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Summer Bay Biggest Disaster

Guest Willz

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I have gone mad but I deicde to write a 20 Part Fan Fic and this will be one of the biggest but there are more Tragedy as well So let prepare for what ahead for our Charcters of Summer Bay. The first Chapter will be up maybe today?or tomorrow after my Exams? ok these are the Charcters that are in it.























These are the ones in my Fic and there are even Heartbreak.

Hope you will like this but it might be bad for a start but will get better as I am writing.

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On a nice sunny day at summer bay's local High school, Summer Bay High all the students are having lunch and chatting.

The Field

Lucas: So are you dropping out of school

Mattie: No

Lucas: I am

Mattie: Are you um I will stay at school until I finished my final year

Lucas: I will be dropping out in yr12

Mattie: Are you my mum drop out of school when she was your age

Both Mattie and Lucas walk to their classes.

The Beach

Robbie and Martha are talking

Robbie: So how is everything since the Chopper Crash

Martha: Ok but I have a feeling that I was going to lose Jack to Tasha

Robbie: Yeh but I am glad Tasha hasn't gone after Jack

Both Robbie and Martha chat as they walk along to the Diner

Robbie and Martha both walk in until they hear the radio from the Mayor.

'Hello this is the Mayor here, we have a huge news about a huge earthquake which going to hit Summer Bay any time soon, got to go now, best wish for your safely'

Everyone turns silent.

Martha: So it true another disaster coming?

Robbie: Yep

Martha: I don't want to lose Jack or anyone

Robbie: I to

As Robbie and Martha get their food that they ordered for Jack and Tasha.

The Hospital

Tasha's Ward

Jack goes and open the door as Martha and Robbie walk in

Robbie: Hey how are you feeling today

Tasha: Ok I guess

Robbie: That good, oh and we brought some snack which you will like.

Martha opens the bag and brings out their lunch

Martha: Bread, Cheese and Ham sandwiches yum

Jack: Yeh I might have the same

Tasha: Um I might have Cheese and Tomato sandwiches

Robbie: Urgh Tomato that yuck but any way I am having a salami and cheese roll

As the four friends eat together and enjoying each others company

A street in Summer bay

Beth is walking along as she sees Kim

Kim: Hey Mrs Holden

Beth: Hey Kim how are you?

Kim: Good, I am just heading off to the gym

Beth: Ok is Tony working today

Kim: Um yep

Beth: That good, see you

Kim: Yeh see ya

Beth walks off to the beach

The Beach House

Irene and Belle are talking about the night Belle and Drew slept together.

Belle: It was only one night and nothing happen

Irene: Darl you are not older to have sex and you should already know that

Belle: Yes I am not planning on having anything with him so I am not pregnant if that what you need to know.

Irene: Thanks for telling me and ok but no sleeping in someone else bed ok?

Belle: Sure

Belle leaves the house while Irene is pleas by that Belle is not doing anything silly.

The Beach

Dan and Leah are talking about school.

Leah: So tell me how did you kick out that naughty kid

Dan: Long story

Leah: I bet

Dan: Um I yelled at him and opened the door so he can go out

Leah: Haha you are very good at your job

Dan: Thanks

Both Leah and Dan walk along the Beach laughing and talking about Dan's day at school.

Night has now come, and the people of the town are thinking about what might happen when the Earthquake comes.

Will the Earthquake arrive early or late?

Sorry about the long update as my parents turn off the computer and I lost everything but this what I wrote, but change some things. Enjoy

Guys there were heaps of mistakes in the first post I did, now this is all new.

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Few weeks later since hearing that an Earthquake will hit summer bay anytime soon. With everyone going round and some packing before the deadly quake comes.

The Holden’s House

Beth is terrified by what Tony had said; she doesn’t want to leave him.

Tony: Beth you will need to pack your bags and so will Mattie and Lucas

Beth: No I am not I will stay here with you

Tony: I know but Mattie and Lucas won’t want to be in a disaster like this

Beth: Ok fine then I will go and get Mattie and Lucas and then come here and pick the bags

Tony: Yes, now go ok

Beth walks out the door as she starts to cry a little bit.

The Beach House

Irene, Robbie and Tasha have planned to go to the city today and say goodbye to Josie who died of a heart attack yesterday.

Irene: Darl are you ready

Robbie: Yep, come on Tasha we are going to be late

Tasha: Coming ok let go

Irene walks out the house and lock the door and she puts a note ‘We are away in the city but will be back in a month from Irene, Robbie and Tasha’.

The Diner

Alf, Morag and Colleen are packing the diner.

Alf: Well that it our Diner may be gone forever

Colleen: But we can’t find work without this place

Morag: Yeh my fave place to be of the day, ok I guess we are finished

Alf locks the Diner for one last time. (The last view of the Bayside Diner)

The Caravan car park House

Sally, Ric, Cassie are all packing the house.

Sally: Um guys have you go everything you needed because we are staying at a Motel.

Ric: Ok yep I guess we may never see this place

Cassie: Yeh ‘We love you Caravan car park’

Sally, Ric and Cassie all walk out (A view of the House)

The Paterson/Baker House

Amanda, Belle, Drew, Dan and Leah are all packing their bags

Amanda: Ok I will be in the car and getting ready

Leah: Yeh I will come and help

Drew: Yeh

Belle: Drew please helps me with this

Dan: Drew you go and put your bag in the car and I will do Belle

Everyone finished packing.

The Pad

Jack, Martha, Kim and Rachel are all finished and are off to a safe place.

The mayor

‘What it can’t be that like tomorrow and no one will be out there alive, summer bay Earthquake is coming’

Everyone is trying to keep from cover as the Earthquake strikes the town and it to be one and the biggest disaster of all time.

Will everyone make it out alive?

Will Tony be out of the House when the Earthquake strikes?

Ok everyone I planned that the Earthquake comes early but will be for a long time. :)

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Crap! I hope you're not going to make me wait for a long time for the update :P

Take your time! It sounds really really great so definetely take your time writing it! :D

Yeh I am thinking if I should kill two charcters ( I may sound a little evil if I did) or not kill anyone.

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