hour throwing my legs over the edge of the bed I find my slippers placing them on my feet before I stand up and reach for my dressing gown before heading into the kitchen. Reaching the fridge I smile to myself as I see the note left from Jack pinned onto the fridge by the small picture magnet taken at our wedding “Gone to work babe, I’ll see you later. Love you loads Jack”.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Hey babe how was your lecture today?” Lucas asks me meeting me outside of my class,

“It went really well got loads more work today though the joys of being a law student” I sigh throwing my bag over my shoulder as I take his hand in my own,

“You know you wouldn’t have it any other way besides I’m sure it will be a breeze to you, I don’t think you’ve failed yet Miss perfect” Lucas says as we head out of the university building,

“Yeah well you still love me besides you can hardly talk” I say laughing as we head towards his car “Can I drive” I say smiling at him,

“Yeah right babe let I’d let you drive my car!” Lucas exclaims opening the door for me,

“I’m not that bad Luc and you best watch it or I just might have to steal your keys and take it for a spin one day” I say grinning evily,

“You wouldn’t dare Matilda Hunter” Lucas says starting the engine,

“Oh I wouldn’t would I are you sure about that” I say laughing as I rest my hand on the edge of the seat,

“I’m going to have to keep an eye on you” he replies his eyes continuing to look on the road as we head out off campus back home.

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Chapter 2

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Hey Mac how was the big night?” I ask Martha as me and Lucas walk into Noah’s and sit down at the bar,

“It was amazing, you’re brother can be so romantic at times” She says a huge grin plastered across her face,

“well that’s the Holden charm for you” I reply laughing softly

“Yeah he learned from the best!” Lucas adds a huge grin on his face

“So he learnt it from your dad then” Martha says I burst out into fits of giggles as I look at Lucas face drop,

“good one Mac” I tell her continuing to laugh,

“haha laugh it up!” Lucas whines.

“Anyways your mum said that we have to be back at your place at 7 she’s called a family dinner again” Martha smiles,

“Sounds good to me another chance to get the wine out” I say

“Mattie you’re terrible” Martha tells me

“Please like you’re not as bad as me Mac besides I’m a student nothing wrong with having the occasional drink” I say

“Occasional please Mattie” Lucas starts to say before I whack him in the arm playfully.

Martha’s P.O.V

“He’s on his way now said he won’t be long McGrath held him back at the station staff meeting or something” I say sighing as I close my phone shut as I sit back down at the table next to Matilda, I was used to him being held back by now it happened at least once a week but I guess that’s what you have to do in the line of duty and well Summer Bay didn’t exactly have the largest police force so it wasn’t an unusual occurrence him being late home. At the start of our marriage it had caused many a problem especially when we finally get to go on what was supposed to be our honeymoon after the events following our wedding, and well I ended up taking Tasha because Jack had to work but eventually we did get to go on our honeymoon even though it was a whole six months after we got married.

“So how’s grandma’s little princess” I hear Beth say to Ella,

“Good grandma can I sleep tonight please” Ella pleads with Beth and Tony,

“Ella” Robbie says laughing,

“Off course you can princess” Tony says as he ruffles Ella’s hair softly,

“Yay” Ella squeals, I can’t help but smile I can’t wait to have children of my own,

“Hey I’m back sorry I’m late hope you didn’t eat without me” I hear Jack say and turn round to see him walking through the doors.

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Chapter 3

Matilda’s P.O.V – The Next day

“Mac you ready to go” I say from the doorway to their house,

“Yea I sure am” She says appearing from the kitchen with her bag,

“Wait a minute go where” Jack says I watch as he wraps his arms around her from behind,

“Shopping off course” I reply smiling widely,

“Again and what is your poor husband supposed to do while your out shopping” he says softly as he leans against Martha,

“That is what I’m for, now come on get your board dad and Ric are waiting for us” Lucas says as he walks up behind me his surfboard in hand,

“Right well have a nice day babe” Jack says to Martha kissing her softly before running off to their bedroom as Martha rushes over to me,

“What about my kiss” Lucas whines softly as I am about to leave with Martha,

“Sorry hun” I say before kissing him softly

“That’s better, now don’t spend too much money” he says as we rush past him and down the driveway where we find Tasha and Cassie waiting for us.

