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Plans Are Meant To Be Broken

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OKAY, here is the sequel to "Not So Planned", it's set in the next year. Sorry it has taken so long, I may not be able to update so frequently but I will try. Here is the first Part (Sorry it's a little short), Please read and review :)

Part 1

Hunter House

“Hey Luke,” Matilda said, as Lucas entered the kitchen early in the morning. She was already at the table, halfway through her toast.

“Morning,” he replied to her and both Beth and Tony, who were also at the table. His hair was tousled, and his eyes squinted in tiredness. He stifled a yawn as he made his bowl of cereal.

“Tired are we?” Tony asked, jokingly. Lucas nodded at him, groaning at the question. He was not used to waking up early since the he had been on holidays from school for almost three months. As he stared Matilda up and down, he could not understand how she could look so naturally beautiful and awake. She caught him looking at her and smiled quickly before looking away, hurryingly finishing her toast. Lucas looked down at his bowl.

“I might leave early today Mum,” she said. “I want to see Ric before I start school.” Standing up, she gathered her plate and knife and walked over to the sink.

“Sure sweetie,” Beth replied. “Have a good day. I know you’ll love it.” Matilda smiled at her and with a small wave at the three of them, disappeared into her room to pick up the rest of her things.


“What is it about overalls that makes you so hot?” A voice came from behind Ric, as he had his head under the bonnet of a car. He turned around and slid his arms around Belle, kissing her playfully on the nose. She giggled slightly, rolling her eyes before pulling his head forward for a passionate kiss.

“Get a room,” Matilda said, coming up behind them. Ric and Belle pulled away, Ric smiled, amused at her. Belle stared at Matilda, her smile was smaller than Ric’s.

“Hey Mattie,” Ric said. “You ready for your first day?”

“Yeah, I guess I have to be,” she replied. Belle reached up and kissed Ric again before pulling away, picking up her bag next to the car.

“Well, I might head off,” she said, looking pointedly at Matilda. “I’ll leave you here with Princess.”

“Belle,” Ric started, but she had already left. He looked at Matilda who feigned innocent, shrugging at him. He simply rolled his eyes and put down his tools. “You two ever going to get along?”

“Hey,” Matilda replied. “Don’t look at me! Your girlfriend totally has it in for me.”

“I will never understand girls!” He said, grabbing her arm and walking her towards the university. “How are you anyway?”

“Pretty good,” she said. “Wondering what Uni will be like. I can’t believe I got in even though I almost failed last year.”

“You didn’t almost fail,” Ric said sternly. “You had a lot to go through, and you did. You got through really well Mattie, you deserved to get your position.”

“Mmm, thanks Ric,” she replied, squeezing him tightly around his body. “Thanks for walking me.”

“No problem,” he said. “Now you have fun, you upper class nerd.” She pushed him playfully; he knew quite well she never thought of him as any less than somebody with tertiary education. In fact, she felt he had accomplished much more in being able to land a managing position in the short time he was at the garage.

“See you later,” she said, walking away from him and winking. Ric smiled at her, watching her get her life back together from last year had always left him proud of her.


Lucas was walking towards the kiosk when he saw Matilda ahead of him, starring confusedly at her timetable in her hand. He walked up to her, looking to see what she had next.

“It’s in the main hall,” he told her. “All literary classes have been changed because the L block classrooms are being renovated. It was on the noticeboard, you should try checking it every morning just in case.” She smiled at him, grateful to have him there.

“Thanks Luke,” she said, relieved. “It’s after lunch but I wanted to check it out first. Good thing I did.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, looking intently in her eyes. “So you having lunch now? Want to join me? I’ll give you a tour of the best food.”

“Sure, thanks,” she said, smiling widely. “Sounds good.”

“So how was this morning?” He asked her, as they walked around the oval after purchasing two hamburgers with the lot.

“It was…different,” she began. “Lectures are a bit less personal. But I suppose that’s what it’s like when you have about two hundred students. I didn’t think it would be this crowded here.”

“You’d be surprised,” Lucas said. “A lot of country students from towns around Summer Bay board here.” She nodded as they walked in silence. Lucas started to feel a bit nervous, as he sometimes did around Matilda. He still hadn’t been able to change the way he felt about her since he told her last year. It was never mentioned again after she rejected him so he did not know if she still knew. He stole a glance at her, catching her eye again, and looked away embarrassed. She knows, he thought to himself. He looked at her again, and she smiled at him, causing his heart to leap. Matilda was caught off-guard as Lucas spontaneously wrapped his arms around her. Just as quickly, he pulled away, clearly surprised himself.

“What was that for?” She asked, curiously. Lucas starred in silence for a while, before composing himself again.

“I don’t know,” he laughed. “Just…After everything, I’m glad we can still be friends. I’m just grateful I can still be in your life.” Matilda nodded at him as they walked in content silence, before separating for their next classes.

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Thanks Babylove! :)

Here's the next bit. Hope you enjoy.

Part 2

Hunter House

“Hey Mum,” Matilda greeted Beth as she rushed through the door, with bags full of groceries. “You’re home early, is everything okay?” Beth paused for a moment, deciding where to put the bags and what she should do. Then resorted to just pushing them messily onto the kitchen table. Matilda looked at her with amusement, not quite sure what to make of a less-than-composed Beth.

“Yes,” she replied, still surveying the table. Suddenly she looked at Matilda intently. “Yes, everything if fine. Actually, it’s better than fine. Martha and Jack are coming home tonight. Little Jonathon has finally been given the all clear. I’m just whipping up a surprise dinner for them.”

“Mum, that’s great!” Matilda said. “I’m so glad we can finally see Jonny without any tubes or incubators. Here, I’ll take those.” Matilda grabbed the packets of pasta from Beth and hurried over to the kitchen bench. It was great to hear that finally, after everything Jack and Martha have been through, they could finally come home.


“Ric,” Alf said as he spotted Ric sitting with Belle, both with chocolate milkshakes.

“Hey Grandad,” Ric replied.

“Hey Mr. Stewart,” Belle greeted. Alf was looking particularly happy today.

“Beth called,” Alf explained. “Jack and Martha can finally bring Young Jonathon home. She’s whipping up a surprise family dinner, so make sure you’re there.”

“That’s great news,” Ric said. “I’ll be round about seven.”

“Good lad,” Alf said, patting him on the back and disappearing into his apartment.

“You going to come?” Ric asked Belle.

“Mmm,” Belle said, smiling. Then raised her eyebrow, cheekily. “Will Her Royal Highness be there?”

“Duh,” Ric said. “It’s only at her house and all.”

“Well, maybe I’ll just have to come,” Belle said, winking. “Just to keep my eye on her.” Ric laughed, he really could not understand why the two of them had it in for each other.

“You know, Mattie was the one who talked me into going after you.”

“Maybe,” Belle replied. “But she’s also the one who is always all over you.”

“Come on Belle,” Ric said. “We’ve been through this. Mattie and I are just like that, always have been. Besides, we haven’t been as close since you and I got together anyway.”

“Yeah I know,” Belle said. “I still don’t like the way she always looks at me. It’s like I’m not good enough for her, or you – or that she just resents me.”

“Come here,” Ric said, reaching over and kissing her softly on the lips. “It’s all in your head. Mattie knows how much I care about you, and she trusts my opinion and judgement of people.” Belle smiled at him in reply, before taking another drink of her milkshake.

Hunter House

“Here’s the cake you ordered Beth,” Lucas said, holding a large fruitcake as he walked in.

“Thanks Lucas,” Beth said, taking it from him and placing it into the fridge.

“Hey, the place looks great,” he commented, looking around at the decorations and the large Welcome Home banner. “You really made a lot of effort.”

“Well, I think they deserve it, after everything,” Beth said, taking in the surroundings. “Your dad has just left to drive them home, Jack’s car is still being serviced.”

“Is there anything else you need Mum?” Matilda asked from the couch, sprawled out in tiredness.

“No sweets,” Beth replied. “Just waiting around for the rest of the family now.”

“Good,” Matilda said, jumping up. “I’m going to get changed.”

“Hello?!” Martha cried from the front door, amazed at the decorations in the house. She ran over to give Beth a huge hug. “You did all of this for us?”

