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Tony and Beth

Guest Willz

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The City

Tony: Jack mate hurry up Because we don't want to be late

Jack: I will come after you as i will drive

Lucas: Can i come for the ride Jack

Jack: No you are going with dad

Tony: Ok you two it might be different when your Mum died but we have to do what is right

Summer Bay

Mattie: Mum i am going over to Cassie's ok

Beth: No you are staying here and meet your new neigbours

Mattie: Well so i will meet them later

Beth: Ok bring Cassie if you want to

Mattie: Yes ok see you

Beth: Ok sweetie


Belle: Irene i need help with this customer

Irene: Ok i will be right there darl

Customer: Hurry up you little brat i am sick and tired of wating

Belle: Ok just wait it won't be long now ok

Irene comes over to Belle

Irene: Ok what is it

Customer: This girl not going quick Enough

Irene: She only just work here ok

Customer: Well people like you should be more responsible cause you are a bad person

Belle: Hey don't you call her that you little cow

Irene: Belle i think you need to lower your voice down

Belle: Sorry

Irene: Get out of here you little oldie or i will make you get out

Customer: Well little F like you can leave or else i will get the police and arreasted you two

The Customer is going but she pulls the Finger up at Irene and Belle

Belle: Man i want to slap that evil cow

Irene and Belle starts packing upn as it getting late

The carpark House

There a knock on the door

Cassie: Oh hi Mattie

Mattie: Hey um i was wondering if you like to stay the night

Cassie: Well ok i will just ask Sally

Cassie: Sal i am going to stay the night at Mattie's ok

Sally: Ok

The two gose back to Mattie's House

The outside of the Hunter's House

Beth: They are here are our new neigbours

Mattie: Cool car

Tony looking at Beth

Tony: Hi i am Tony Holden and these are my two boys Jack Holden and Lucas Holden

Beth: I am Beth Hunter and this is my Daughter Mattie and my Son Robbie who will be back tomorrow

As the Holden starts unpacking their bags Beth ask if they need any help Beth now turn bright red

Mattie: Mum we need to get back in the house or are you just going to look at that Tony guy

Beth: Oh sorry um I will come in a minute

End of Ep

Will Beth find the man of her dreams ?

Will Belle save the day in the diner ?

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The Hunter House

Beth is looking out the window but when she saw Tony she pretend to do dishes

Mattie: Hi mum what are you up today

Beth: Nothing really

Mattie: are you just going to see this Tony guy Mum you are in love with him aye

Beth: No i am not he just good looking that all

Mattie sees Tony with no top on as Beth starts looking at Tony dreamly

Beth: Woh he hunky i never see a man with huge muscles before

Mattie: Urg yuck he way to old for you mum

Beth: Mattie why dont you go and see Cassie or something

Mattie: Ok see you have a good day

As Beth continues to look at Tony doing a run she notice that Tony is in troble with a mad man

Outside the streets

Tony: Good moring Beth

Beth: You to

Man: Why don't you get your family out of here or i am calling the cops

Beth: Excuse me dont say that to him

Man: Ah pretecting him now aye

Tony: Will just go away

Beth: He just a nutter

Tony: yeh did you want help with that lawn mower

Beth: Oh maybe

As Tony walks off to have a suf Beth gets her Cellphone and took a video of Tony running

The Diner

Belle is serving lunch as she notice the old lady from yesterday came in

Belle: What are you doing here I thought my boss made it quite clear about not coming back to this diner

Old Lady: Well brat i have call the cops on you and you are going to prison

Belle: Well i will just tell them what really happed so little grout watch your back

The old Lady rasie a wepon out of hand and fired a shot a Belle but it miss but however Belle got a bleeding head as she smash it hard on the floor

Belle: Haha i got a pan so watch out for that heart of yours cause i will give you a heart attack with this Pan

Old Lady: give it your best shot Irene comes in and dosn't see what happens

Belle: Irene duck down but it was too late Irene was Shot in the leg

Belle swings the pan right at the old lady and kill her with it as the old lady has a heart attack then collapes onto the floor Belle rush to Irene side

Irene: Belle ring the hospital

Belle: Ok

The streets Beth is trying to make the Lawn Mower work Tony see Beth and he walks over to her

Beth turns around and see Tony with no top again

Tony: Hey want some help

Beth: Ok it the Lawn Mower

Tony: Sure

As Beth watch Tony fixing the Mower Beth watches Tony's Muscles moving as Tony catch Beth looking at him

Tony: Are you ok

Beth: Um oh yeh do you want a a cup of coffee or something

Tony: Sure

As Beth walks off she slips in the mud as Tony runs over to her side

Tony: Are you ok

Beth: Yep i am will have to take my top now

As Beth gose in side she takes her Bra off and put her Pink top on

The Holden House

Jack: Dad you know that Beth Chick are you going to ask her out

Tony: Maybe if i like her

Jack: Ok

Will Beth And Tony have a date?