Martha’s P.O.V

“So how was shopping then?” Jack asks me as I sit down beside him on the settee, snuggling into his chest as he wraps his arm around me,

“It was great as usual, how about the surf” I say smiling

“Great the waves were awesome today” he tells me “although Lucas is totally better than me now I’m swear all he does at Uni is surf” he adds,

“ahh so he’s better than you now then” I say smirking softly “Anyways speaking of Lucas we got so much planned today for his 21st seriously its going to be such a great night” I tell him,

“Ohh do tell what’s happening?” he asks me as he runs his fingers up and down my arms,

“Well” I start.

“Anyways enough about my brother I think I’d much rather make up for the lost time that I’ve not been able to spend with you on my day off” Jack says as he starts to kiss my neck softly,

“I think I like the sound of the Mr Holden” I moan throwing my head back against the settee,

“Well that’s good because I don’t plan on letting you get any sleep tonight” he says in between kisses,

“mmm” I say as he continues to kiss me while he starts to tug at my skirt.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“That was amazing gorgeous” Lucas says as he kisses me softly,

“Tell me about it I hope we didn’t make to much noise” I say as I snuggle against his bare chest,

“I know it’s lucky that I got this bedroom then doesn’t it I mean we are totally secluded from the house we could probably get up to anything without them knowing” he whispers softly stroking my hair

“I love you Lucas goodnight” I sigh,

“I love you too goodnight angel” Lucas whispers kissing my forehead softly as I close my eyes.

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Chapter 4

Martha’s P.O.V ~ A few weeks later

“Granddad can I take a break for a few minutes?” I ask,

“Sure love you ok?” he asks me,

“Yeah I’m fine granddad I just need to go freshen up” I say as I take my apron off and walk out from behind the bar grabbing my handbag before I head to the bathroom, walking into the cubical I shut the door behind me opening my handbag and removing the box from it. This is it, I really hope that it will reveal what I had been hoping it to reveal I really do think that I could be you know, but I mean I could just be getting my hopes up.

After what felt like a lift time five minutes was up, time to get the result that I had been waiting for hoping that it would be the result me and Jack wanted more than anything, my heart sinks as I look down at the test negative, I know its only been three weeks since we started trying but I really thought that I could be pregnant I wipe my eyes as a few tears trickle down my face taking a deep breathe I put the test away and get my handbag before heading back into the bar.

“Mac you ok you look really pale?” Tasha asks me as she sits at the bar with Matilda and Cassie,

“Yeah Martha you look like you’ve been crying are you ok?” Cassie adds as the three of them look at me concerned,

“I just feel a bit tired and ill that’s all” I say not wanting to tell them the truth,

“Well Mac you go home if you want ill cover your shift I’m due to start in a hour anyways” Matilda tells me as she steps down from the stool,

“Thanks Mattie” I say grateful that she was doing this for me,

“Take care love and call us if you don’t feel so good” granddad tells me kissing my cheek “I will do bye guys” I say softly as I slowly make my way out of Noah’s bar home.

Matilda’s P.O.V

I really hoped Martha was ok she seemed really down when she came back into the bar I don’t know what had happened I mean she seemed a bit edgy all day but when she came out the bathroom she seemed really upset I hope everything’s ok between her and Jack. Thirty minutes had gone since she had left and the shift was already amazingly quiet for such a warm spring afternoon it would probably get busier later.

“Hey babe you’re on early aren’t you?” Lucas asks me as he takes a seat at the bar I notice Jack is with him,

“Yeah Martha wasn’t so good so I started early for her, Jack you should probably go home check on her I’m worried about her” I say

“Yeah I will do thanks for covering for her Mattie” Jack says before rushing out the door,

“I hope she’s ok, anyways can I have my usual?” Lucas asks me smiling sweetly,

“Off course” I say smiling.