“Who else?” Beth cried in reply. Jack came up behind Martha, holding a baby carriage, his smile widened as he saw his and Martha’s family around. Tony patted him on the shoulder, proud he was finally home.

“Wow,” Jack said. His face imitating Martha’s. “Thanks Beth.”

“You better let Beth take the little one,” Tony said. “I can expect all the girls to be all over him. I’ll get you a beer mate.”

“Cheers dad,” He said gratefully, slipping his arm around Martha’s waist.

Martha shrieked as she saw Tasha entering the Hunter House, rushing over into her open arms. Lucas smirked at Jack, who rolled his eyes. Lucas was holding his baby nephew in his arms, but had to give him up to the grasps of Tasha, who was already cooing at him.

“He is adorable,” She stated. “Him and Joey are going to make a handsome couple!” Martha laughed as Robbie held his daughter in his arms. He and Tasha had not been able to visit Jonathon as Tasha was in hospital at the same time, giving birth. Joey was able to go home on time, as her arrival was complication-free.

“Speaking of which,” Robbie stated, “I think she needs a feed Tash.”

“Oh sure,” She said, looking around and handing Jonathon to Matilda, catching her by surprise. “You can go to Aunty Mattie, can’t you gorgeous?” Matilda laughed, awkwardly holding onto him tightly, afraid he’ll fall.

“Sure,” she said, her smile plastered on her face. She held onto him tightly, not sure what to do. As she looked down she saw his adorable smile, and her heart melted. Suddenly, she felt a wave of nausea rush over her. The same feeling she had on the very rare times she had to hold Joey.

“Hey Jack, can you please take him?” She asked hastily, pushing him into Jack’s arms, still trying to remain careful with difficulty.

“Er…yeah,” Jack said, surprised. “Are you okay Mattie?” Matilda had almost rushed away from him as soon as she had handed his son over.

“Yeah, yeah,” She muttered, composing herself. “I’m fine. I think I need some air.” She rushed out of the house, leaving Jack and Tony perplexed. Ric, sitting on the couch with Belle, had seen the way she reacted, and stood up to follow her. Belle sighed as she watched him get up, but before he could leave, Lucas rushed past him.

“It’s okay Ric,” he said. “I’ll go after her.”

“But – ” Ric protested.

“No,” Lucas said, his arm was raised in front of Ric. He had a serious look on his face as he leaned in to say quietly. “I think it’s time I took responsibility for my actions.” Ric nodded reluctantly, as Lucas disappeared outside. Ric walked back towards Belle and sat down again. His face filled with worry.

“She’ll be okay,” Belle comforted him. He nodded at her, looking out the door again. Her face fell as she accepted he would not listen to her.


Lucas walked outside and saw Matilda sitting at the pavilion table, staring into the darkness. He walked slowly towards her and sat down next to her, she did not react to him being there. Slowly, he took her hand and held it gently in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. She looked at him and smiled sadly, before turning back to stare harder at the darkness of the night.

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Thanks :)

Part 3

Outside (Hunter House)

“You okay Tilly?” Lucas finally asked, breaking the silence between himself and Matilda. Matilda sighed.

“I’m…” She hesitated. “I’m fine, you know? Just sometimes it comes back.” Lucas stared at her as she struggled to form the words. “It’s stupid, last year I never even thought of it as…as a baby.” Lucas squeezed her hand in encouragement. She looked into his eyes earnestly, and saw his concern. “It was just something I knew I had to do. I didn’t allow myself to think of it as something alive, or something that could grow into my…child.” Lucas nodded. They both stared at each other in silence, the confusion of the young former lovers in both their heads.

“I wish I could have been there for you,” Lucas said quietly.

“I know,” she replied, sadly. “Me too. But it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve told you.” Lucas nodded; he raised his right hand to her cheek, rubbing gently against her skin. She smiled at him. “Come on, we should go back in.” Matilda nodded as he pulled for up, as they both re-entered the party.

Hunter House

“You okay Mattie?” Ric asked Matilda while she was pouring herself a drink.

“Yeah, I think so,” She said. “It was just a moment, that’s all. Thanks Ric.” She smiled at him as he pulled her into a warm hug. He was surprised at her pulling back abruptly though, as she caught sight of a figure at the door. He turned around to see who or what she was looking at and heard Beth exclaim at the same time that Matilda did.

“Henry!” He smiled coyly at the door, his suitcase next to his feet, as he saw his mother rush at him.

“He-eey!” He struggled to say, through his mother’s smothering. Matilda smiled largely at her brother, giving him a huge hug after Beth had let him go.

“What are you doing here Henry?” She asked him.

“Thought I deserved a holiday,” He replied. “I don’t have another production till midyear so I decided to come home for a bit.”

“Come meet your niece, little man,” Robbie said, pulling him towards Tasha and Joey. Matilda continued to smile, giving Ric a surprised look. He returned the smile, glad to see his old friend back. He knew Matilda was thrilled.

“Do you know how long he is staying?” Ric asked Matilda, later that night.

“No, but hopefully a while.” She said, happily. She caught sight of Lucas staring at her, and turned away quickly. His gaze had never lost that intensity. “You were right last year, I should have told Lucas.”

“It’s over now Mattie,” Ric said, rubbing her arm. “He forgives you, and you two are friends again.” She nodded at him.

Belle had not been able to stop looking at Ric and Matilda, the way that he looked at her left Belle unsettled. She sighed sadly, waiting for him to return. If he returned she thought darkly.

“Hey,” Henry said, sitting down. “Don’t think I know you.” He stretched out his hand. She took it, smiling.

“I’m Belle,” she said. “Ric’s girlfriend. I know you’re Henry.”

“Yeah, I’m sure Mum gave it away,” he said, making her laugh. “I didn’t know Ric had a girlfriend. Matilda never mentioned.” Belle rolled her eyes.

“That’ll be right,” she muttered.

“Whoa,” he said, laughing. “I’m guessing you and Mattie aren’t the best of friends.” She smiled appreciatively at him.

“No, her and Ric are though,” she said pointedly.

“Ah,” he said, understanding. “Don’t let that get to you. I’m guessing you are fairly new around here. Everyone knows their relationship is a close one. You’d have to accept it if you want to be with Ric.”

“Yeah I know,” she groaned. “I know I shouldn’t feel jealous, I trust him, I do. I just…I’m just jealous!” She laughed. Henry nodded.

“Hang in there,” he said. She nodded appreciatively.


Lucas saw Matilda walking towards him as he was walking out for a swim. He did not realise she had left early that morning as he tried to sneak out without waking anybody. She smiled when she saw him.

“Hey,” she said. Looking up at him.

“Hey,” he replied. “You’re up early.”

“Yeah,” she said. “It was such a nice morning, I felt like a walk.”

“You okay now?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am,” she replied earnestly. “Thanks.” They both sat down and watched the small waves coming onto the shore.

“Do you think about it much?” He asked her, breaking the silence. Matilda nodded.

“Yeah, I do,” she answered. “What about you?” He also nodded.

“All the time,” he said, and smiled at her. She returned that smile. “I hate the fact that I could have left you to feel that way. And to still feel like it sometimes.”

“It’s okay Luke –” Matilda began, but he cut her off.

“No really Tilly,” he said, looking back out to the water. “I regret it so much. I still care about you a lot.” He looked back at her, in her eyes. “You know I still do.” She smiled at him, not backing away as he pulled her small hand into his.

“Yeah,” she said softly.

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Thanks guys :) Glad you like it

Part 4

Hunter House

“Mum and Tony aren’t home,” Matilda said, as her and Lucas entered the house.

“Must’ve left already,” Lucas replied. “I don’t start class until two today.”

“Me neither,” Matilda said. “Do you have much study to do?”

“No,” Lucas laughed. “As we’ve only been back a day.”

“Yeah,” Matilda said, also smiling. “But you’re King Nerd.”

“Oh yeah?” Lucas asked, not impressed as Matilda nodded. “Well, I’ll let you know I have a life outside of school.” Matilda laughed, unconvinced.

“Well, how about you spend the morning with me down the Surf Club then?” She suggested. Lucas smiled, surprised at her request.

“Sure,” he said. “You aren’t meeting Ric today?”

“Nah,” she replied. “I’m sure he’ll get by.”

