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Growing Closer

Guest Jacksthehottest

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Hey all this is my new fanifc it is a sequel to We Belong Together (J&M), if u read “We Belong Together” first this fic will make more sense,

Or you can click here to read it. >> "We Belong Together

This fic is based on 6months later where Martha comes back to the bay hope you all enjoy it and please tell me what you think.

Chapter 1:

Jack who had woken up after a long night, went into the kitchen to get a drink, he sat down on the couch, referring back to last night where he had gone out with Tash and Robbie to the surf club and what a night it was, it was just what he needed a party to take his mind of things, he then though back to the girl that had talked to him yesterday Kate. She seemed pretty interested in him, and Robbie and Tash had given him funny looks throughout the whole night, but no matter how hard he tried he just wasn’t interested in Kate, or any other girl he had met in the past 6 months.

After Martha had left, he hadn’t even thought of moving on, he knew he should be, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, even after what she had done to him. Not only did she betray his trust, but she walked out of his life forever. He wish he could stop thinking about her, he tried to keep him self busy throughout the whole day and he tried to spend as much time working so he wouldn’t have spare time. Some days he managed to keep himself busy but once the day was over and he was preparing to go sleep, she would pop back in his mind, he lay awake most nights just thinking of her and all the memories they had shared even if it was 6months ago he would never forget them.

He had promised to meet Tash and Robbie at the diner, Jack was glad he had such good friends, they always knew how to cheer him up, he didn’t know what he would so without them, ever since Martha had left, they were always there for him, Jack was glad he got to spend a lot of time with them, this way he wouldn’t be thinking of other things.

He knew that Tash and Robbie realized that he still loved Martha, but they never brought it up, because Jack didn’t bother to make a conversation about it. Jack knew how much Martha had hurt him, but no mater what she had done to him, he would never stop loving her, but he would never admit it to anyone. He had kept a picture of him and Martha in his closet, after Martha left, he tried to get rid of anything that reminded him of her, but he couldn’t throw away the picture, so he put it in a place where no body would find it.

He got up and grabbed his keys for the car and headed out to the diner. Once he reached the inside of the diner he spotted Tash and Robbie, he walked over and sat at their table.

“Good morning” Tash replied cheerfully,

“Morning” Jack replied, but as for Jack he wasn’t in an excited mood, he had a headache from last night, from drinking.

“Someone had a bit too much to drink last night” Robbie said giving out a laugh referring to Jack. Jack just laughed along.

“So how did it go with that girl, she seems interested” Tash said giving Jack a smile.

“What girl?” Jack asked confused

“You know the hot one, her name was Kate, how could you forget” Robbie said, Rob looked over at Tash who gave him a glare “You know i still love you” Robbie giving Tash a quick kiss.

“Oh that girl” Jack said remembering back to last night, “She’s ok” Jack added.

Tash looked over at Jack and gave him a smile, she knew he had missed Martha, but then again so did she, ever since Martha left, Jack had acted differently, it was like he wasn’t him self.

“Ok well, enough talk about the last night, we have a huge day to plan” Tash said.

“Oh, now won’t that be a night, maybe you could invite Kate” Robbie said nudging Jack.

Jack let out a laugh, “I don’t even know her, yesterday was the first time I talked to her” Jack said, he wasn’t even interested.

“Well me and Robbie will invite someone for you, wont we Rob?” she said looking at him.

“Yeah definitely” Robbie agreed.

“No thanks guys, remember what happened last time” Jack said thinking about it, it was Robbie’s 18th 2 Months ago and Robbie had invited a date for Jack, but all she could do was talk about her ex boyfriend, Jack didn’t even get a word in because she wouldn’t stop talking about how much the ex- boyfriend had hurt her and what a jerk he was

“Yeah well, that was Robbie’s choice” Tash said giving out a laugh.

“Hey, give her a break, she was going through a bad time, and plus I didn’t see you suggesting anyone did I” Robbie said, giving Tash a smile.

“Ok well Jack will you be helping us set up for Saturday night?” Tash asked.

“Yeah I’ll do everything I can” Jack replied, excited about Tasha’s 18th.

“Ok what about, me and Jack do the choice of music and you do the invitations to start of with” Robbie replied.

“Why do I get the hard job?’ asked Tash.

“Well you’re always going on about how girls are much better than guys and smarter than them, this is you’re chance to prove it” Robbie said.

“Fine” Tash replied, Jack leant back on his chair and couldn’t help but smile at his friends.

“Ok granddad I will see you soon then” Martha said hanging up the phone. She was so excited, she had a break for 2 weeks and was planning on visiting Summer Bay, and what was even better is it was going to be a surprise; she wanted to come for Tash’s birthday that’s why she only told her granddad.

She got out her bags and started packing her clothes, she couldn’t wait to see all her friends and family, and most importantly Jack, she had missed him so much over the past 6months, but she had no one to blame but her self, she didn’t know how he would react once he saw her, she knew he would be angry, but she didn’t blame him, because she was the one that decided to make the decision and move away. She thought she would never say it but she had missed everything about summer bay including her old job. Sure her new one was great she got to meet new people and pay was bigger, but it wasn’t the same, back in summer bay she always had something to look forward to after her job even though she didn’t like it.

Martha thought about all the mistakes she had done in her life, but what she did to Jack would have to be the worst, she couldn’t wait to see him, even though he probably wouldn’t want to see her and he had probably moved on, she still wanted to just see his face, she had missed him so much, all she had to remind her of Jack was a photo and the memories they shared.

Martha’s day’s went past pretty quickly, she saw Crystal most of the time, since they worked together, but Martha didn’t mind, Crystal has been supportive and she had been a good friend to her and she was the one person that Martha had really go to know. Then there was Crystal’s flat mate, Sean, but she didn’t think much of him, sure they were friends but that was all, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jack, let alone move on.

She shoved the last bit of her clothes into her bag, and closed it, she practically brought her whole wardrobe, but she could help but think that she would need it all. She looked at the framed picture of her and Jack on her bedside and smiled to herself, she regretted leaving him.

