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Stormy days in Summer Bay

Guest Love_peter_Baker

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Is that sposed to be a qoute??

Its not rude it's the truth, and we are here to discuss our opinions not get worked up over other peoples so just take a chill pill. (I hope I'm not in too much trouble now lol)

But yes Drew we no you think like that.

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I think their relationship is pretty obvious. They're in it for the sex and not the love.

Congratulations, I *think* that's the most ridiculous thing I've read on bttb this week. Perhaps you wouldn't mind people publicly dismissing *your* relationships in that manner without knowing anything about the private situation, but most people would find that offensive. Of course, this is all my opinion, so I know you won't take offence at me pointing it out. But unless you're a personal friend of both parties, I doubt you know anything about it at all. Plus, a word of advice; dissing other people's relationships makes you sound bitter. Just so you know.

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