“Did someone say Surf Club?” A voice came from behind them, as a topless Henry with messed up hair emerged.

“Wow,” Matilda commented. “You look ready to tackle the day.” Henry made a face at her and grabbed the packet of bread from the pantry.

“Whatever,” he replied. “I’ve seen you with morning hair, you look much worse. Are you guys heading out now?”

“Yeah,” Lucas replied. “You wanna join us?”

“I’ll catch you up later,” Henry said sleepily, putting the bread in the toaster.

“Alright mate,” Lucas replied, as him and Matilda left. Henry stared after them; he had not been given the opportunity to talk to Lucas, or any of the other Holdens much. From what he could see, there was something going on between Lucas and Matilda, but he would need to question Matilda about it later.

Surf Club

“Urgh!” Matilda cried. “That was a shocking shot.”

“Yeah,” Lucas agreed. Matilda punched him playfully. Lucas paused for a moment, acknowledging how close she was standing to him. “But it’s like every other shot you’ve done today.”

“Excuse me,” Matilda retorted, smiling. “I’ll let you know I am Queen Pool. It’s just not a good day today.”

“Excuses, excuses,” Lucas said, hitting another ball into the socket. Then another, and another one, before he accidentally sunk in the eight ball. “Urgh! That was jibbed!” Matilda laughed at his misfortune, patting him sympathetically on his back. She didn’t lift up her hand though, when he looked her in the eye, feeling trapped by his stare. He smiled at her, realising her hand was still on his back, and she returned the smile.

“Another round?” She asked, finally breaking the silence. “We still have about an hour.”

“Count me in,” Henry said, coming up to the table.

“Actually, you two can play,” Lucas said. “I might go grab a drink and go to the toilet,” before heading to Noah’s. Henry watched as Matilda lined up the balls, before starting another game.

“Been a while huh?” Henry said. “Let’s see if you still have it.”


“So what movie do you want to watch?” Belle asked Ric during his lunch break. She was still in her school uniform, but had left early because she didn’t have her assignment completed.

“We can decide tonight,” Ric said. “Shouldn’t you be at home?”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Belle asked, feigning hurt.

“No,” Ric said. “Just don’t want to get you into trouble.”

“You aren’t,” She replied. “I hate school, can’t wait to get out. I’m thinking of dropping at the end of the year. Taking on an apprenticeship.”

“Really,” Ric replied, incredulously. “Taking after your boyfriend, eh?” Belle laughed happily as he pulled her towards him.

“Well,” she replied, kissing him on the lips. “You are doing really well.” Ric leaned in for a longer kiss before someone shouted behind him.

“Sorry mate,” his boss called. “Lunch break is over, we have a lot of work on this car.”

“Alright Boss,” Ric said, Belle groaning as she picked up her school bag.

“I’ll see you tonight,” she said. Ric kissed her again goodbye before heading back into the garage.

Surf Club

“So what’s going on between you and Lucas there?” Henry asked Matilda.

“What do you mean?” She replied, knowing he was trying to ask her since he laid eyes on the pair of them.

“I mean,” Henry said, taking another shot. “What’s going on between you and Lucas there?” Matilda laughed.

“It’s a bit complicated,” she said. “A lot happened last year, but we’re good friends now.”

“Friends?” Henry asked, unconvinced. “Oh right, you mean for now.” Matilda laughed at him, giving him a greasy.

“No, that’s not what I meant!” She retorted.

“Whatever,” Henry said. “What has been going on with you anyway? I hardly know anymore.”

“Maybe you should visit more,” Matilda replied.

“What am I doing now?” Henry asked defensively. “I’m sorry Tilly, I felt really bad leaving when I did. I know you were going through hell with Callum.”

“It’s okay,” Matilda replied. “That was ages ago anyway.”

“What was ages ago?” Lucas asked as he came back, with three juices.

“Thanks mate,” Henry said, taking it from him. “You wanna play now?”

“We need one more,” Matilda said.

“I’m in,” a voice said behind her. She turned to see Belle, as she smiled at Henry and Lucas.

“Right,” Matilda said. “Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“Shouldn’t you?” Belle retorted.

“Actually yes,” Matilda replied. “You coming Lucas?”

“Um, yeah,” he said, reluctantly. “See you later.”

“Bye,” Belle said cheerfully. “Looks like it’s just you and me” Henry smiled, handing over his cue stick.


“She just irritates me okay?” Matilda explained to Lucas, as they were leaving together at the end of the day.

“Yeah okay,” he said. “She doesn’t seem that bad though.”

“Right, whatever,” she replied, before crying “Oh no.” The contents of her bag spilled on the floor as the seam in her pouch had ripped. She bent over clumsily, trying to pick it all up without everyone stepping on it. Lucas bent down to help her, their hands entangled as they tried to retrieve everything. Matilda laughed embarrassed, as Lucas gazed at her face caringly. She felt her face becoming flustered at her composition and clumsiness. “Thanks.”

“It’s okay,” Lucas said gently, as he stood up and put out his hand. She accepted it after a moment’s hesitation.

“Clumsy me,” she said, shrugging the moment off, her hand still in his. Lucas could only smile, before finally letting go of her hand. He held onto half of her books, helping her carrying them home.

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Here we go:

Part 5

Hunter House

“Where’s Henry?” Matilda asked Beth, walking into the kitchen.

“I was going to ask you Sweety,” Beth replied. “Look Matilda, I have a late shift tonight, I’m covering for one of the workers. And Tony is at a meeting with Sally and Barry, I think he said it would be late. Dinner’s in the oven, just heat it up when you want it.”

“Okay Mum,” Matilda said, heading back towards her room. She wondered where Henry had got to, assuming he must’ve run into his old friends.

Surf Club

“Shoot,” Belle said, catching the time on the clock. “I’m meeting Ric in an hour.”

“It’s an hour,” Henry said. “You can’t be going that far.”

“I’m still in my uniform!” She cried, taking out her wallet and shoving some notes into his hands, for the drinks. “Thanks for hanging out with me.” She smiled, before leaving him.

“No worries,” he said, as she practically ran out.

“Hey Henry,” Tasha said as she and Robbie approached him. “Can we join you?”

“Sure,” he replied. “Where’s the little squirt?”

“Kim’s offered to baby-sit tonight so that we have the night off,” Robbie replied. “You have dinner already?”

“Nah,” Henry replied, taking out his mobile. “I’ll join you. Let me give mum a call.”

(Outside) Beach House

“Hey, I am so sorry for taking so long!” Belle apologised as she hopped into Ric’s car. She gave him a quick kiss before buckling her seat belt.

“It’s okay,” Ric said. “What happened?”

“I was at the Surf Club,” she explained. “Lost track of time.”

“Who were you with?” He asked, as he drove out of the driveway.

“Lucas, Matilda, and Henry,” she replied.

“Matilda?” Ric asked surprised.

“Yeah, she didn’t stay long after I came though.”

“Ah okay,” Ric said. “Good to know you are getting along with Luke and getting to know Henry. He used to be one of my best mates before he left. Good guy.”

“Yeah,” Belle agreed, looking out of her window. She smiled. “He seems like one.”

“I’m starving,” Ric said. “Is it okay that we grab dinner at the diner first?”

“Sure,” Belle replied.

Hunter House

“Okay Henry,” Matilda said, on the phone. “Bye.” She placed down the receiver and told Lucas that Henry was having dinner with Tasha and Robbie. “Looks like it’s just you and me.”

“Yeah,” Lucas said, smiling. “I’ll get the food ready.”

“Ta,” Matilda replied, grabbing a couple of plates from the cupboard. Not after returning his smile though.

Surf Club

“Jack?” Robbie said. “Well, Jack’s a great guy all round.”

“Yeah,” Tasha agreed. “So is Tony.”

“His been good for mum,” Robbie added. “The Holdens are a good bunch.”

“Ah okay,” Henry said, tucking into his beef.

“They sure are,” Beth said, approaching the table smiling.

“Hey mum,” Henry greeted her. “Didn’t know you were working tonight.”

“Last minute call,” Beth explained. “You kids enjoy your dinner. Did you let Mattie know you weren’t coming back?”

“Yep,” Henry replied. “Thanks Ma.”

