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I enjoy browsing this section of the forum from time to time and some of the artwork you guys produce is pretty darn good. I also have a look at discussions sometime and I have noticed a lot of people becomming upset with people stealing avatars, and Hotlinking. Whilst I understand vaguely what Hotlinking is (thanks to a post by Nim) it is obvious that there needs to be something done about it. Erm I have no knowledge at all about how much this is feasible, and I dont do arty farty stuff for avatars, so this could be a rubbish suggestion but has anybody thought :

People can design avatars for people to use on this forum, and they can choose from the base gallery already available on the site (which lets face it, is now pretty rubbish. ) There is no wonder people have taken to stealing, hotlinking, copying an avatar they like.

Like I said I dont really have any computer knowledge at all and all I have read are snippets of sites, but would this not be a good idea? I would love to have a different avatat but ones available on this site dont appeal to me, i dont know or have the time to make my own and I wouldnt like to steal somebody elses work unless of course they were willing!

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Hotlinking wouldn't be a problem if people just registered with photobucket or some other webhosting site and uploaded onto there :)

Unfortunatly people dont have the time, or would only ever use it once so dont see the point in registering here there and everywhere just for one picture!

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