Ok that’s the end of the first chapter hope you liked it, not much is going on because its just the starting, hope you enjoyed it tell me what you think

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Hey sorry I haven’t updated in ages, here is the next chapter please tell me what you think


Chapter 2:

Martha lay awake in her bed it was only the morning and she was already bored her, she had taken two weeks of to go and visit summer bay so she wasn’t working, the bad part about it was, that she had to wait 2 more days to go, since Tash’s birthday was then, what was she going to do in the meantime.

She couldn’t help but replay thoughts through her head, the moment she stepped in to the diner, what would everybody be thinking when they see her, maybe Jack told everyone what had happened, she couldn’t wait to see her granddad as well, she always looked up to him and over these 6 months she had missed him.

She then again looked at the farmed picture and picked it up, looking closely at it, her and Jack seemed happy why did she have to ruin it all.


“So where do we start?” asked Jack who was sitting at Robbie’s house on the couch, discussing Tash’s party.

“Well first we will pick a couple of cd’s for the party and then we will go and do the decorations” Robbie suggested.

“Sounds like a plan” Jack agreed leaning back. “So let’s start” Jack added. Robbie didn’t reply he just looked up at Jack and gave him a smile.

“You miss her don’t you?” Robbie asked, he knew he shouldn’t be asking Jack this, but he wanted to know, he was actually surprised himself why he had asked that question

“Miss who?” Jack asked pretending not to know what Robbie was going on about, but he knew he was talking about Martha.

“C’mon Jack, you still like Martha” Robbie replied, he knew Jack wouldn’t make a conversation of it, because he never mentioned Martha. Jack didn’t reply, Robbie was telling the truth, he had still liked Martha, but he would never admit it.

“Nope I’m over her” Jack finally spoke, he stood up and grab the cd’s that were on the table and brought them over looking through them and trying to ignore Robbie’s next question.

“This is why you have been -“Robbie tried to say but was cut of.

“Robbie can we please just leave it?” Jack said, not even looking up, he divided the set of cd’s in 2 piles and gave Rob half of them. Robbie sighed and started to look through, he didn’t bother to ask him anymore.


“Hey Crystal” Martha said sitting opposite to Crystal, they were in a coffee shop and everything seemed so different.

“Hey, I thought you were gone?” Crystal asked confused, since Martha had 2 weeks of she would have thought that she had left already.

“No I’m going away in 2 days, I wish I didn’t have to wait so long” Martha replied picking up her coffee. She knew it was only 2 days but it felt like ages.

“Well what’s stopping you?” Crystal asked confused.

“What do you mean what’s stopping me” Martha asked, she too was confused.

“Well you’re holidays have started, why don’t you go right now, I mean you have 2 weeks of work, you don’t have to wait” Crystal replied. Martha stopped and thought about what Crystal had said, maybe she should leave now, she did want to surprise Tash by coming back on her birthday, but she just couldn’t wait that long and plus if she left now she could even surprise her granddad.

“Actually I never thought of that” Martha replied, after moments of thinking.

“Well what are you waiting?” Crystal asked with a smile on her face. Martha stood up excited, if she left now she could arrive to summer bay by dinner time and plus she had no packing to do since she had done that earlier.

“Well I better get going” She said standing up and practically running back to her apartment.


“Where are we going now?” Jack asked confused, they entered the surf club, spotting Irene.

“Well I just have to go and talk to her see if her place is available for Saturday night” Robbie said walking over to Irene. Jack walked over to the bar.

“Hey mate what would you like?” Alf asked.

“A beer, thanks Alf” Jack replied.

“So how have you been?” asked Alf, handing him the beer.

“Yeah I’ve been ok, you know the usual work” Jack replied. Alf smiled in return, he wondered how Jack would react once he saw Martha. But before he could reply Robbie came rushing over.

“C’mon Jack no time to waste, we have a lot to plan” Robbie said pulling Jack along.

“Ok so what did Irene say?” Jack asked.

“Yep it’s all organized; we are meeting Tash at the diner for dinner” Robbie replied.

“Cya Alf” Jack said before making his way over to the diner.


Robbie and Tash sat at diner, looking up at Jack.

“So have you invited anyone for Jack” Robbie asked.

“I’m working on it, trust me” Tash replied giving Robbie a smile.

“Alright then” Robbie replied digging into his dinner.

“So how did you go today Tash?” Jack said coming over and sitting down.

“Yeah I did all the invitation i just have to give them out, how did you guys go?” Tash asked.

Jack wasn’t really paying attention to their conversation he looked around the diner and noticed there were more people then usual, Alf, Colleen and Dan and Leah were in as well and practically the whole Hunter family.


Martha turned of her car and got out, taking a look at the beautiful view of Summer Bay. She parked her car outside the diner and left her bags in the car. She took a deep breath and entered the diner……………

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hey new chapter:

Chapter 3:

Martha entered the diner with a huge smile on her face “good to be home” she said to herself, she realized how much she had missed this place. Martha looked up to see that everyone had stopped what they were doing and looked up to see her, their faces looked like they had seen a ghost.

“Martha” Tash squealed, finally breaking the silence and running over to give her best friend a hug. Alf sat and looked in amazement, he wasn’t planning on Martha coming in 2 days, and she had given him a surprise. He walked up to her.

“We have all missed you” Alf said hugging her, she hugged him back tight, she was glad finally see him. Eventually everyone had made it over to Martha giving her a hug and welcoming her back, even though she was only staying for 2 weeks.

Martha realized that Jack didn’t move and he hadn’t moved from his spot since she had entered, she didn’t blame him after all it was all her fault for leaving him like that especially after what she did, but it did put a smile on her face because she had finally seen him.

“Martha come here for a second” Alf said calling Martha from the other end of the diner, who was standing with Colleen. Martha made her way to her granddad. Tash and Robbie stood together looking at Jack who was looking down pretending to be reading something; they went back and joined him.

Jack who was still looking down didn’t bother to make eye contact with anyone especially Martha, he couldn’t believe she was back, when she walked through the door of the diner he thought he was dreaming or imaging things. As soon as he saw her walk in, he realized how much he had missed her, and how much he wished things were like what they used to be. He was confused because he had spent 6months trying to get over her and now she had come back.