“So how is performing?” Tasha asked, politely.

“Yeah, good,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun. I love it.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Tasha asked, giggling. Henry laughed.

“Nah,” he said. “I had one but she left for a gig overseas. Nothing serious.”

“Maybe if you get one in the Bay you’ll stick around,” Robbie said, both Henry and Tasha laughed.

Hunter House

“Hey Luke?” Matilda said, knocking and entering his room after dinner.

“Yeah, hey!” He said, turning around to see her. His chest was bare; in his hands were some clothes. “Sorry, was just about to take a shower.” Matilda just stared at him, before realising.

“Sorry,” she said embarrassed, flushing.

“It’s okay,” he said, smiling.

“Yeah,” She said, her smile growing.

“Um…” Lucas started, after she had not said anything. “What’s up Tilly?”

“Oh,” She stuttered. “Um, not much,” before turning and leaving. Lucas looked on amused at her leaving so quickly. He shook his head, before walking out after her. Matilda was in the middle of the living room before she realised what an idiot of herself she had made, not even asking him what she had gone into the room to ask. She turned around and headed back towards his room, just as he opened the door and collided into him.

“Oh! Sorry Luke,” she said, laughing and flushing as her hands landed on his bare chest. She pulled them away suddenly. “Sorry. Again”

“It’s okay,” Lucas said, gently. “Again.” They smiled at each other, Lucas starting to feel his heart flutter at her beautiful face. He reached his hand out and stroke her cheek softly, while she grew more embarrassed. “It’s okay.”

He leaned in slowly, afraid that if he moved any faster he would hurt her delicate lips, pressing his onto hers affectionately. He felt her stop breathing as their lips touch. He pulled back after a moment that seemed like hours, and smiled sweetly at her. Her eyes grew with intensity as she pulled him in for a harder kiss, colliding her body against his. He felt her mouth open as his tongue began to explore its depths. Her hands ran along his chest, as his body grew hard against hers. She pushed him back, towards his room and onto his bed. He pulled her on top of him. He ran his hands desperately over her back, underneath her top, trying to pull her closer to him. Wanting to explore her skin, her body, her soul. He felt her hands run lower, running over his pants. She felt his stiffness as he groaned, before starting to unbuckle his belt.

Matilda grasped desperately, trying to free Lucas of his pants, but struggled as she met some resistance. Confused, she broke her kiss, looking to see what the problem was. Lucas had started to push her away, halting their moment. He looked at her intently, trying to explain.

“Tilly, maybe,” he started. He was unable to form the words. Matilda started to grow frustratingly nervous. “Maybe we shouldn’t, I don’t think it’s right…” He muttered at her incoherently, still trying to find the words. Her eyes flashed with both hurt and rejection before nodding, pulling herself off him and running out his room.

“No Matilda,” Lucas cried, trying to run after her. “I didn’t mean…Just wait!” But he was unable to chase her as he tried to redo his belt and pull on a shirt. She was out of sight by the time he got to the door. He ran out helplessly, unsure where to look.


“That was great Irene,” Belle said as she handed money over to Irene, after her and Ric had finished their pasta.

“No worries darl,” she replied. “It’s on the house.”

“Thanks Irene,” Ric said gratefully, pulling Belle outside. His arm wrapped around her waist. “Any idea what you want to see yet?”

“Mmm,” Belle said, stopping him. Running her hands through his hair and bringing him closer to her before whispering into his ear. “Let’s skip the movie and go back to my place.” Ric smiled sneakily at her, and leaned in to kiss her. He was disrupted by the sound of running as he turned around to see Matilda run past, unmistakably in a mess. He pulled away from Belle.

“Mattie,” he called. Belle looked on in concern. “I’ll be right back.”

Belle looked on helplessly as he ran after her. She waited for about ten minutes and saw him walking back towards her. He shrugged.

“I couldn’t find her,” he explained. Taking out his phone, he dialled her number. “Message bank.”

“Look Ric,” Belle said. “Why don’t you leave her a message, asking if she is okay? Maybe she wants to be alone.” Ric nodded.

“Yeah okay,” he said, his face still with worry. “What if she needs me?”

“Leave your phone on then,” she said. “Come on.” They both headed towards his car. As he was unlocking the doors, his mind was still wondering.

“Look Belle,” he started. “Maybe we should take a rain check on tonight.”

“What?!” Belle exclaimed. “Ric, Mattie will call you if she needs you. You can’t go chasing her everywhere.”

“I don’t know,” he said. Belle sighed, furiously.

“Fine,” she said. “I’ll walk home.”

“Wait Belle,” he said. “Come on I’ll drive.”

“No,” she said. “Go after your more important girlfriend.” Ric did not try to change her mind as he watched her stalk off.


Matilda sat on the deck, her legs over the edge, crying helplessly. She felt so stupid and humiliated about what had happened. She felt worse that she had run off without letting him explain but she could not handle the rejection after putting herself in that position. Considering what happened last year, she did not know how he felt about her. Maybe he did not want to risk it happening again. Maybe she should not have gone that far. She heard footsteps coming from behind her, knowing they would be Ric’s. She felt guilty for not stopping when he ran after her but she could not face him and especially not Belle in that state. She sniffed noisily before looking up, but was mortified to see it was Lucas.

“Hey,” he said softly. She looked at him, before wiping her tears, determined not to let him see her any more undignified than she was already. She got up to leave, but he held her down, not letting her go. She looked into his eyes, losing herself again in their strength.


Sorry to leave it like that, i'll try put more up later.

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Thanks Tasha7905. Here's the next bit.

Part 6


“Look Tilly,” Lucas said softly, but Matilda stopped him. She shook her head.

“No,” she said. “I’m sorry Lucas. I should not have reacted that way. I should’ve thought about how you’d feel. I should’ve known you wouldn’t have wanted to sleep with me after what happened last time. I shouldn’t have run out on you. I know – ”

“Shh!” Lucas stopped her, she was rambling uncontrollably. “No Tilly, it’s not like that.” She looked at him confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Lucas said. “I wanted to tell you this before but I couldn’t find the right words. It’s not that I didn’t want it. God, I wanted it more than anything. But I didn’t just want sex Matilda, I wanted you as well. I wanted us. I couldn’t sleep with you without letting you know that, especially because of last year. I couldn’t do that to you again, or to us.” Matilda’s heart lifted at his smile, his sincerity.

“You mean that?” She asked timidly.

“Yeah,” he said, holding her hand. “I do. I haven’t changed the way I’ve felt about you.” Matilda nodded, as she squeezed his hands. Her smile widened.

“So…” she said. “You want us to be together, properly?”

“Yeah,” he replied, nodding. “I do.”

“As in, a couple right?” Matilda said, making sure. “As in, exclusive?” Lucas laughed.

“Of course silly,” he said. He leaned over and kissed her gently, feeling her hand pull his face closer as their kiss deepened. His arms travelled around her waist, pulling her body towards his.

Surf Club

“Well, I might head home now,” Henry said, getting up. He had stayed at the Surf Club for at least most of the day and was ready to leave.

“Alrighty,” Robbie said, before turning to Tasha. “We should go and see if Joey has been giving Kimberly any strife.” She giggled.

“It was good catching up with you again Henry,” she said. “We should do it again.”

“Yeah it was good,” Henry said. “See you later guys.”

He decided to walk along the beach before he headed home, missing that part of the bay most. He saw up ahead somebody sitting, leaning on his or her raised knees. As he walked closer he saw that she was staring out into the water, clearly upset. Belle felt Henry sit down next to her and sighed.

“Movie not great?” He asked.

“Yeah it was fabulous,” she replied sarcastically. When he didn’t say anything, she decided not to be too self-pitying towards him. He wasn’t the one who she was mad at anyway. “Actually, Ric and I didn’t end up seeing it.” Henry looked at her, confused, but he did not push her for any information. “Ric wanted to run after your sister. Again”

“Ah,” Henry said. “This again. Are you sure he is actually going after her? The last I heard, they decided to never be more than just friends.”

“Well, no. I mean literally, he ran after her,” Belle explained. “She was upset, and he couldn’t find her. Then wasn’t in the mood to hang out with me anymore.”

“She was upset?” Henry asked, concerned.