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Chapter 5

Jack’s P.O.V

“Martha” I shout as I open the door to the house noticing that she isn’t in the kitchen or living room I hang my jacket up and make my way to our bedroom, the sight before me destroying me Martha is curled up on the bed her head buried in the pillow I can hear her faint sobs as her body shakes gently it breaks my heart seeing her like this. “Martha what’s wrong I’m here tell me please” I whisper rushing over to her side and resting my hand on her own, she looks at me her usually beautiful blue eyes red and tear stained from crying,

“I really thought I was pregnant Jack I really did but I’m not” she cries as she throws her arms around me,

“hey Martha please stop crying its going to be ok its only been three weeks off trying it could take a while yet we can’t expect it to happen straight away” I say as I rub her back gently,

“I know Jack its just I really thought I was and I just want us to have a baby so badly” she sobs her tears dripping onto my shirt,

“I know you do and I do as well and it will happen soon you have to give it time Martha be patient and it will happen when we least expect it” I say as I pull away from her looking into her eyes,

“Yeah you’re right I love you Jack” she says softly as I start to wipe the tears from her eyes,

“I love you too” I tell her before kissing her forehead gently.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“So everything’s planned for tomorrow right” I say quietly to mum and Tony as we sit in the kitchen talking about Lucas 21st party tomorrow afternoon while he was in the shower,

“Yeah and hopefully the weather will stay like it is so that we can have the perfect evening, should be great barbeque, music and beers it will be perfect” Tony says smiling,

“Yeah and he’s going to love the present that we have brought him” mum says grinning at me,

“Why what is it tell me?” I ask excitedly while trying to keep my voice down as much as possible so that Lucas wouldn’t overhear,

“Nope Mattie you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow as well” Tony says

“That is so unfair” I say throwing my head back,

“What’s unfair?” I hear Lucas voice ask my head shots up and I see stepping into the hallway a towel around his waste looking totally hot,

“Just that mum’s letting Henry off about not coming to visit” I say quickly

“Oh ok” he says as he walks back to his room,

“Well I’m off to get ready” I say running after him, wanting nothing more than to rip that towel from his waist,

“Oh please do we even want to know” I hear mum groan to Tony.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Chapter 6

Lucas P.O.V

“Happy birthday” I hear her soft voice say the next morning I open my eyes and see her smiling face looking down at me, just waking up to her beautiful face every morning is the best gift that I could ask for,

“Thanks baby, and good morning” I say softly pulling her face down to meet my own and kissing her moist lips softly,

“mmm” I hear her moan softly against my lips before I know it I feel her smooth fingers tugging at my boxers I lift up slightly letting her remove them without breaking contact with her lips not wanting the kiss to end slowly I remove the straps on her bra and toss them aside wanting her now more than ever she was beautiful and the best thing to ever happen to me I wanted to devour her in every way possible.

“Happy Birthday son it’s about time you joined us” dad says as me and Matilda enter the main house hand in hand an hour later

“Yeah only just woke up” I lie as I look at Mattie blushing face, I can’t help but smile,

“Happy Birthday Lucas” Beth says

“So does he get his present yet?” Matilda asks as she sits down next to dad at the table,

“Matilda its Lucas present not yours you’d think it was your birthday the rate you’re carrying on” Beth says, causing me to burst out laughing

“Well you know she’s always eager” I say through my laughter,

“Luc” I hear Matilda’s squeal as I feel her elbow nudge me,

“Sorry babe” I whisper looking at her giving her my best puppy dog expression

“Will you two ever grow up” dad says as I watch him roll his eyes to Beth.

“Right well do I get my present?” I ask moments later,

“Yeah you do but you got to wait until your brother, Martha, Robbie, Tasha and Ella get here” dad says

“Well I guess he can open them now then” I hear my brother’s voice I look up to see him walking in the room Martha, Robbie, Tasha and Ella all following him it is then that I notice what Robbie is helping Elle hold

“Oh my god a new ride thanks” I say running over to check out my new board,

“All them secrets from me for a surfboard gee” I hear Mattie mumble,

“Well that’s not all” dad says holding out an envelope I tear into it quickly taking out the card and looking inside

“Mattie we are going to surfer’s paradise” I say a huge grin plastered on my face she grins and runs over to me jumping in my arms.

