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Irene's scoop of the week

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Irene's scoop of the week

Daily Telegraph

31 August 2006

IT'S just the sort of no nonsense thing Irene Roberts of Summer Bay would have done if a dog piddled anywhere near her Beachside Diner.

Except that Irene would have used the Yabbie Creek Times and not the pages of The Daily Telegraph.

The Home and Away actress, aka Lynne McGregor, became a local hero when "someone's puppy emptied its bladder at halftime on the court", said a parent at the 15A grand final between Our Lady of the Rosary and St Paul the Apostle at Kellyville on Saturday.

"Everyone else was laughing but Irene was thinking of the girls' safety and very kindly went and mopped it up, obviously with the part of the paper she'd already read," said one dad.

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