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Kim and Rachal are a couple dstined to be together despite their age -diffrences and are are made for each other , but how will their relationhip survive formidable circumstances

In the Beatiful town of Summer buy , Kim is walking in the yellow clear sand and holding a surfboard with his musculer body glistening and is watching the rich deep blue sea with his beutiful piercing blue eyes and smiles with fascination but he notices a figure approaching and then he sees a beutiful curly haired girl walking towards the sandy beach after swimming in the shore , Kim is mezmerised and he walk towards her and when she walks his way they both bump into each other and they stare into each others eyes but the moment then stops when Rachal clicks her fingers and then kim snaps out of it.


Kim-Oh sorry i lost track!

Rachal(smiling)No it's ok it was my fault too , i guess we were both trapped in the moment

Kim-(Laughs Nervously)yeah , what a moment , anyway my name is Kim Hyde , the sexy ho dude of the Bay .

Rachal(Licks her Lips)Umm i can see that Anyway Nice to meet you Kim , my name is Rachal i'm the new phycatrist

Kim-Phycatrist that's pretty cool , i'm sorry to ask how old are you? im 19 by the way

Rachal(Nervously)- 29!

Kim (Laughs)- No way, i thought you were 19 too !

Rachal-I wish , not may guys are hot in my age ,anyway see you.

Kim- See you.

Rachal gives Kim a seductive smile while Kim watches her with fascination and sits down at the sand beach thinking about Rachal and has a flashback on how he first saw her coming out of the shore and walking slowly and then Kim lies down in and has a deep thought about his feelings for Rachal and clear he feell in love with her at the very first moment.

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Part 2

At the Diner Kim comes in the Diner and sits down at the table and Kim is in deep thought about his feelings for Rachal and hopes to see her agaibn but suddenly she comes in the Diner Rachal arrives in Diner and Kim turns at looks at her intensly as she asks Irene a cup of Coffee and then she turns and spots Kim and goes over to him and sits down and grins at him Kim continues to stare but Rachal clicks her fingers again like last time they met

Kim -Oh sorry ! i was a bit carried away like last time

Rachal(With a smile)-Yes you centernally were

Kim -Anyway we spoke a bit Last time but i don't really know much about you so i'm saying because i'm interested .

Rachal-Well i moved to the Summer Bay because i heard a lot about it from my freind Leah Baker


Rachal-Yeah she's a freind of fine?

Kim- I know her too , Shes a freind of mine too

Rachal- Anyway as i moved to the Bay i thought it was a Beutiful place with sunny weather , Beatiful beaches and most importantly lovely people(she looks at Kim and sexual tension is undenieable and they try to hold each others hands buut they both put their hands back)and then i got the Job at the Phycstrist at the District Yabbie Creek Hospital as they were looking for a new one

Kim-thats fascinating!

Rachal- Anyway enough about me , how about you?

Kim -well i work at the Local gym and i'm also an excellent swimmer

Rachal(in a low sexy voice)-well with a body like yours i'm sure you get alot of females running towards the gym just to get a glimpse of it

Kim smiles but stares at Rachal at the same time-Ok i gotta go (in a deep husky voice)i'm hoping to see you again!

Rachal(Ressurangly)-Don't worry you will (gets up and goes to towards kim closly )because i'm not going anywhere

Rachal goes out and stands by the door and they both smile at ech other and then Rachal goes out leaving Kim with a happy expression on his face

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Rachal is Lying in her bedroom with blanket over her and she smiling and is having flashbacks of her first meeting with gorgeous Kim and how close they got in the Surf club and when the flashbacks are over she smiles and laughs cheerfully as a has rose in her hand and touches her face smoothly and then gets her mobile phine and looks at a picture of Kim on the beach and smiles to herself.

