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'I Want You Irene'

Guest Willz

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The Beach House

Irene is lonely since Evil Diana took Oliva away and she has no company

The City

Oliva starts yelling at Diana

Oliva: I want Rennie not you you only made people feel bad I want Rennie you are evil


Oliva starts crying as she steels Diana's cellphone the phone rings It James

James: Can I speak to Oliva please

Diana: No she is asleep

James cellphones rings

James hang up and drives to Diana

Ok this is all I can write

Next part will be up by me or swfc.

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James drove as fast as he could to his mother’s place. He didn’t care less of the traffic. All he wanted was to see Olivia and to make sure that she was alright. Ever since James was old enough to understand, he realized that his mother was not like other mothers. She was basically the wicked witch from the West in the Wizard of Oz. Diana was way much more evil than that. Soon, he arrived at Diana’s mansion-their old home.

“Open the door! I know you’re lying!”

“What is all that racket? Oh, it’s you, James. What do you want?”

“I want to see Olivia!”

“I told you she was sleeping!”

“I know that she’s not!”

As mother and son argued, a small voice cries out:

“Uncle James! I knew you’d come for me! I knew you would. Please, take me away. Take me away from her. I want to go with you! Please!” Olivia was literally begging James to take her. With tears streaming down her face, he couldn’t say no.

“Olivia!” James reached down and hugged her tight. She was like a daughter to him. He had no children and he had no one that he wanted to spend his life with. And, besides, she served as a reminder of Chloe.

Yep it edited

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Great fic, Chris and Wilz.

Good idea about writing it together, you may learn something about the other ones writing skills.

Please kill Diane for me :P

Woho Shan you are the first one to reply and yes we learn so much about writing together we make a great team dont we Traceve and if you want to write a Fan Fic I am happy to team up with you if I do this will be my third person that I teamed up with

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Thanks Psycho_Sis I am glad you love it don't forget to read it each time we updated it and Traceve dont forget to read it as well as we will be updating it when swfc is back from Uni :)

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Here's the next part:

Just as that was happening, a servant brought in a letter. It was from Irene’s attorney, Morag Bellingham. When Diana saw it, she screamed.

“Arrrgh! That woman! I cannot believe this!”

“What’s going on, Mother?”

“Irene Roberts! That’s what! That woman is taking me to court over custody for Olivia! How dare she! She is not going to get away with it!”

“Mother, I am taking Olivia with me to see Irene.

“WHAT?!?!?!?” Diana practically spat at James.

“I don’t care what you say; she wants to see Irene so she is going to see her. And you are not stopping me!” James said firmly and immediately went to little Livy’s room and helped her pack her stuff.

“I will see you at the custody hearing, then, Mother. Have a good week.”

“Bye bye Grandma.” Livy chimed in; happy that she was going away from his hell hole.

As they were driving away from Diana’s mansion, James could see Olivia’s expression change from one of sadness to one of happiness. James felt helpless that he couldn’t do anything to help and to make Olivia happy. He had promised Chloe that no matter what, Diana would never get her hands on Olivia and he felt as though he had broken her promise.....

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