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Bec and Llyeton annoy the neighbours already!

Guest Becstar

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First set to Hewitt in council fight

By Andrew Carswell

August 17, 2006 12:00am

LLEYTON Hewitt has served it up to one of his new neighbours, winning a council battle to build practice courts and a gymnasium on his property.

Hewitt applied to the local council to construct the training facilities near the rear of his property immediately after moving to the rural estate in Kenthurst, in Sydney's northwest, earlier this year.

But his application was opposed by neighbour Colin Jones who feared the quiet tranquility of his rural retreat would be ruined by one of the world's loudest tennis players.

He dreaded a steady stream of trademark Hewitt "C'mons" across the fence.

Mr Jones told last week's Baulkham Hills Shire Council meeting the tennis facilities were too close to the fence line and would have a negative impact on his property.

But the council approved Hewitt's application in straight sets.

They have given the go-ahead for a 220sqm roofed gymnasium, two full-sized tennis courts and 7m-high floodlight towers.

Mr Jones yesterday said he was "very displeased about what is happening".

"How can it be acceptable and justified to build a sports complex of this type and size on five acres of land zoned rural and only 2m from and along the prime common boundary," he told the councillors.

"The development ... for use by himself, a high profile, world class ranked professional can not do anything but negatively effect and compromise the rural nature of our property and our enjoyment of the our land.

"More suitable and acceptable alternative locations are available on the site."

Mr Jones, who is yet to build on his property, was the only neighbouring landowner to respond to the Hewitt's development application.

Now preparing for an assault on the US Open next month, Hewitt has contracted Shehadie Corporation to construct the courts.

Ironically, one of the courts will be Rebound Ace, a surface he consistently slams as slow, sticky and unsuitable for use at the Australian Open.

The other court will consist of synthetic grass and will be used for light training and social sessions.

Hewitt family representative Nick Shehadie told The Daily Telegraph yesterday Mr Jones' planning concerns were unfounded.

"We sat down with council and got the proper guidelines and we've gone beyond what they have asked," he said.

"This guy doesn't even have a house on the property.

"We are only talking two courts and a gymnasium."

Baulkham Hills councillor Ray Williams said Hewitt's application was water-tight.

He insisted the council had no reason to hold it up.

"Mr Jones addressed council and raised his concerns but this development meets all the criteria in relation to zoning and development control plans," he said.

Hewitt and his actress wife Bec paid $3 million for their sprawling country-style pile in April this year.

It features at least six bedrooms and a resort-style pool.

The famous couple also own a $4.5 million, four-bedroom mansion at Palm Beach, which they use as a weekend and holiday home.

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Did he get planning permission because of who he is?

This reminds me of one of the Osborne Family episodes when their neighbours kids were playing tennis into the early hours of morning. They where making a real racket!

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I don't see what the problem is with really hes a proffesional tennis player I can understand about the floodlights but in England most our football players and the likes of Tim Henman etc all have Tennis Courts, Gym's and god knows what other sports facilities in their gardens.

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^^ I agree. It's Lleyton's land. And a Tennis court, hardly a real threat. The floodlights are a bit OTT, but the other guy should get over it. I mean, Mr Jones hasn't even built on his land yet - so what's he worried about. If he's so unhappy, he should just relocate his build.


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