“Yeah that would be great granddad, but I’m only staying for 2 weeks” Martha said speaking to Alf, who had just offered for Martha to stay at her old apartment while she was here

“Alright, love go enjoy you’re self” he said before walking back and sitting down. Martha stood there, not knowing what to do, she had spent a couple of days preparing what it would be like to come back, and now that she was here, she was a bit disappointed because Jack was completely ignoring her. “Why did I have to leave” Martha said cursing herself. She then wondered of to her own thoughts. ‘What if he has moved on?’ Martha thought to herself that would explain a lot of things.

“Mac come here, we have a lot of catching up to do” Robbie said to Martha, who was standing by herself. Robbie, who couldn’t believe Martha was back, totally forgot that Jack was sitting next to him.

‘Oh god why did Robbie do that’ Jack thought to him self now he had to face her. Martha had no choice but to go and sit with them, she didn’t want to be rude by ignoring Robbie, but she could see how awkward it would be with Jack there. After moments of hesitation she made her way over and sat next to Tash.

“Hey” Martha said shyly looking at Jack. He looked up at her and gave her a smile that made her go weak.

“Hey” he replied. Tash and Robbie looked at each other, thinking how awkward that was.

“So, Martha this is a surprise how come you’re back” Tash said trying to break the silence.

“Um, well I’m taking 2 weeks of work, and I thought I would come and visit and surprise you for you’re birthday” Martha replied.

“But, my birthday isn’t for 2 days?” Tash said confused.

“Yeah, I know but I couldn’t wait any longer, so I had to come, I missed this place so much” Martha said looking around the diner at the familiar faces but trying her hardest not to look at Jack.

Jack who was once again staring down at something trying to block out the conversation, but he couldn’t he heard every single word Martha had said, deep down inside he was disappointed that she was only here for 2 weeks but most of all he was angry with her for coming back in the first place.

“Well you’re just in time” Robbie said, with a smile.

“I am what for?” asked Martha.

“Well, we are all organizing my 18th” Tash replied.

“Yeah and she needs all the help she can get unlike me and Jack we have it all under control, right Jack?” Robbie said giving Jack a nudge, trying to involve him in the conversation.

“Yeah” Jack replied looking up and giving everyone a smile. Martha couldn’t help but laugh at Robbie she had missed the old times where all 4 of them used to hang out. Jack was finding it hard not to look at her so he decided to do the only thing.

“Umm, I have to go I have some work to do” Jack said standing up, trying to get out of there.

“Oh ok, then well we will see you tomorrow then” Tash replied, she knew Jack didn’t really have to go, but it was getting kind of awkward with Martha and Jack both there.

“Bye” Robbie called out as Jack left the diner.

“He hates me doesn’t he?” Martha asked Tash and Robbie

“Umm…well-“Robbie tried to say but was interrupted by Tash

“He has been through a lot, ever since you left he has changed so much, and I think you kind of gave him a shock when you entered the diner, just give him a few days” Tash said giving Martha a smile.

Jack walked back to his house, he knew getting over Martha would be impossible, now that she was back here, just seeing her reminded him of everything they had been through, he decided to go to bed and try and get some sleep even if he knew that was impossible.

Next Time: - Martha and Jack have a talk

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Here’s the next chapter sorry I haven’t updated in ages…... enjoy

Chapter 4:

Martha arrived in her granddad’s apartment and put her bag down in her room, she couldn’t be bothered unpacking as she was tired from the trip and her mind was million miles away. She had seen the hurt in Jack’s eyes before at the diner and she knew the only reason that he had left before was because she was there. Martha knew this was going to be hard, coming back and seeing him after everything, but she never imagined it like this before. ‘At least he hasn’t moved on’ Martha said to herself as she fell back on to her bed. ‘That’s a good thing right?’ Martha kept her mind busy with thoughts until she finally fell asleep.


The next morning Martha opened her eyes to find herself in a room she hadn’t been before, for a second she had wondered where she was, but after she took a good look she had remembered she was back at her old apartment, she had been away so long, that she had forgotten everything. A smile grew on her face, unlike back at the city, she had stuff to do here, there were people to see and friends to meet up with and also Tash’s party to prepare, but first she was going to the beach.

As she walked along the sand with her shoes in her hands, looking down at the ground thinking, she had missed this, everything about it, she would come to the beach and it would take her mind of everything but this time it hadn’t worked. She walked over to a familiar spot and sat down. This was the place where her and Jack used to sit together and just look out at the water, nothing mattered back then, they had each other, but now things were different. She stared out into the water hoping she would forget everything but she knew that was impossible, as long as she had the memories of her and Jack, she could never take her mind of things.

Jack who had just gotten out of the water after surfing, headed home, but this time it was different, he would normally pass the spot where he and Martha used to hangout, even though he knew he shouldn’t because it only brought back memories to him and every time he had passed it he always saw no one there, but today was different there was a girl sitting in that place he walked up closer to see who it was.

Martha looked up at the water again, but this time she saw Jack coming towards her, she took a good look at him, he had no shirt on and he was carrying a surfboard in his hands, Martha realized that he must have been out surfing, that’s why she hadn’t seen him come. As soon as her and Jack made eye contact she looked back down.

‘Why did I just do that’ Jack said thinking to himself, he had seen Martha look back at him and there was no turning around now he had to go past her.

“Um..hey” Martha said standing up once Jack had reached her, she knew she had to say something she couldn’t just ignore him, even though she wished she had, she didn’t know what to say.

“Hey” Jack replied shyly, looking at Martha; he too didn’t know what to say.

“Listen Jack, I’m sorry” Martha finally said after a long pause, she wanted to tell him how sorry she was for everything she had done, she didn’t know how to bring it in a conversation so she decided just to tell him the truth

“Sorry for what?” asked Jack, even though he knew what she was on about, he didn’t feel like talking about it, he knew it would just hurt him more.

“For all of this, I’m sorry for leaving in the first place” Martha replied. Jack looked down to the ground trying to block out Martha he knew if he said something he would probably regret it later.

