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Yahoo 7 Launch PS TRIXI Interactive Drama

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While Chris, Tim & Beau were at the bar opening other cast members Kate Ritchie, Paul O'Brien & ex castmate Justin Melvey attend the launch of the new interactive drama from Yahoo!7, PS TRIXI, at Dragonfly, Potts Point, Sydney.

EDITED: because Gettyimages are a pain in the arse and obviously free watermarked photos on their site cannot be used anywhere else :rolleyes:

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Paul looks hot in the pic with Kate. His expression in the second one is cute and funny at the same time. :wub: Justin looks hot as alwayz. I though he was on Celebrity Survivor though :unsure:

Thanks for those :)


I wonder what Kate was thinking :P

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Trixi heads for cyberspace controversy

The Courier-Mail

28 August 2006

THE Seven Network is facing a potential breach of on-air security involving two youths who plan to hack into its advertising systems this week to broadcast a plea to the public to help them find a missing girl.

At least, that's the impression its internet arm, Yahoo7, hopes to create among Home and Away viewers on Wednesday to promote its new online drama, PSTrixi.

The edgy series, made for internet portal Yahoo!7, faces early controversy because it will be introduced to TV viewers via Channel 7's Home and Away when the two stars, actors Erin Swann and Michael Coughlan, appear to hack into the network's advertising system.

PS Trixi's two lead characters, Trixi and Hamish, will break into a television commercial for radio station Nova with a guerilla-style broadcast that directs people to the trixi.com.au website.

The broadcast is part of a disruptive new advertising campaign created by agency Host to promote the interactive drama, to launch tonight, which Yahoo7 claims is the best example yet of where online entertainment is heading.

The Pacific Film and Television Commission has puts its faith in cyberspace, investing $200,000 in the new drama series that can only be seen on the internet. It will start tonight online at 8.30pm and will be targeted at youth aged 18 to 24.

PS Trixi is the first wave of what market watchers predict will be a flood of new media content using the internet, podcasts, email social networking forums, blogs, SMS and interactive gaming.

The PFTC, which is under review, jointly funded the $1.5 million series along with the Australian Film Commission.

Fans will be able to help tell the story of a young radio DJ called Trixi as well as join in a range of interactive content that includes streamed video segments, emails, blogs and exclusive interviews with bands such as The Veronicas.

Yahoo!7 chief executive Ian Smith said the series moved entertainment away from being a passive activity for audiences.

"This new series is going to create a buzz among Gen Y and is set to become one of the most-talked about Australian online phenomenons of the year."

Series producer Tracey Robertson said PS Trixi was not about making TV for the internet.

"Our characters use internet applications such as webcams and email just like their audience -- the key difference is that they are speaking directly to you instead of at you," Ms Robertson said.

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