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Dr Death

Guest Stuart2006

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Could contain mild language.

Chapter 1

Eve awoke on the annaversery of her so-called death (The day of the explosion in the factory _ April 05)(UK October 2005) She got dressed and put a gun in her pocket. She woke TT up and they went in theiir car.Eve seen Colleen and said. Lets Kill her the little yappy dog she is. Tracey open her car window and aimed the gun at her then Madge Wilkins came along her phone rung and she shot the gun. When the phone rung she shaked and shot Madge by mistake. Eve put her foot down and quickly drove away. Blood had splattered on Colleen. Colleen was in shock. Later on at night Colleen went for a sleep on her couch and Tracey got some drugs and jagged her and injected her with something. Eve then walked in and Covered her eyes up then taped her mouth. While their Eve put a little thing in her hand so she could put drugs in her body and then Eve taped her hands to her body. Then handcuffed her feet together. Eve put her body in her car and took her to a old home. and turned gas then tracey lit a old news paper on fire and eve said Rott in He**.

The place exploded and Kit walked out the house. She said Didn't light it right. (She held the newspaper) I lit some wood and it went up fine. Kit said Can i help you two?Yeah Eve said back. Amanda next since josh never killed her.

Kit bad? or is she gonna get revenge ?

Should i continue?

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Amanda sat in her Mansion and Drew and Belle sat aswell.Amanda was having porridge for breakfast. Drew and Belle decided to go for a walk. Kit pulled Belle over and said I'l give you 50 Pounds to stab Amnda with this syrenge then stab her then burn her body. Belle accepted. Kit handed belle the syrindge and said it will nearly kill her. Belle and Drew walked back in and drew holded amanda down on the furniture and Belle stuck the need in Amandas Arm. Amanda died and belle looked for matchs but could only find a lighter so she gave it to drw he lit her top on fire and they run out. Kit handed belle 50 pound. Belle got a phone call and the person said your due me ciggarrettes for the ones you borowed in the city to kill someone with. Belle went to the shop and said can i get 20 ciggarettes please? Sorry your not old enough. Belle pulled a gun out and she said YOUR IN A RAID.

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