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Where did Henry Hunter a.k.a Tobi Atkins dissapear to?

Guest irishchick

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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question to you guys, but Im behind obviously (check out the username :D ) and I've been searching on the internet to find out where Henry has gone??!! Did i miss something? Has he left? How? any help would be great guys thank :)

God, we are not that far behind. :P

He left like a year ago. :wink:

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Yeah he went to a dance/drama school. I seem to remember it was around the time Mattie was going through the rebellious stage with Callan and Henry wasn't sure if he should leave at a time like that. I think that's what happened, but it was awhile ago so I could be wrong. It would be cool if Henry came back though because I'd like to see what kind of a person he's become and it could be interesting to see him and Lucas interacting.

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After Matilda was found, having been kidnapped by a man pining for his dead daughter after she'd been drugged by Callan, she was admitted to hospital. The following day Henry had an extremely underated exit (he barely even said goodbye to his family as I recall) after debating whether or not he should go. He has been mentioned very rarely since.

Should he ever return (and I think, at some point, he will) I think it's highly likely that he'll be recast.

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