“Yeah, sorry Henry,” Belle said. “I know she’s your sister. God, you probably think I’m a monster. I did care she was upset. I was fine with him going after her, but he couldn’t find her. I told him if she needed she would call him. It was just, just the way he reacted afterwards. His night was over, our night was over. It’s like she matters more to him than me. And I know that’s selfish because they are best friends and I’m only his girlfriend.”

“You aren’t a monster,” Henry said. “You’re right, you’re his girlfriend. I wouldn’t expect anyone to feel any better. Ric shouldn’t have done what he did, but Ric doesn’t think first. He is probably regretting it now anyway. Maybe you should just sleep on it, you’ll feel better.” Belle sighed.

“Yeah, maybe,” she said desolately. She turned to him. “Thanks Henry.”

“Its alright,” he said, smiling. He stood up and pulled her up with him. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.” She smiled as the pair of them walked off.

Caravan Park

Ric hung up again, as it was the fifth time he reached Matilda’s message bank. She wasn’t picking up. He sighed before catching a glimpse of the photograph of him and Belle on his bedside table. He groaned, and found her name in his mobile, realising what an A-Grade jerk he had been. It rung twice before he heard her voice.

“Hey, you’ve reached Belle. Leave a message.” He groaned, sick of voicemails.

“Hey Belle, it’s Ric,” he started. “I’m sorry about tonight, please call me back. Take care.” He stared at his phone before he locked the keypad and sprawled back on his bed.

Beach House

“You not going to answer that?” Henry asked, as Belle stared at her ringing mobile. She sighed, pressing the Cancel button.

“Thanks for walking me home,” she said. “I don’t really want to talk to Ric at the moment.”

“Well,” Henry said. “You should.” Belle looked at him, unimpressed.

“I will,” she said. “Tomorrow.” Henry raised up his hands in defeat, especailly at her tone.

“Alright!” He said. “Well good night.”

“Night Henry,” she said, smiling.

“Night,” he said.


Matilda finally broke off her kiss from Lucas, after what seemed like hours. She smiled at him, as she saw him lean in to kiss her again. She giggled.

“We should head back before Mum or Tony come home,” she said. “Don’t know what time it is.”

“Good point,” he said, before leaning in again to kiss her. The kiss grew stronger before Matilda finally forced him off.

“Enough!” she cried, laughing. “Come on.” She dragged him up and the two of them walked home, arm in arm. She hadn’t felt this happy in so long and her heart was floating. Lucas bent over and kissed her lightly on the side of her head, unbelievably ecstatic that he finally had her.

Hunter House

Beth looked annoyed in the direction of Matilda’s room, where she could hear her daughter’s ring tone. She slammed her phone down, irritated and worried at why Matilda was not home, and why she did not have her mobile with her.

“Look Beth,” Tony said. “Maybe she’s with Ric.”

“I saw him earlier,” she said. “He was with Belle.” Henry looked at his mother, perhaps he should’ve told her that he ran spent the last hour before he came home with Belle and that she was certainly not with Ric. Before he could, Tony got up.

“I’ll wake Lucas up and ask him,” he said, heading towards Lucas’ door. Before he left, he heard footsteps outside. “That’s probably her now.” Matilda walked into her the house, with Lucas behind her, looking worryingly at her mother’s face.

“Hi guys,” she said. “What’s going on?”

“Well, I could ask you both the same question,” Tony said. “What are you doing out so late? And you, Lucas? I thought you were in bed” Matilda and Lucas looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“I wasn’t feeling very well,” she said. “Lucas was just checking up on me.”

“It’s 1AM Matilda!” Beth exclaimed.

“I know Mum,” Matilda said. “But, we lost track of time. We’re sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she said, sighing. “Just bring your phone next time. You should head to bed now.”

“Okay,” Matilda said, still uncomfortable. She looked at Lucas before looking at Beth and Tony again.

“We kinda,” Lucas started. “It’s just, we wanted to tell you something.”

“What’s wrong?” Beth said, worried.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Matilda said. Looking again nervously at Lucas before smiling. She opened her mouth to try and explain but Henry injected.

“Oh my god,” he said. “You two are so on together.” Matilda and Lucas blinked at Henry.

“Henry!” Matilda cried.

“What?” Henry asked, innocently. “Tell me it’s not true.” When Matilda and Lucas didn’t say anything, both Beth and Tony knew it was true.

“Wait a minute,” Beth said. “You two are together?”

“Yeah,” Matilda said, nodding and Lucas. They smiled. “Yeah, we are. We just wanted to tell you.”

“Well,” Tony said, breaking the silence. “Good on you, hope it works out for you kids.”

“Yes same,” Beth said, unsure how to feel about her teenage daughter dating somebody who lived in the same house. Especially her partner’s son. “Now off to bed.” Before adding, “Separately.” Matilda laughed, and without a word went for the bathroom.

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Next Part:

This bit is kinda a filler, bear with me :P

Part 7

Hunter House

“I heard you were upset before,” Matilda heard Henry say from the floor. She was staring at her ceiling, happily as she was too awake to sleep. She frowned at his comment.

“How did you know about that?” She asked, curious.

“Never you mind,” he said. “Well, what was wrong?”

“Well, never you mind!” She replied. “Tell me how you know!”

“No,” he said flatly.

“Fine!” she said.

“Fine!” The pair of them lay awake in silence before Matilda finally spoke.

“It was about Lucas,” she said finally, letting him win. “But he found me and we sorted it out and we’re together.”

“Yeah,” Henry said. “What’s with that? You never told me your history.”

“It’s complicated Henry,” she said. “Anyway, I’m not really in the mood to go back into it. It was really hard.”

“We never keep secrets,” Henry protested.

“As if!” Matilda exclaimed, and then lowered her voice, realising it was almost two. “We would keep secrets all the time when we were younger.”

“Very unsuccessfully,” Henry pointed out.

“I guess so,” Matilda said, defeated. “I will tell you, but not tonight. I promise.”

“Okay,” Henry said. “Get some sleep Mattie.”

Henry was slumped asleep, his head hanging off the mattress on the floor, his mouth wide open. A dull thudding echoed in his mind, then stopped. A couple of minutes later, that thudding became louder. He finally jerked awake, unsure of where he was. He heard a rapid knock at the window, he realised he was in Matilda’s room. He got up, his head still dizzy, and walked towards the window. He opened it to find Ric outside, with a shocked look on his face to see Henry.

“Ric?” Henry whispered. “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for Mattie,” Ric said. “What are you doing?”

“Sleeping,” Henry mumbled, before disappearing from the window. A minute later, Matilda came up to the window, her face confused.

“Ric?” She whispered. “What are you doing?”

“Just wanted to talk to you,” he said in reply. She groaned, hoisting herself clumsily over the ledge, as Ric helped her down. She caught sight of an already-asleep Henry on the floor, as she touched the ground.

“Ric, what’s wrong?” She said, concerned. “The last time you came over like this was when you found out about Flynn.”

“Nah, its nothing like that,” he said, quietly. “Are you okay? I saw you running past earlier. Just checking on you.”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Sorry about that. It was Luke.” She explained to him what had happened, and by the end of it both her and Ric were both smiling happily.

“Well, I’m happy for you Mattie,” he said, sweeping her in for a hug. “You deserve it.” They stood for a moment, looking up at the stars. Matilda looked at Ric, surveying him.

“What’s bothering you?” She asked. When he gave her a confused look, she rolled her eyes. “Oh please, I can tell something else is up. Something else you wanted to talk about. You did not come to see if I was okay.” Ric sighed.

“I think I messed things up with Belle royally,” he finally said. When he told her what happened, Matilda nodded at him.

“Yep,” she said. “Belle would not have liked that.”

“Gee,” he replied. “You reckon? Any more sympathy?”

“Look Ric,” she said. “Sleep on it. Chances are, she’ll be cool by tomorrow. If you really can’t sleep, why don’t you go see her now?”

“I don’t know,” Ric said, looking down. “Bit late.”

“You’re here now though,” she pointed out. Ric shrugged.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he finally said.

“Do you love her?” Matilda asked curiously. Ric paused, thinking.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I really like her, I don’t want to rush it. I want to mean it when I say it.” Matilda nodded. She pulled him in for a last hug before climbing back into her room.