Will Beth have a Pash with the Man of her Dreams?

Will Irene get Cancer or a Heart Attack and will she be ok?

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The Hospital

Irene is rush into operation room

20 min later Irene wakes up and wonders what happen

Belle: Hey Irene are you ok

Irene: Yeh i am so happy i didn't die

Belle: Yeh i don't how i could tell Tasha and Robbie if that happens

Irene: Yeh so what are you doing today

Belle: Um nothing really

Irene: How about if you take my keys from my handbag and drive the car here

Belle: Woh but would i be able to drive it

Irene: of cause you can you did it with Barry's Car

Belle: Ok see you

The Hunter House

Mattie: Um mum Tony rang and see if you like to have a coffee with him

Beth: Did he thanks sweetie i am going over there now

Mattie: Mum have fun with a hot guy

Beth: What ever

The Holden House

Tony: Hi Beth

Beth: Hi so what do you want to do

Tony: Um i was wondering if you like to go on a date with me

Beth: Um Ok yes around about 7:00 as it will be dark

Tony: Um sure

The Hospital

Irene is reading a book while Belle comes in

Belle: Irene the car is ok but it was fun

Irene: Glad you enjoyed it want to drive around in it

Belle: Um ok if you are alright with that

Irene: Cause i am wait

Irene feels a pain in her heart

Belle: Irene are you ok

in the last second Irene has a massive Heart attack as Belle srecms for help

Racheal comes running thourgh

Racheal: Ok Irene i want you to breath for me

Irene tried to breath but it is no help

Nurse Julie: The life saver's

Racheal: Yes Ok one two three up

as Irene health meter is great

Racheal: Phew only 2 minutes away from death

Guys this is a short one but I will write an evan bigger one later on as I havn't decide what will come next ok

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Still at the hospital

Belle: Irene I need you

The Hunter House

Mattie: Woh you look hot today mum

Beth: Thanks Mattie and I am hot enongh for a hot guy

Mattie: Yep well have a good night

Beth walk to next door

The Holden House

Tony: Woh Um Jack I am going now

Jack: Ok have fun

The Diner

Tony: What do you want

Beth: Um I will have a salad and fish

Tony: That sounds nice I will have a burger

Colleen: Ok what do you want

Beth: Salad and fish

Tony: A burgar

Colleen: Oh that sounds so yummy

The Hunter House

Mattie Is watching an AO movie she starts to enjoyed It

The beach

Beth: That was a great Dinner thanks Tony

Tony: That Ok

Beth: Can I ask you something

Tony: Sure

Beth: Do you ever get cold

Tony: Um not really

Beth: Ok

Beth Is looking at Tony's Muscles as they get a little bit bigger and Beth's Breast starts to enlagre

Tony: Are you Ok Want to go for swim

Beth: Um no thanks

Tony: Ok I will be a little while oh yeh want to hold my top

Beth: Yep

Beth smells Tony top

As Tony Is swimming Beth watches

The look out

Beth: It great

Tony: Yeh It great

Beth gose In the bush as she unzip her top untill she can she a bit of her bra

Tony: Woh Beth look at you

Beth: Me oh It ok

Beth walks closer to Tony

Beth: You know when we first meet I thought I found a good guy without a top on

Tony: Yeh I liked you ever since I saw you

Beth: Yeh I want to do something now something sexy

Tony: You are one hottie around here

As Beth and Tony lock In They have a Pash

Beth: You are the best kisser ever you are so muscley

Tony: Want to see them

Beth: Oh yes I like a man that hunky like you want to see my breast

Tony starts unziping Beth top like Beth did to Tony

Beth: Can I touch that big muscle

Tony: Coruse what about your breast

Beth: Go on I need this one you are the hottest guy I have ever mentioned you make my breast bigger

Tony: I can see that you are the sextist women I meet

Beth: Can you make them bigger

Tony: Um Ok

Beth: Woh I want to lick them please It my fave part with a man like you

Tony: Sure can I lick your Boobs

Beth: Oh yeh man I love It want to sleep with me

Tony: Ok Sexy

Tony and Beth have a way hotter Passion together

Will Irene find a man of her Dreams?

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