“When I saw you yesterday...” Martha started. “I could see that you weren’t happy to see me back and I know I have stuffed up things so bad, but Jack I missed you so much, I’m really sorry” Martha said finishing her sentence, she could feel the tears, but she tried to control them.

“Why did you leave” Was all Jack managed to get out, he didn’t know what else to say.

“You know why I left, I had a new job offer at the city” Martha explained she was surprised by his question.

“So the job was more important to you than anything else?” Jack asked, he could feel the anger building up inside, and this was the first time over six months that he had talked about it.

“No it wasn’t like that Jac-“ Martha started but was cut of by Jack.

“Then you tell me what was it like, how do you think I felt when I walked into the diner only to find out you had left Summer Bay and not to mention you had no guts to come and tell me I had to hear it from Colleen” Jack answered, his voice rising as he spoke.

“I wanted to tell you Jack, I really did, but after-“Martha started but again as cut of by him.

“Oh yes after you cheated on me with a guy who you had only known for a day, you thought it was best just to leave it all behind, start a new life and forget about everything, did you ever think about anyone but your self” Jack said practically shouting.

Martha couldn’t control the tears that fell down on her face, Jack looked at her tempted to comfort her and make everything better, but it was different this time, he just couldn’t do that.

“So why did you really leave?” Jack asked sill eager to find out.

“You deserved better” was all Martha could say she tried to calm herself down. ”After what I did to you, you deserved better you deserved someone who would show you as much love as you showed me, what I did…” Martha began. “that night, with the guy was a mistake I never meant for the kiss to happen, I was drunk and didn’t know what was going on, but I know there was no excuses for what I did” Martha finished.

“Did it ever occur to you that I didn’t want better, I wanted you” Jack replied, he tried hard to control his tears. “After we had the fight, I felt so bad” Jack added.

“But you did nothing wrong why would you feel bad?” Martha asked surprised.

“I… I thought I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that, even what you did was wrong you didn’t deserve me yelling at you, and I can’t believe I was so dumb, I was actually thinking about forgetting about everything, that had happened I just wanted to be with you, I hated fighting with you.” Jack replied.

“That’s crazy Jack, I deserved it all I was the one in the wrong” Martha explained.

“Even thought it hurt me to see you do that to me, I was willing to work everything out, but you just left, without even saying goodbye” Jack replied.

“I’m sorry” Martha replied. Jack ignored her apology and kept on talking.

“ I spent 6months trying to get over you, trying to forget about you, trying to move on with my life even” Jack replied “I loved you Martha and you just shoved it back in my face” Jack replied as he began to walk off.

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Here’s the next chapter

Chapter 5:

Martha was still sitting in the same spot and she hadn’t moved in ages, she sat down trying to control the tears and to calm her self down, but she couldn’t every time she thought about Jack , she would remember the conversation and then the tears would come again. Now Martha had realized how much she had hurt Jack, she knew her leaving would have been hard for him, but she never imagined him going through all that.

“ I spent 6months trying to get over you, trying to forget about you, trying to move on with my life even, I loved you Martha and you just shoved it back in my face”

These words kept repeating in Martha’s head, she also thought how stupid she was for leaving, in the conversation Jack had admitted that he was willing to work things out but she ruined that chance with leaving Summer Bay. ‘Only if things were like before’ Martha sighed, who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t left maybe her and Jack could have been happy now, but she had made the worst choice. Now that she was back for 2 weeks things were only going to get more and more complicated.

After thinking it all through, she decided it was time to go and see Tash, she had promised she would meet her at the diner to help her for tomorrow night; at least she had something to look forward to. She got up and headed to the direction of the diner.

Jack, who had just arrived home after a long walk, trying to clear his head for hours but it didn’t, he just couldn’t help but to think about the things he had said to Martha, even though it was all true, he still regretted saying it.

‘Jack stop thinking like this’ he told himself as he sat down, he did nothing wrong. He couldn’t believe he was acting like this, he had done nothing, yet he still felt bad, but it felt good finally to tell Martha all of that, he knew these 2 weeks with her were going to be hard, but he was going to get through it.

“Just forget about her” Jack said to himself, but it was easier said than done. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, hoping that would help.

“Tash I’m telling you I’m fine” Martha repeated for the third time.

“I know you just look like you’ve had a rough day” Tash replied honestly.

“Tash don’t worry I’m fine, I’m just tired I didn’t get much sleep last night” Martha answered, she didn’t want to tell Tash about the talk she had with Jack before.

“Ok then, here’s the invitations” Tash said handing Martha the invitations, Martha looked through some of them, she was looking forward to this, she was going to hand them all out and on the way she could and talk to everyone.

“Well I have to go, I’ll meet up with you later” Tash said before grabbing her bag and leaving. Martha looked through all the invitations and saw one with Kim’s name on it. She stopped and froze, this would mean she had to go and face Jack.

“Tash wait” Martha said, but Tash was long gone.

Jack couldn’t keep still he kept moving around the couch until he had enough, he stood up only to find Rachael and Kim at the door.

“Hey Jack” Kim said walking over to the fridge and grabbing a beer.

“Hey” he replied to both of them “If you need me for anything I will be in my room” added Jack as he left.

“What’s up with him?’ Rachael asked.

“I have no idea, oh I forgot to tell you Martha has come back for two weeks” Kim said sitting down on the couch next to Rachael.

“Oh my god really” Rachael said excited, but then stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Kim asked looking at shocked Rachael.

“Jack, Martha rings any bells?” Rachael asked.

“You mean, no it couldn’t be” Kim replied, but the more he thought about it the more it made sense, maybe Jack’s mood had something to do with Martha.

“Well anyway I have a shift to go to, I’ll see you later” Rachael said getting up and giving Kim a kiss on the cheek before walking out.

Martha had a smile on her face now, she had practically forgotten about Jack because she was kept busy, but he came back into her mind when she read the two last invitations “Beth and Tony” and “Kim”. She had saved Kim’s for last hoping she wouldn’t have to do it, but the reality was she had to and give it to him; she just hoped Jack wouldn’t be there. Before she was about to knock on Beth’s door she saw Rachael heading out of Kim’s house, she ran over to her.