Martha’s P.O.V

“You ok babe?” I hear Jack ask as I feel his arms wrap around me as I stand outside Noah’s looking out at the stars as the party continues inside,

“Yeah I’m fine Jack just thinking” I say sighing as I lean back against him,

“About?” he asks me looking at me concerned

“Just how lucky I am to have you” I say smiling

“Wow looks Mac” he says pointing to the sky I look up and see a shooting star flying across the dark sky “Make a wish babe” Jack says so I do making my wish hoping more than anything that it will come true.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Lucas” I say finding him stood at the bar with Ric,

“Hey babe, come here” he says pulling me closer to him,

“Lucas I got to give you your present are you ready to leave” I say as I take his hand,

“Ohhh get in there mate” Ric says as he takes another sip of beer,

“Sure babe lets go” Lucas says I watch him grin at Ric as he lets me lead him out.

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Sorry about the delay here is the next chapter, more Jack and Martha in the next chapter.

Chapter 7

“So what is it that you got me hun” Lucas says his voice slurred from the amount of alcohol that he had consumed during the night,

“Well you will have to find out in a minute won’t you that’s why I’m bringing you home” I say as I help him walk up the street,

“Oh I think I like the sound of my present already” he says a huge grin on his face,

“that’s not it Lucas Holden get your mind out the gutter, but you know that may come later” I tell him as we make our way up the driveway to the house.

“Oh it’s in the bedroom I like this” Lucas says as I take the key to our room out of my handbag and start to open the door, laughing at my boyfriend as he struggles to stand up,

“right come on Luc you can get it now” I say as I push the door open I take his hand in my own and lead him into our room where I sit him down on the bed,

“where you going babe” Lucas slurs as I stand up,

“Only to get your present” I smirk as I walk over to my drawers I take out the presents and walk over to the bed sitting down next to Lucas.

“Wow babe that’s really special thank you, you know me so well” Lucas says as he flicks through the pages of the photo album I had given us full of photo’s of us taken since the first day we had met, with every special moment that we had shared together and all my own thoughts about each and every memory, I knew that he would like it he always had been a true romantic and well I wanted this present to be special and from the heart not just any other gift,

“I’m glad you like it Luc I knew you would” I say smiling as I rest my head on his shoulder “anyways why don’t you go in the living room and fix us a drink ill be inside in a few moments” I say

“Yeah ok babe I love you” Lucas says lifting my head off his shoulder as he stands up, I wait until he has gone out of the room before pulling the candle lighter out of my handbag, moving around the room I light each one turning off the rest of the lights, wanting to make the setting perfect, after each candle was lit I take out my new negligee and get changed out of my dress into that, grabbing my dressing gown I wrap it around me as I walk back into the house to get Lucas. Walking into the house I stop in my tracks as I see Lucas fast asleep on the settee his mouth wide open, I cover my mouth with my hand stifling my laughter, I go into the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water before walking back to our room where I blow out each candle before taking my dressing gown off and climbing into bed deciding to keep my negligee on so that Lucas knew what he had missed that’s if he decided to join me in bed before I woke up, I wrap myself in my quilt snuggling up against the pillows as I close my eyes hoping to fall into a deep sleep.

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Chapter 8

Lucas’s P.O.V

Ugh why does it feel like my head has been stabbed a thousand times and my neck is incredibly stiff I open my eyes slowly it dawns on me I’m not in my bed with Matilda resting in my arm I’m alone sprawled out on the settee I try to go over the nights events I hope we didn’t have an argument and that’s why I’m sleeping here I can’t remember any argument eventually I manage to retrace my steps after we arrived home Matilda gave me her present and then asked me to go and make us some drinks I must of fallen asleep then. Picking myself up I slowly make my way out of the house and back to our bedroom opening the door I see her curled up peacefully in the quilt sleeping like an angel my angel. Making my way round to my side of the bed I climb in beside her my jaw drops open as I see what she is wearing that’s new I haven’t seen her in that before and she looks totally hard damn me being so drunk that I fell asleep last night Matilda was obviously hoping for something more, as I lay back against the pillow Matilda subconsciously snuggles up against me wrapping her arm around my waist as she leans against my chest I smile kissing her forehead softly before I lean back against the pillow wanting nothing more than to fall asleep and for my throbbing headache to go away.