Beach House

“Hey girlie,” Irene quirked as Belle walked down the stairs half asleep. “You look like you need a coffee.” She grumbled, pulling her bag over her shoulders. “Not enough sleep?”

“No,” she said flatly. Irene frowned.

“Young Josephine slept like a dream last night,” she said. “Something bothering you?”

“Teenager stuff Irene,” she said.

“Right,” Irene replied. “Well, you make sure you sort it out with Ric, won’t you?” Belle rolled her eyes at Irene’s spot-on assumption.

Hunter House

“Wow, it’s good to see you two finally up,” Beth quipped, as both Matilda and Henry stumbled out of Matilda’s room.

“Where’s Lucas?” Matilda asked, looking at the time.

“He left for Uni,” Beth replied. “No classes today?”

“Naw,” she replied sleepily.

“Do I need to go over the rules of what goes on under this roof Matilda?” Beth asked, causing Matilda to groan. Henry wasn’t too far behind her.

“Mum,” he complained. “Can’t you wait until I’m gone before you give Matilda the sex-talk? I really don’t want to think about it.” Beth sighed.

“Well, I trust you both know what is right,” she said finally. Matilda felt her insides flinch with guilt. Beth had no idea what had happened last year between the two of them. Henry saw her look, and smirked.

“I’m off now,” Beth said, grabbing her bag from the counter. “You two enjoy your day.” The two sat in silence before Henry finally turned coyly at his sister.

“You two have so done it,” Henry accused her. “Don’t even deny it.” Matilda looked up alarmed and shocked.

“What?” She replied, incredulously.

“Come off it,” he said. “I saw that look.”

“We haven’t since we’ve been together,” Matilda said, defending herself. “Last year, we might’ve. But we only got together last night and we didn’t.” Henry looked alarmed at her.

“You slept with him before you were together?” Henry asked.

“Yeah,” she said, softly.

“Did he come on to you?” Henry asked, his temper rising.

“What? It was mutual!” Matilda said, noticing his mood. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” Henry said. “I’ve seen what guys do to girls. They play them around, not caring about how they are left feeling. I don’t want to hear that you were as hurt as some people I’ve seen.” Matilda sat in silence. “You have been, haven’t you? He played you!”

“No, he didn’t,” Matilda, forcefully. “I told you, we were both confused and it was a hard time. We were both hurt. It was complicated. There’s more to it. Just let it go, Henry. We’ve come such a long way, I don’t want that ruined. We’re finally together.” Henry looked at her amazed.

“Alright,” he said, calmly. This caused her to look at him suspiciously.

“What are you planning?” She cried.

“Nothing!” He said. “I’m fine. You’re happy. That’s good. Eat.”


“Hey Irene,” Belle said, during her lunch break.

“Hi there Darl,” She replied. “You talk to Ric yet?”

“No,” she said, clearly bothered by it. “What am I supposed to do when my boyfriend keeps running after another girl, Irene?”

“Oh sweetie,” Irene said. “Now you listen to me, Ric adores you. Don’t let jealousy cloud that. Him and Mattie are just good friends.”

“I know,” Belle said, groaning. “So everybody keeps telling me.” Irene looked at the entrance to see Ric appear.

“Well,” she said, indicating towards him. “Here’s your chance now.”

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Thanks :)

EDIT: Oops, might want to add a warning. There may be content that is offensive to some people.

Part 8

Outside (Diner)

“I’m sorry,” Ric said finally, as the pair walked towards the school. “I really am.”

“Yeah,” Belle said. “I believe you, I know you are sorry. But it really hurt me, it always does. I know Matilda means a lot to you, I can accept that, but when it comes to her I suddenly become nothing.”

“That’s not true Belle,” Ric said.

“Isn’t it?” She contested. “I suddenly don’t exist. I’ve accepted that she’s like your family. But if it were Martha you were worried about, and let’ s admit that does happen a lot, you don’t switch off and I’m suddenly not your girlfriend anymore.” Ric wanted to protest but then nodded, with acceptance of what she said.

“I’m sorry Belle,” Ric said. “I’ll change. I just don’t want to lose you okay?”

“Okay,” Belle said. “I don’t want to lose you either.”

“Come here,” Ric said, pulling her close. “We have so much fun together, let’s not fight.” Belle snuggled against his chest, sighing happily.

Hunter House

“I need a job,” Henry said, out of boredom. Matilda walked to the couch, with popcorn in her hands, handing it to Henry. She was still in her pyjamas, too lazy to get dressed.

“Ask Mum,” Matilda said. “Or apply at the Diner.”

“Yeah maybe,” he replied. “I might go a bit later.”

“Hey,” Lucas greeted from the door. He walked over and smiled at the pair of them. Matilda smiled back widely, her heart leaping at his presence.

“Finished?” She asked, and he nodded. “Do you want to join us for a movie?”

“Sure,” he said, walking towards the other side of the couch, next to Matilda. Henry got up suddenly, pushing the popcorn into Matilda’s lap.

“I might go find that job now,” he said. Matilda looked at him in bewilderment as he walked towards her room, as Lucas shrugged in surprise.

“Did I do something?” He asked her quietly, which in reply she could only shake her head. Henry left minutes later, without as much as a word. Lucas noticed Matilda’s worried face and pulled his arm around her shoulders.

“His probably alright,” he said comforting. She smiled and rested her head against his shoulders, while he stroke her arm affectionately.


“Hi Henry,” Irene greeted cheerfully. “I heard you were back in town. How you doing?”

“Good thanks Irene,” he replied. “I’m sticking around for a while actually, I was wondering if you needed some help around here.”

“Yeah, sure darl,” Irene replied. “Actually, with Belle always changing and pulling out of shifts we do need someone stable. Speak of the devil.” Belle came rushing in, with Ric right behind her.

“Hey Irene,” she said. “I forgot my wallet earlier.”

“Silly girl,” Irene mused, pulling her wallet from under the bench. “I was going to take it home. Here.” She handed it over to her, and Belle took it gratefully, catching sight of Henry.

“Thanks,” she said, turning towards him. “Hey.”

“Hey,” he replied, nodding towards Ric. “Sorted things out I see.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied, smiling. “Thanks again for last night.”

“No worries,” he said, smiling back at her. “See you round.”

“Yeah, bye,” she said, walking out. Henry gave a last glance in her direction just as she looked back at him. She smiled at him again when she caught his gaze, before disappearing out the door.

Hunter House

“Are you asleep Tilly?” Lucas said, chuckling. He was lying on his bed, with Matilda in his arms but apart from her gentle breathing she had not moved a muscle.

“No,” she said gently. “I’m just tired!” He continued to stroke her hair, unable to believe how content the pair of them were. She lifted her head and pulled herself over him, pressing her head against his. Smiling, she leant down to kiss him sweetly, their tongues entangling in a dance that only they knew.


“Hey Ric,” Henry said, walking by the garage to see Ric sitting on crate having a break.

“Hey Henry,” he said. “Sorry about last night.”

“Oh that,” Henry said. “Yeah, I thought it was a dream actually.” Ric laughed. Henry stood awkwardly for a moment in silence. “Hey, what happened to Mattie last year?”

“What?” Ric asked, surprised.

“What’s the deal,” Henry said. “With her and Lucas. I know they slept together but weren’t a couple.”

“You should probably ask Matilda that,” Ric replied.

“Well, I’m asking you,” Henry said, sternly. “And I want you to tell me.”

“Sorry Henry,” Ric said, sympathetically. “I know you care about her but I can’t betray her trust like that.”

“Right,” Henry said, frustrated. “What’s with you and Tilly anyway? I know you’re friends but geez, you’d even snub your girlfriend off for her.”

“Sorry?” Ric said, taken back by Henry’s outburst. “Why do you have a sudden objection to our friendship? You should be glad she had someone looking out for her. And how did you know about me and Belle?”

“Whatever Ric,” Henry said, walking off. “Don’t start asking questions when you won’t answer any in the first place.” Ric stared at him in absolute shock, unsure of how he was meant to respond to Henry’s behaviour.