In beach Kim is jogging and Rachal comes up to him (Both are wearing Jogging Bottoms) and Rachal and Kim both bump into each other and both look at each others eyes but then Kim knocks his senses and looks at Rachal

Kim - No clicking today

Rachal-No!no magic fingers clicking today

Kim -So you are Jogging too , gosh it must be fate

Rachal - Well i thought i might bump into you (They both give each other a strong look and the passion grows)

Kim (closer)well , the only reason you came jogging is too see more of my muscluer body

Rachal(laughs gleefully and slaps Kim playfully)As if you big chubby hamburger

Kim -I'm not chubby!i'm a lurve machine(Kim omes close to kiss her in a stupid way and Rachal runs and Kim tries to catchh her but she runs and they both pla in a fun way bt when Kim grabs Rachal and they both fall over Kim lands on top of Rachal in the sand and they both lean towards each other but Rachal throws sand on him)

Kim - Yucck!(muffling)why did you do that for!you spoilt the moment

Rachal(showing a cheeky smile)-Better luck next time sand man

(she smiles at him and goes off leaving a Kim with a big grin on his face and then Rachal turns and goes towards him again)

Rachal-i got a suprise for you

Kim(coming towards her)what(Rachal gets a watter bottle and squirts on him )ok thats it!

(Rachal laughs and Kim tries catch her but she runs of saying boo hoo and kim smiles and says what a girl!)

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Part 4

It's Leah's Birthday Party and Rachal is talking to the Summer Bay Residents and is having a great time meeting the freindly people and she chats with them gleefully and then Kim arrives and she looks at him with a deep expression and Kim goes to give Leah a Present and Kim beams at her and she smiles back and then Kim goes up to her

Kim-Looks like you met the Residents of the Bay

Rachal-I met 4 weeks ago when i first arrived and i've become great freinds with them , they're a nice bunch of people and it's a shame i haven't met you then

Kim(smiles at puts him on wall )well i'm here aren't I

Dan-OK Folks we need to gather around the table and we need to say HAppy Birthday to one special Lady and that is my beutiful wife Leah and i hope this is a birtday she'll remember for the rest of her life

(Beth brings the cake she makes and evreyone chants Happy Birthday to Leah and she looks pleased and excited and they all say hip hip hurray and Kim and Rachal give each other a smile and Kim tries to hold her hand but she lets go and gives him a cheeky smile and Leah cuts the cake and feeds it to dan , and then the party is in full swing and Rachal goes outside and Kim follows her , Kim sees Rachal looking at the sky and He watches her)

Rachal-Sky is so beutiful and blue and peaceful

Kim - Yeah and all of the stars in the sky are like your pretty eyes(she turns towards him)

Rachal - Yeah and the blue sky is like your penetrating eyes that gives me that stare

Kim - well i think we both make a good pair

Rachal-we both just have to wait and see(they both look at each other and kiss passionatley and then Ravhal goes inside but before she does Kim and her both share a loving look and Rachal smiles and goes back inside and Kim smiles to himself)

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Part 5

Kim is outside his house with his shirt off washing his care and then Rachal comes and smiles at him without Kim reealising she's there (Rachal is wearing a strap black top with Levi jeans)and Kim turns around while pouring the bucket of water on the car)and he smiles broadly and Rachal goes towards her.


Kim -Hey! i think i need with washing the car because i'm struggling ito cope on my own .

Rachal -I'm sure you can you lazy frog but if you need assistence i'm sure to be help for you .

(Kim smiles and then Rachal scrubs the car with the yellow sponge , Kim looks impressed).

Rachal - see not too bad is it , well lets see you try(Kim takes the sponge of her hand and then gets water pipe , Rachal loks curious at first but then Kim splashes it on her and chases after her).

Rachal-Kim stop stop!stop !(They run around the car ).

Kim - this is my way to wash the car witha vulenteer .

(When the chase is over Rachal accidently slips but Kim catches her and they both give each other a lingering stare and are both are trapped in the moment but Kim leans towards her and then she gets the sponge and rubs it on his face and runs off laughing )

Kim -Hey what was that for ?(smiles)

Rachal (Laughs)For being a rubbish car washer

(Kim wipes off the water from his face and has a big smile on his face)

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