Martha’s P.O.V

“Here you go babe” Jack says walking over to the dinning table and placing a pile of pancakes down in front of me,

“What did I do to deserve you, especially when you go to the trouble of making me pancakes” I say smiling as I pick up my fork stabbing it into the pancake ready to eat,

“Well you know…” Jack starts I roll my eyes at him a huge grin plastered on my face “nah seriously babe I will do anything for you and if you don’t deserve me then I don’t deserve you because you are the most important thing in the world to me” he says as he leans forward to kiss me,

“Ah I see someone’s using the Holden charm” I hear Matilda’s voice I look up to see her stood at the doorway, I smile indicating for her to come and join us.

“Where’s Lucas?” I ask her as she sits down at the table,

“Oh well you know sleeping off the drink still but at least he did manage to wake himself up and make it back to bed at some point during the night” she says,

“Well you know men Mattie they can’t handle their drink” I say smirking at Jack,

“Yeah hilarious, anyways Mattie help yourself to some pancakes plenty to go around” Jack tells her.

“I can’t believe he passed out” I say as me and Mattie sit chatting on the settee,

“I know tell me about it, and everything was set out perfectly oh well I made sure he knew what he was missing out on I made sure I kept the negligee on when I went to bed so that when he did decide to join me this morning he’d notice what he’d missed and won’t let it happen again” she says as she leans back into the pillows,

“I’m sure he regrets falling asleep now” I say

“Anyways how are you and Jack? I was worried about you the other day when you felt so ill at work, everything ok?” she asks me her face full of concern,

“Oh yeah we are fine just that time of month you know and hormones are all over the place” I say not wanting to reveal the true reason for my behaviour the other day at work.

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Thanks Jess much appreciated feedback yet again. Here's the next chapter.

Chapter 9

Martha’s P.O.V – One Week later

I roll over in bed groaning at the nausea I feel in the pit of my stomach it passes momentarily only to return seconds later, I jump out of bed pulling the cover off with me as I sprint to the bathroom throwing myself down and kneeling over the toilet seat as I am repeatedly sick,

“Martha you ok?” I hear Jack’s voice say and the door handle turning, as I am about to reply another wave hits me and I again find myself being violently sick once more, I feel Jack’s presence behind me before I feel his hand rubbing my back softly before he holds the hair back from my face “Martha you know you’ve been sick a lot this last week maybe we should get another test” he says,

“Yeah but they keep coming back negative Jack I just don’t know if I can go through another negative test” I say sighing as the nausea finally passes,

“I know Martha I mean maybe it’s to early for the tests to pick up and they aren’t always accurate but we need to find out what’s wrong with you because if it’s not pregnancy then you are sick and we need to find out what’s wrong” Jack says and I know he is right

“Ok well I guess one more test won’t hurt” I say as Jack helps me back to my feet,

“no it won’t and ill stay and do it with you this time so that we can go through it together” he says as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer to him.

Matilda’s P.O.V

“Mattie come on we have to get going” I hear Lucas yell from where he stood by the car with Tony and mum waiting for me,

“I’m coming, I’m coming” I shout as I grab my beach bag swinging it over my shoulder and rushing out

“It’s about time you joined us” Tony said

“I know I know but I had to get ready didn’t I” I say smiling as I jump in the car,

“Right are we going?” I ask as I stretch my legs out in my seat as I pull my sunglasses down over my eyes,

“Yeah and we would have been there by now if it wasn’t for you” Lucas says as he gets in the drivers side,

“right be good kids and have fun” mum says kissing my cheek softly,

“we will mum” I say softly “and we will be back before you know it” I add

“see you” Tony and mum both say as Lucas steps on the gas, I wave at them as we pull off the driveway and down the street.

“We are going to have the best time” I say as I whip my t-shirt off leaving me in my bikini top as I lean back in the seat hoping to get as much of the rays as possible,

“Do you never tire of getting the sun” Lucas says laughing,

“well Luc when you have a soft top you have to use it wisely” I reply grinning “besides are you complaining”.

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