“Rachael wait” Martha said once she and reached her.

“Martha, hi Kim had told me you were back” Rachael said giving her a hug.

“Yeah good to be back, what a shame it’s only for 2 weeks” Martha replied hugging her back. “I was wondering if Kim was home” Martha added.

“Yeah he is, but I have to go I am already running late, I’ll catch up with you later” she said before getting in her car. Martha just stood and smiled this meant that she didn’t have to face Jack just yet, she was going to go to Beth’s first and then to Kim’s. She now relaxed a bit knowing Kim was home.

Jack couldn’t stop thinking, Martha was on his mind all day, he knew the reason but didn’t want to admit it to anyone especially to Martha, but he was still angry with her, how was he supposed to get over her and move on when she was in his head all day, and now even worse she was back. He got up and went into the kitchen getting a drink. He looked around the house it was empty, Kim was in the shower and Rachael had gone, just before he could go back into his bedroom there was a knock on the door.

Martha stood in front of Jack’s house and it had reminded her about the last time she had been here, it was 6months ago when she was leaving, she wanted to say goodbye to Jack, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it, so she ended up leaving. But today was different she stood in front waiting for Kim to open the door, she felt more relaxed knowing he was home and she wouldn’t have to face Jack, she couldn’t’ handle another argument she would breakdown in front of him.

Jack opened the door and got a shock.

“Hey K-” Martha tried to say but realized it wasn’t Kim it was Jack. “Jack” she added surprised. Jack didn’t answer; he just wondered what Martha was doing here. After a long pause Martha finally spoke.

“Um…could you please give this...to Kim” Martha said trying to get out of there as fast as possible, she was finding it hard to say what she wanted to. Jack looked at piece of paper and then grabbed it, he then looked up at Martha and he got lost in her gaze, to him she was beautiful, and no matter how angry he was with her, he couldn’t stop loving her, he snapped out of his daydream when he realized Martha was still here.

“Um, yeah sure” he replied forcing a smile. Martha smiled back, realizing how awkward it was she turned around to walk away.

“Martha” Jack called her; he didn’t know why he had just done that. Martha turned around.

“Yeah?” she asked wondering what he would say.

“Ah, it’s nothing “Jack replied. Martha turned back around and walked of.

Jack closed the door and hit himself on the head. ‘What do you think you’re doing’ he said to himself, why was he finding it hard to stay mad at her.

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Hey this chapter is pretty short but anyways here it is

Chapter 6:

“So Tash hasn’t mentioned anything to you” Robbie asked suspiciously, he has been asking Tash who he had planned for Jack’s date for her birthday, but she wouldn’t tell him.

“Nope she hasn’t mentioned anything, why? Am I supposed to know something” Jack asked confused, he didn’t know what Robbie was on about.

“Nope nothing, so she hasn’t mentioned anything to you about a special girl?” he asked. Jack immediately thought of Martha, but put her at the back of his mind

“No, Robbie what’s going on?’ Jack asked, he didn’t know what were all the questions for.

“Nothing is going on, its all fine” Robbie said disappointed that Jack didn’t know who Tash had planned for him, maybe he would juts have to wait. “Well I’m going to go I will see you at the diner then” Robbie added before walking into the Hunter’s house. Jack entered his own house only to find Tony sitting on the couch.

“Hey dad” Jack said surprised.

“Hey mate I heard Martha was back” Tony said asking concerned he had seen the argument that they had on the beach and he wanted to know what was going on, he knew Jack wouldn’t talk about it, but he was going to try and help him.

“Yeah I know?” Jack answered; he didn’t understand why his dad would be here to talk about Martha he already knew she was back. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer; he didn’t want to talk about this.

“Well?” Tony said, trying to get Jack to start the conversation.

“Well what?” Jack asked his dad confused.

“Jack I saw you two today at the beach” Tony answered him, he knew Jack wouldn’t bring it up him self. Jack didn’t reply he too a drink out of his beer and went and sat down on the couch next to his dad.

“That’s great” Jack answered he really didn’t want to discuss it.

“C’mon Jack I thought you would be happy she was back” answered Tony.

“Yeah maybe I would have been happy if she didn’t leave In the first place, or if she didn’t betray me, I don’t care that she is back” Jack said, but he knew he wasn’t only lying to his dad; he was also lying to himself.

“Well, alright Jack, I know what Martha did might have been bad, but wouldn’t you rather spend 2 happy weeks with her then spend the whole time ignoring her” Tony asked, trying to get through to him.

“No” Jack answered simply. Tony let out a sigh.

“Well I have to go, I promised Beth I would help her out with something, Bye” Tony said getting up. Jack shook his head and headed for the shower.

‘What a long day’ Martha sighed to herself as she was walking along the beach, she had finished handing out the invitations and she had caught up with most people. Summer Bay was so much different to the city, except for her job, she had a pretty lonely life back at the city, sure she had Crystal, but it wasn’t the same here she had Tash and Robbie and her family, and she also had Jack before, but then she had to go and stuff things up. She thought there was no use beating herself about it, what was done was done, she couldn’t fix things up, she had already stuffed up any chance she had with Jack, but she could only blame herself. She wished she still had Jack, someone to hug and kiss her and someone to care for you and she knew Jack was the only one for her, no one could make her feel that good besides Jack

“Hey Mac” Tash said approaching her.

“Hey” Martha answered snapping out of her thoughts

“C’mon let’s go” Tash said

“Where are we going” Martha asked confused, she caught up to Tash and they headed for the diner.

Jack was now watching TV, but not really concentrating, he kept thinking back to the conversation with his dad, maybe his dad was right, there was no point at being mad at Martha, she was only staying for 2 weeks and Jack knew he would regret it if he kept it up like this. He knew he couldn’t forget about what she had done to him and how much she had hurt him, but maybe he could try and be friends with her, even if it was impossible it was worth a try. But could he really be friends with her, after everything

“Jack you home” Robbie said opening the door.