Hunter House

Matilda rolled over on her back, causing Lucas to roll on top of her. She could feel his heavy breathing on her skin, as his hands continued to caress her. He stroke he face lightly. He was being gentle, treating her body with such delicacy. She pulled him closer, pulling his lips to hers. Pressing harder against them. She ran her hands under the back of his shirt, feeling the smoothness of his back. Slowly, she began to pull his top up, taking it off him. He stared at her with such intensity, sending shivers down her spine and to places where she needed him most.

“Tilly,” he whispered. She looked at him inquiringly. “Are you sure about this?” She smiled and nodded, pulling him closer to her, as they continued to explore each other completely.

Moments later, their breathing became haggard, both desperately gasping. Their heartbeats raced each other, their hands holding on for dear life. Matilda and Lucas wanted every part of their bodies to be entwined together, combining them as one. Lucas groaned as he felt himself inside of her, exploring all her secrets. He felt her sigh and breathing heavily under him, as she moaned at the intensity. Their breaths grew shorter, their hearts raced faster. Both of them toppling over the edge of their euphoria together, before falling into a heap, their arms and legs still entangled.


“Howdy stranger,” Belle called to Henry, distracting him of his thoughts.

“Hey there,” he replied, stopping to see her walking up to him, her bag over her shoulders and shoes in her hands. She had obviously come from school. “How are things?”

“Too early to tell,” she said. “But good I hope. What about you? You seemed a bit lost in thought just then.” Henry shook it off.

“It’s nothing,” he said. “Just wondering what the big deal with Matilda and Lucas was last year.”

“Ah,” Belle said. “Whatever it was, it seemed pretty serious. Ric never told me, I guess I never asked, but she was a bit of a mess just as Ric and I got together. You should just ask her, she’s your twin after all.”

“She doesn’t want me to know yet,” he said self-pityingly.

“Don’t you think that maybe if she doesn’t want you to know, you should wait until she does?” Henry sighed.

“Maybe,” he muttered. Belle laughed, shaking her head. “What?”

“You’re just as stubborn as I am,” she quipped. “Everyone tells you the same thing, but you just can’t accept it.”

“That’s because what they tell you is ****,” he pointed out.

“Agreed,” she said, nodding as they walked towards their homes.

Hunter House

“Is Matilda or Henry home Lucas?” Tony asked him as he got home. Lucas shook his head, he was obviously in a very different place. Tony smiled slyly at him. “So you and Matilda, eh? I always thought there was a lot of tension there.”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling. “I’m glad we’re finally together. I’ve never felt this way about anybody before.”

“Well you enjoy it,” Tony said, ruffling his son’s hair. “I’m happy for the two of you.”


“So…” Ric prompted, it was obvious Matilda wanted to say something. She smiled broadly.

“It was incredible Ric,” she said.

“Okay,” Ric said, a bit sceptical. “Too much information maybe?”

“No,” Matilda replied, laughing. “I mean, not the sex itself. Well yeah, that was incredible too. But the emotional side of it was. Last time it was purely physical attraction and great vibes and tension.” She paused, looking at Ric. “This time there was so much caring and just being close to each other. It was really…Incredible.” She laughed at her own giddiness.

“I’m glad he finally got his act together,” Ric said. “Well you actually, seeing as he has been madly in love with you for almost a year.” Matilda smiled coyly at him.

“How did things go with Belle?” She asked him.

“Good, good,” he replied. “I apologised to her.” He then remembered something from earlier. “Actually, somehow Henry knew about it. Did you tell him?”

“No,” Matilda replied, confused. “What did he say?”

“Not much,” Ric said. “He just mentioned it. Actually he was trying to probe me about you and Lucas more than anything else?”

“He what?!” Matilda asked, her eyebrows raised. She sighed. “It’s probably what I said this morning. I’m going to go have a chat to him about that now!” Ric laughed, seeing Matilda stalk off, he was not envious of Henry at the moment.

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I haven't had time to check over it, sorry about any mistakes! I'll edit it later if it's needed.

Part 9

Hunter House

“Where’s Henry?” Matilda asked, storming into the house to find Lucas making a sandwich. When he shrugged, she let out a growl with frustration causing Lucas to laugh.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, seeing her in this state.

“He is!” She said. “He is probing into something I asked him not to probe into.” Lucas looked at her in confusion, and decided that Matilda was in one of those moods that he didn’t want to get caught in the middle of. Instead he looked passed her and saw Henry entering.

“Well, there you go,” he said, smiling. Matilda turned to see Henry, oblivious to the fact that she was fuming.

“Henry Hunter!” She shrieked. “I need to talk to you.” Henry looked at her amused, two seconds later Belle looked in with the same amused face.

“Oh dear Henry,” she commented playfully. “Your Royal Highness looks like she is going to give you a royal hiding.” Matilda’s face darkened.

“What are you doing with her?” she asked softly, through gritted teeth.

“What’s it to you?” Henry shot back.

“I need to talk to you,” she said sternly, before giving Belle a dirty look. “Privately.” Henry looked her up and down, recognising her state as the same one she was in when she found out that he had broken her Cabbage-Patch doll.

“I’ll pass,” he said. “Thanks for walking me home Belle.” He rushed off into Matilda’s room, ignoring her shocked expression. Belle opened her mouth but Matilda stared at her warningly.

“Don’t even think about starting,” she said, before walking off after Henry. Belle looked at Lucas, who couldn’t help but give out a laugh. Especially after hearing Matilda yell out, “What the hell, Henry?!” at her locked door.

“Lucas let me go!” Matilda cried, as he pulled her down onto his bed, holding her tightly. “I need to talk to Henry.”

“You’re really cute when you’re angry,” he said, sniggering. Then kissed her on the top of her head. She was still in a bad mood about being locked out of her own room but felt calmed by Lucas’ grasp.

“Whatever,” she muttered. He laughed, stroking her hair.

“What did he do anyway?” He asked, curiously. She sighed, groaning.

“He was asking Ric about last year,” she said. “About us. Even though I told him I wasn’t ready to go into that yet.” Lucas remained silent for a while.

“Oh,” he said. She looked up at him, he looked clearly upset.

“Luke?” She asked concerned.

“Sorry Tilly,” he said. “It’s just the way you talk about it. It was such a huge ordeal. Every time it comes up I remember what you went through.”

“Aw Luke,” she said, climbing over him. “I told you to stop feeling bad.” He smiled at her, her face pressed against his.

“I can’t help it,” he said. She kissed him quickly, causing him to smile.

“Cheer up,” she said. “If you do, I’ll give you a reward,” She added seductively before kissing him again, more deeply.

“What were you doing in Lucas’ room?” Beth asked, trying to sound casual but not succeeding. Matilda rolled her eyes.

“Ask Henry,” she said, walking past to grab a drink. Tony and Beth were preparing dinner as Lucas and Matilda walked into the kitchen. “He locked me out.”

“Um, I’d like to,” Beth started, looking at Tony. “I mean, we’d like to have a word to you two about your relationship.” Tony looked at her, not impressed at being dragged into this.

“Sure,” Lucas said.

“Well,” Beth said. “We would like to think we can trust you two. But is it okay if you kept your rooms open if the pair of you are in there together?”

“Mum,” Matilda said. “Lucas is 20, and I’m 18. I’ll be 19 later this year. I think we’re both a little bit old for this.”

“Well, I mean, of course,” Beth said, looking desperately at Tony. “But – ”

“We trust you,” Tony said. “Just be good.” Matilda laughed at Beth’s alarmed face.

“Relax mum,” she said, handing her a glass.

“Right,” Beth said, taking it from her.

Beach House

“Try this,” Belle said, feeding Ric a mouthful of pasta. She was cooking dinner tonight as Irene would be back late.

“Mmm,” he said. “It’s good.”

“I know!” She replied happily. He came up behind her and put his arms swiftly around her waist.

“You’re in a good mood,” he said. Then kissing her slowly on the neck.

“Ric!” She protested, giggling.

“When’s Irene getting home?” He asked her, seductively.

“About seven,” she replied. “I’m cooking!”

“Ah,” he said, stretching his hand forward to turn off the stove. “Not anymore, you aren’t.”

Surf Club

“Hi Martha,” Belle said, with Ric behind her. “Can we please have a large serve of pasta to go?”

“Sure,” she replied. “I would’ve thought you’d want to take some from the diner though.”

