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The Random Artwork Thread

Guest Nim

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I expect bad critisizm.

Don't expect bad critisizm. Despite the fact you think you're not working with the best art programs, I loved all your work. Maybe I'm partial to Hilary Duff, but seriously, the bends were fantastic, and the avatars were so cute. I can't wait to see more :)

They're really nice. =@)

This is all off topic (non Home and Away) stuff ive made. My mum is going to get the latest version of Adobe Photoshop as it will help my sister with her Photography (or something) Uni exams. Until then im stuck using another graphics program, which isnt the best.

Blends (if that’s what you wanna call them),











I also made this Blake Lively thing..


I expect bad critisizm.

Oh my dont expect bad critisim they are all really good :D, good job!

Thanks guys :)

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I figured I'd just post the ones I did the other day, I was trying to make an avatar and I started messing around with this tint thing on Adobe (I kept making them go green =P lol i'm amused by small things) Anyway, I just thought i'd post some of them up, I'm no graphic maker, but I had fun making them.



Look at one I made...


Isn't he just so good looking? =P lol The Jack meister comes second to this gorgeous man..

Lol. It made me giggle when I made it :)

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