“Yeah, I was just about to go to the diner” Jack answered.

“Ok let’s go” Robbie said he was too busy in his own thoughts to think about what was on Jack’s mind.

Tash watched Martha, an idea forming into her head, she had seen how Martha and Jack were around each other, and it was awkward. Since Martha left Summer Bay her and Robbie became really close friends with Jack, but now they could hardly all hang out because it felt so awkward, Tash was determined to do something about it.

“Jack I’m telling you sh- “Robbie and Jack entered the diner, Robbie stopped once he had realized who was sitting on the other side of the diner, it was Tash and Martha. He looked at Jack who had stopped walking.

Martha didn’t look up; she hoped that they wouldn’t come over here because she knew Jack didn’t want to talk to her.

“Hey guys come here” Tash said waving.

Both of them had no choice but to go over there, Robbie took the place next to Tash, while Jack had no other choice but to sit next to Martha.

“Martha and I were planning on spending the day at the beach do you guys want to come.

“We were?” asked Martha giving Tash a look, what was she doing, she knew how awkward this was for her.

“Ummmmm…” Robbie said unsure of what to say.

“Yeah Tash, I’m kind-“Martha try to say but Jack cut her off.

“Sounds great” Jack said giving Martha a smile, she looked surprised but then smiled back.

“What was all that about’ She thought to herself.

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Hey all, here is the next chapter, it is pretty short.

Chapter 7:

Martha watched at Robbie and Jack in the distance, and smiled to herself, she didn’t know what was going on but all of a sudden Jack had changed, he wasn’t angry with her anymore, it had felt good to spend time like all 4 of them used to, but she had still wondered what Jack was up to, it was only this morning that they had an argument and now it was like it never happened. Martha was confused, but was distracted from her thoughts, when Tash said something.

“You still like him” Task said she had seen the way Martha looked at Jack and it was totally obvious to anyone that she wasn’t over him and that she still had feelings for him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Martha said giving out a laugh, trying to convince Tash that she didn’t.

Tash what about to reply, but stopped once she had seen Robbie and Jack approaching them. Martha watched as Jack picked up his shirt and put it on. Tash gave out a laugh.

Martha took her eyes of Jack and turned around to look at Tash, and was about to speak but Robbie said something.

“What’s funny?” Robbie asked looking at her. Tash looked at Martha, and then back at Robbie.

“Nothing” Tash replied, she knew she couldn’t say anything especially that Jack was here now. Jack, who was clueless, just sat down not bothering to even ask what was going on.

“So Jack, how’s Kate” Robbie asked, he was still trying to figure out who Tash had planned for Jack and he had thought it may have been Kate, the girl Jack had met once, he knew it was a wild guess but it was worth a try.

Martha stopped and looked shocked, ‘who was Kate’ she thought to herself, has she missed something, she thought that Jack hadn’t moved on, obviously she was wrong.

Jack to felt awkward about this, he hadn’t even had a proper conversation with Kate but for some reason he didn’t want to let Martha think that he had moved on.

Tash shook her head, what was Robbie up to.

“I um, don’t know” Jack replied, he didn’t know what to say, why was Robbie asking anyway, he had asked Jack earlier about some girl as well.

“Ok then” Robbie replied, obviously it wasn’t her, since Jack hadn’t even talked to her. Tash stood up and took Robbie’s hand.

“We are going to go and get the drinks” she replied, trying to get out of there as fast as possible and trying to give Jack and Martha some time to talk, even though she could see it was going to be awkward.

“Robbie what are you doing?” asked Tash once they were a long distance away from Martha and Jack.

“Well since you’re not going to tell me I though I should start finding out for my self.” Robbie replied. “So who have you got planned for Jack” Robbie added curiously.

Tash laughed, “You’re just going to have to wait and see” she replied still walking towards the surf club.

Back at the beach where Martha and Jack were, there was no talking, they both sat in silence, Martha was afraid that is she did say something, Jack could get angry at her again, but she was curious to find out why he had changed so fast towards her.

“Jack I don’t deserve this” Martha said breaking the silence.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked confused, he was glad Martha had spoken because he didn’t know how longer he could remain silent.

“You being nice to me, don’t get me wrong I’m glad we aren’t arguing or ignoring each other, but why?” Martha asked, she was hoping to get the answer from Jack.

“Well I’m sorry for what I said to you this morning bu.-“Jack was cut of by Martha.

“No, please don’t apologies, you have done nothing wrong, I deserved everything I got, I was the one that stuffed everything up between us, so don’t apologies” Martha said, she couldn’t believe Jack was like this, he had done nothing wrong and still he was apologizing, it just Made Martha like him even more.

“Ok then, well I was thinking, since your only staying for 2 weeks, that it would be best if we try and put everything behind us and just be friends, because I don’t think I can keep ignoring you since we both see each other everyday” Jack said, he didn’t know what Martha’s reaction would be but he hoped that she would accept his offer.

“Yeah I would like that” Martha said giving Jack a smile, finally they could have a proper conversation, but Martha as till unsure, sure she had agreed to be just friends but she knew that was impossible because she still had feelings for Jack.

Jack gave her a smile, he also knew this was going to be hard, but it was better than nothing. He knew he would enjoy spending time with Martha but he was afraid of one thing.

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Chapter 8:

Martha couldn’t be happier not only was she staying at Summer Bay for 2 weeks, the place she loved but now also she could spend time with Jack, but she knew one thing she wouldn’t bring up in their conversation and that was the past, she knew that would make everything awkward for both of them. She couldn’t help but to wonder who Kate was, even though she had told Jack that he deserved better and someone who would love him back, she hated the idea of him going out with someone else, but she wasn’t going to admit his feelings towards his just yet, even if it was obvious to Tash, she just wanted to deny it.

“Hey we’re back” Tash said taking a seat, back down onto the sand, Robbie did the same, Tash couldn’t help but to smile once she had seen Jack and Martha talking. She and Robbie had grown to become really good friends with Jack, and she hadn’t seen him smile like that in a long time.

“So, Martha what have you got planned for the rest of you’re time here?” Jack asked looking at her.