“Oh well,” Belle said, looking at Ric. “We were actually meant to cook dinner for Irene but Ric made the pasta burn.”

“You weren’t complaining,” Ric said, sneakily. Martha raised her eyebrows at the pair of them.

“Gross Ric,” Martha said, as the pair of them laughed quietly. “I really don’t want to know.” Henry sat close to the counter, and was able to hear what was being said. He looked at Belle and Ric, and was glad that she was happy. But like Martha, did not want to know about what they got up to in the bedroom.

“I’m surprised you’re working so soon,” Belle commented.

“Ah, I’m making an honest man of Jack,” she replied, laughing. “I ain’t going to be no housewife! He can stay home with the bub. Actually, it’s my first shift back. I’m only doing two a week so we have a little extra money. Hospital bills aren’t cheap.”

“That sucks,” Ric said. “Take it easy though.”

Before they left, Belle spotted Henry sitting by himself.

“Hey Henry,” she said. “You hiding from Matilda? Or have you found out what Miss Bossy was so cut up about?”

“Nah I didn’t stick around to find out,” he said. “When she finally left for Lucas’ room I made a dash for it.” Belle laughed, and then noticed Ric looking slightly uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong Ric?” she asked.

“What?” He replied. “Nothing, nothing. Let’s go.” Henry finally clicked.

“You told her!” He accused.

“What?” Ric asked.

“That’s why she’s mad at me,” he said, feeling his temper rise as Ric did not defend himself. “You really need to keep out of me and Matilda’s life okay? What are you jealous that now I’m back, Matilda won’t need her substitute brother anymore?”

“Henry!” Belle said, bewildered by his outburst.

“You want to come between us?” He said, Martha now rushing over to tell him off for causing a scene.

“Just stay away from her,” Henry said, before stalking out.

“You know, that’s the second time I’ve pissed him off today,” Ric said to Belle, as they watched him leave. Belle looked worryingly in his direction.

“Maybe you shouldn’t tick him off then,” she said softly, before running after him.

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Thanks Lynhay and Jess :) The next few parts are kinda long! This fic is a lot longer than the prequel. There's some drama ahead, so stay tuned. And good news for you Jess, there will be lots of angry Henry coming up. And I'm glad you like the Henry/Ric/Belle stuff Lynhay.

Part 10

Outside (Surf Club)

“Henry!” Henry kept walking, despite Belle’s call. “Henry! STOP” He finally did as Belle ran up beside him.

“Hey” He said. “You don’t need to check up on me.”

“I’m not,” Belle said, indignantly. “I wanted to ask what the hell that was all about?”

“What?” He asked. “Why somebody finally stood up to Ric Dalby?”

“No,” she replied. “Why somebody was such an arsehole.”

“Whatever Belle,” he said. “He’s a jerk. Everyone thinks he’s such a nobleman but his not. He pushes people around, people like you. You could do so much better than him.”

“Right,” Belle said, her eyebrows raised.

“You said it yourself,” he said. “He ignores you when it comes to Matilda. You could do better than someone who treats you that way. When are you going to see it?”

“I think you’re threatened by him,” Belle said, trying to ignore what he had just said. “You’re jealous because of his relationship with Matilda.”

“No,” Henry said. “His jealous of my relationship with Matilda. That’s why his coming between us.”

“I don’t think he would do that on purpose,” Belle said.

“You’re just clouded by your own judgement,” Henry stated. “You don’t want to admit it because you are under his spell. You’re only defending him because you don’t think anyone else will give you a go. He doesn’t deserve you.”

“And who does?” She said, raising her eyebrows.

“See, this is what it’s all about,” Henry said, her face now confused. “You don’t think you can do better. Otherwise, you would’ve left already.”

“No,” Belle said, unbelievingly. “I haven’t left because we’re in love.” Henry could only stare at her, her words biting into him.

“Believe that if want,” he said. He began to walk off.

“How dare you try to judge my relationship,” she cried out. “What would you know anyway? Hey!” He turned around as she approached him angrily. “You don’t know anything about us. We’ve been together for a while now, we have a connection, I care more about him than anyone else and he feels the same way. You wouldn’t have a clue.” Henry stared her hard in the eyes before shaking his head.

“Then why does it sound like you are trying to convince yourself more than you are trying to convince me?” Belle stared blankly at him, letting him go this time without trying to stop him.

Hunter House

“Mattie?” Henry asked, knocking on Lucas’ door. He knew better than to just barge in. A minute later, she opened the door, wearing her dressing gown.

“Giving my room back now?” She asked nastily.

“I need to talk to you,” he said.

“Oh now you do,” she replied. She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. He caught a glimpse of Lucas in his bed, his top off and wished he hadn’t. Matilda crossed her arms. “Well?”

“I know you’re mad because Ric told you I was asking him questions,” he said. “But the only reason why is because I care about you and I don’t like the fact you are keeping such an important thing away from me.”

“If you care about me, you wouldn’t be going behind my back,” she stated. “I told you to leave it, I wish you could respect my wishes.”

“I’m sorry Tilly,” he said, apologetically. She rolled her eyes.

“It’s alright,” she said, smiling at him.

“Really?” He asked surprised.

“Yeah,” she said. “I miss you.” He smiled, and was shocked as she suddenly pulled him in for a bone-crushing hug. “You’re a great brother,” she cried.

“Um Matilda?” Henry gasped. “You’re getting a little too emotional for my own liking.”

“Sorry,” she said, letting him go.

“You better get back,” he said.

“Maybe,” Matilda replied, still smiling widely at her. Perhaps a bit too wildly, it was even scaring Henry.

Beach House

“I don’t get his problem,” Belle said, bringing Henry up again.

“Me neither,” Ric said. “But it’s not for you to worry about. He has an issue with me.”

“No, I just don’t understand how he can make accusations like that,” Belle said. She was still in shock at Henry’s behaviour.

“Look, his probably feeling a bit intimidated. He just got back. And his being gung-ho about it. Stress less.” Belle hadn’t told him about what she and Henry were arguing about so he assumed it was his outburst at Noah’s. He put his arm around her shoulder; they were both sitting on the couch after dinner. Irene had already gone to bed, exhausted by her shift.

“Do you want to stay over tonight?” Belle asked Ric. He smiled, pulling her forehead against his.

“Maybe,” he said, smiling. He looked at her sneakily. “What’s on offer?”

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?” She replied, raising an eyebrow before laughing. Ric pressed his lips passionately against hers, pushing her back against the couch. She tried to break away as he smothered her, struggling to talk. “Bedroom,” she choked.

Hunter House

“Mmm,” Matilda sighed happily, pressed against Lucas’ chest. He snuggled closer to her. Kissing her hair gently.

“Do you feel bad knowing what Beth thinks?” Lucas asked her. She could only laugh.

“Maybe,” she said. “Actually, yes. I feel bad that she doesn’t know anything went on between us last year. I don’t about this.” There was a loud knock at his door again, she groaned. Getting out of bed, she pulled her dressing gown over her body, opening to find Henry yet again.

“You have to come back to your room now,” he said. “Mum said so.” Matilda rolled her eyes.

“Give me a moment,” she said, pushing the door close. Henry stared angrily at it until she reopened it, now in her pyjamas.

“You don’t yet?” Henry snapped.

“What’s your problem?” She snapped back.

“You and him,” he said, giving Lucas a dirty look. “And all your carry on. You should be more discrete. He should be more considerate.”

“Considerate of what?” Lucas asked, confused.

“Of her,” Henry almost shouted, before looking at Matilda. “Are you coming?”

“I guess I better if I don’t want my head bitten off,” Matilda said, eyeing him. “I don’t know what your problem is.” She walked past him, into her room. Henry looked at Lucas in disbelief before following.

Beach House

“That was exhausting,” Ric said jokingly. Belle laughed, wrapping her arms around him. They lay on her bed in silence for a while, listening to the clock ticking by slowly.

“Hey Ric,” Belle whispered. “I love you.” All she could hear was silence. “Ric?” She raised herself to look over his back, realising he had his eyes closed and that he was asleep. She settled herself back down onto the bed beside him. She sighed and snuggled into his back, but it was a while before she could drift to sleep.

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