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I made my avatar today finally after thinking about it for awhile,then i got mail from someone asking me to make them a belle avatar..

So here are a few i made..i was going to make more but i thought i would get people's opinions on them before i carried on..this is my first time making something like this and sharing them with someone else and i only have a basic paint programme..but it updated itself with some pretty cool new effects..helped me make all the ones i have..

I hope im doing this right,if im not tell me how lol

I know there is a board pinned talking about hotlinking..well i wanted to tell people here what to do aswell..beacuse i host alot of my pictures on other sites and cant use up my bandwidth..

So for people that want my avatars..right click,save image/file,then upload it to YOUR image hosting site,then put the location as your avatar here..and credit me in your siggy.

Oh and Please dont use the avatar that im using..its mine only until i make a new one for myself then i will put it up here for others to use.

I had to move my images,i didnt know if they would appear or not after that..so i have added them again.





And also some Drew









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Thanks :D

I thought the last might of been one that people didnt like..that was the first i did(not including the one im using)but that is a good image of her.

Im glad people like them..well 2 so far :P

I'll probably make more..including other people..

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