“Um, nothing actually” Martha said, “I was just going to relax and take this as a holiday” she added.

“Yes, sounds like you, always lazy, looks like you haven’t changed a bit” Jack said, everyone laughed along, including Martha.

“That girl looks familiar” Tash said pointing out at the girl who had just come out of the water after swimming in her bikinis. Martha turned around and looked at the young women, she was pretty, she looked like a model, Martha wondered who it would be.

“Hey isn’t that Kate, Jack” Robbie said turning to face Jack, “Yeah it is” Robbie added, now remembering better. Any smile Martha had on her face was now gone, she didn’t expect Kate to look like that.

Jack didn’t reply, he just looked the other way, hoping Kate wouldn’t notice him, he didn’t feel like talking to her, the night he had met her, he knew she wasn’t his type of girl and maybe it was too early to decided this since he had only talked to her once, but he just wasn’t interested. To his luck Kate walked of the other way, not even noticing the 4 friends.

Martha didn’t know what to think, did Jack and Kate have something going on or was it all a joke, Martha couldn’t help but to feel jealous, this girl had the perfect looks and what was worse, was that Martha was leaving in 2 weeks while Kate was staying.

Jack looked over at Martha and could see she didn’t look back at up him, he didn’t know why, but he wanted to tell Martha that he and Kate had nothing going on.

“Lucky she didn’t see me” Jack said giving out a laugh, trying to break the silence.

“Yeah, Martha Jack has been ignoring most of the girls he has met” Robbie said informing him. “He thinks he is too good for them all” Robbie said, trying to make a joke out of it.

“Either that or you and Tash, just don’t know how to choose someone” Jack replied. Martha smiled again, she was happy to finally know that Jack and Kate had nothing going on.

“Hey, hey last time was Robbie’s choice, this time when I choose she will be perfect for you Jack” Tash said, looking over at Martha. Martha stared back at Tash, totally confused.

Tash knew Jack’s date would be perfect for him, he was actually going to like this girl unlike his past experiences, she looked over at Martha again and could tell she had no idea what was going on.

“We better get going” Robbie said standing up, “Cya you both tomorrow then” Tash added before they walked of together.

Once Tash and Robbie had left, Martha stood up as well.

“Well I guess I better get going” she said turning to Jack, giving him a smile

“Yeah same” Jack said, before both of them walked over in different directions.

‘Why am I doing this’ Jack thought to himself, he knew what would happen if he kept going like this and he just couldn’t do it all over again, but he couldn’t resist, he just wanted to spend more and more time with Martha, he hadn’t been this happy for along time and now he had two days off, of work, he wondered what would happen in that time.

Martha walked into Noah’s trying to find her granddad, but now she was looking happier than before, she wondered if she was ever this happy back in the city. It had something to do with his town, Martha and grown up in it and this was the only place she called home even though she didn’t live here anymore.

“Hey granddad” Martha said walking up to the bar, Alf was busy with customers; Martha looked around to see there was a lot of people in today.

“Hey love, sorry I am kind of busy” Alf replied.

“Yeah I can see that” Martha replied, “Do you need any help?” Martha asked.

“Are you sure you want to help, you don’t have to, you should be enjoying yourself not working, this is your time of” Alf said, he knew he needed help but he didn’t want Martha to do it unless she wanted to.

“No don’t worry I don’t mind helping out” Martha replied.

“Ok then you take care of the bar and I’ll go collect the drinks from outside” Alf replied, before walking of.

Martha started to serve drinks to the customers and it reminded her of the last time she did, she had so much to do after work and a lot of people came into see her, but in the city, the only good part was the work and once she had gotten home she was to tired to go out and would fall sleep.

After work she wanted to go and visit a place which would bring her back a lot of memories, when she used to live in Summer Bay she would visit it often and now that she was back for a little while she wanted to go back and see it. Her and Jack had shared their first kiss there and it was one of Martha’s favorite places in Summer Bay.

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Hey here’s the next chapter, nothing really interesting in this one it’s more of Martha’s point of view, there isn’t much Jack in it and it’s pretty short Next chapter will get more interesting though

Chapter 9:

“What’s this I see, Martha working” Jack said coming up to the bar. Martha wondered who it would be but once she heard his voice all she could do was smile. She looked at him closely, he was still in his police uniform, he must have just got back from work she thought

“Very funny” Martha replied sarcastically. “what would you like?’ she asked, still not taking her eyes of him.

“Just a beer, thanks” he replied with a smile, and it was enough to make Martha go weak, she didn’t know how longer she could keep this up, she couldn’t resist him for much longer.

“So how was work” Martha said handing him the beer, Jack took a drink and put it back down.

“Exhausting, but from tomorrow I have 2 days off, so it’ ok I guess.” Jack replied, he loved his job but sometimes he just needed a brake and he was glad to be of work for now.

“Now who’s been lazy” Martha commented, they both laughed. After a few laughs and jokes, Jack went home.

Martha had finished working now and was walking up to the cliff, she had remembered her whole journey to it when she first came here, and she remembered every moment she shared on it. Finally once she had reached it she stood there taking in the beautiful view of Summer Bay, she didn’t go any closer, she was too scared, so she sat her self down.

“I told you I’ll do anything to make it up to you, now shut up and get out of my way” those words played around in Martha’s head it was what she had said to him when he dragged her to the cliff and made her jump, once Martha was about to jump he had stropped her. Martha was terrified of heights but she would have done anything for him.

“You’d actually jump of the cliff to get back into my good books” when Jack had said that to her, he had no idea how much she had loved him and now she had thrown it all away, all for her job, she wondered what her life would have been like if she had stayed she could have been the happiest person, she and Jack had already moved in together, who knows what could have happened next.

She couldn’t believe she had given up so easy, first time she had lost Jack to a stupid prank, she had done everything just to get him back and even after the whole Corey situation her and Jack had ended up together at the end, but the last time, she didn’t know what had got into her, she had given up on everything.

