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11 things about Chris Hemsworth!

Guest Lilone

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Sun, sea and Sex appeal..... Life's a brezze for Aussie hunk Chris!

1) He's tight-lipped about his romance with Home And Away co-star Isabel Lucas who plays Tasha. But Jason Smith (Tasha's screen hubby Robbie) says there's no tension on set. We're just acting!

2)The 22-year-old joined the soap in 2004 as Kim Hyde,

son of Summer Bay's headteacher Barry. 'I work with such a good bunch of people! I have a ball.'

3)At school Chris was an athletics star and also enjoyed water polo and footie Now he spends his free time surfing.

4) Living in Sydney for Home And Away has grown on Chris.

'It was like being on holiday at first but i've settled in. Melbourne will always be home, though'.

5)His older brother Luke has been in Neighbours and All Saints, and he's not the only acting brother Chris has...

'My little brother Liam is doing an acting course.'

6)It's a dog's life for chris....

'At home we have three dogs. Tosh and Lucy are half blue heelers and torrin is a little maltese terrier. I miss them lots'

7)Chris is unfazed by winning Australia logie for most popular New Talent last year.

'I'm not in danger of it all going to my head.' He laughs 'I'm pretty grounded!'

8)With his contract up later this year. His abition is to make it big in Hollywood.

' My ideal would be working on a film,' Chris says 'I've got plans to go to L.A.'

9)Surfing on Philip Island- Famous for it's peguins-

is one of the things Chris misses most about Melbourne life style. 'I miss the surf. It's a lot colder but just a lot more consistent down there.'

10) Chris stripped down to his jocks- along with fellow Aussie hunks including

Neighbour's Blair Mcdough- for this years celebrities down under calender, raising money for children's chairty.

11) Chris plays guitar and loves David Grey and Radiohead.

'I play on my guitar to fill in the hours bewteen filming scenes,' he says.

**Credit to Soaplife magazine issue 124 page 42**

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