She knew moving on would be impossible, she would always love Jack, but getting back together with him was also impossible, she was leaving in less than 2 weeks and she also knew that Jack hadn’t forgiven her for what she had done, even though he acted all nice towards her, she knew that he was still hurting.

Martha sometimes didn’t understand herself, how could she let one night with some guy she hadn’t seen in years ruin everything. Martha tried to stop herself from thinking about all of it, she was just going to spend these weeks enjoying herself, and trying to have as much fun as she could.

She was all of a sudden distracted form all her thoughts when her phone went of, she had received a message. It was from Tash and Robbie telling her to meet them at the diner tomorrow morning so that she could help them set up. She actually liked the idea of Tasha’s party.

Her thoughts then drifted back to Jack, would she ever tell him how she feels about him, she wanted to tell him, but there was no point it would be pretty selfish of her anyway, if she had told him soon, she would have to leave and go back to her job, since she was only staying for a short time, what as the point then.

Martha decided to head home, after a long day she was tired and couldn’t wait to get into her bed, but she couldn’t wait for tomorrow either.

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Chapter 10:

“Well that’s all of it” Martha replied shutting the back door and opening the front so she could drive. Her and Jack had bought all the drinks for tonight and now were heading to Tasha’s and Robbie’s place. Martha was finding it harder and harder not to talk to Jack about everything that happened, she wanted to apologize for leaving 6 months ago, but she knew Jack wouldn’t want to make a conversation out of it. There was no more hiding she couldn’t control her feelings for Jack, she had thought she made some progress while she was in the city and maybe in the future she could get over him but now that had all changed it only took her a couple of days and she was totally in love with him, the big problem was she couldn’t do anything about it, or even talk to him about it, she was afraid of hurting Jack, she didn’t want to start anything with him because she knew she was leaving soon, but was she jumping ahead of herself, she didn’t even know if Jack still had feelings for her and she guessed she would never find out.

Jack looked away from the window and turned to look at Martha. He couldn’t help but smile at her. He had missed her so much, he missed everything about her, her smile her hugs, her kisses and everything about her. He knew he was making the biggest mistake by spending so much time with Martha, but he couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t resist her. He was falling in love with her more and more everyday, he wondered how long this could go on for, was he ever going to admit to her how much he likes her. He shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts.

Martha looked at Jack who was deep in his thoughts, she laughed at the serious look on his face, which grabbed Jack’s attention.

“What’s funny” he asked Martha who was laughing for some reason.

“Just the look on your face” Martha replied focusing her eyes back on the road.

“Well I was thinking” Jack commented, defending himself. This caught Martha’s attention; she wanted to know what he was thinking of.

“That’s a change” Martha replied, giving out a laugh, even though she wanted to know what he was thinking about, she didn’t want to look like she was nosey.

Jack looked at Martha’s face which had a smile on it, ‘Only if she knew what I was thinking of’ Jack thought to himself, he had so much self control, but when it came to Martha he just lost of it , he just felt like telling her how much he had missed her and how much he loved her. He was distracted from his thoughts when the car stopped they had arrived at Tasha’s place, he opened the door and got out.

They both walked in together putting the drink on the table.

“Well I’ll see you both tonight” Jack replied, he wanted to go home have a shower so he could get ready for tonight.

“Me too, Bye” Martha replied following Jack out of the door.

“Did you need a lift?” Martha asked, she saw Jack didn’t have his car there so she thought she would offer.

“Nah it’s fine, I can walk it’s not that far, I’ll see you tonight then” Jack replied turning to walk away.

“Bye” Martha replied turning to get into her car; she let out a sigh, why did it have to be like this.

Jack arrived home, he wondered what would happen tonight and if he would tell Martha the truth and how much he loved her, but then it hit him, she as leaving soon and then once again he would get his heart broken, it was impossible to start something with her. He went into his bedroom to go and get changed.


“Nice party looks like a lot of people showed up” Robbie said turning around to talk to Tash, gesturing to all the people in the house.

“Yeah, I’m surprised there is a lot of people here, didn’t expect this much” Tash replied, she was taken by surprise when she saw how much people had showed, she didn’t even know half of them, but none of that mattered, she just wanted to enjoy tonight.

Robbie tried following Tasha’s eyes, to see where she was looking at, but it was impossible there was so many people, he wanted to know which one of them were Jack’s dates. He wondered if the girl would be as good as the one Robbie had picked for Jack ages ago.

Martha entered Tash’s house, it had loud music and she was surprised to see how many people were there, she walked over to Tash and Robbie to say hi, before searching for Jack, she tried going past people to see where Jack was but he was nowhere to be seen, maybe he just wasn’t here yet she thought. She walked over to the table to grab a drink.

“Ok Tash, so who is she” Robbie asked,

“Um, what do you mean?” who’s who?” Tash asked confused, she didn’t know what Robbie was on about.

“The girl for Jack, let’s see how great she is for him” Robbie said looking around the room waiting for Tash to reply.

“Alright, but if this is the right girl for Jack I win ok” Tash replied, she and Robbie had been having a competition for ages, they wanted to choose the right girl for Jack, but they always ended up choosing the wrong one, Tash had a good feeling about this one.

“Hey don’t get you’re hopes up” Robbie said defending himself, “C’mon tell me” he added.

“Well there she is” Tash said pointing to the girl who had her back turned to them. All Robbie could do was laugh.

“Tash there is no one there” he replied, he saw Martha there but none else, around her who was Tash pointing to.

“Yes there is take a better look” Tash said, directing his head to look at Martha.

“Umm, hate to brake it to you Tash, but that is Martha if you haven’t forgotten, do you see anyone around her” Robbie replied.

“Well……” Tash started with a smile on her face.

“No, no way, you chose Martha to be Jack’s date” Robbie said shocked, but once the shock had worn off, he thought it was quite a good idea.

“Well, not technically a date but I didn’t want to invite anyone for Jack or Martha, so I was thinking Jack could have Martha as a date for tonight, not that they would know” Tash replied, with a smile.

“That’s actually a pretty good idea” Robbie said, but stopped talking once Jack had came over greeting both of them

Next Time: Things keep getting better and better for Martha and Jack

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