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A Shoulder To Cry On

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Hey, Im in the UK and over here we still have Flynn. However, I thought Id write my own fanfic of after Flynns death anyway. Here it is:

"Sal?" a voice called from the outside of the bedroom door. Sally Fletcher lay quietly on her bed, ignoring whoever it was. Another pool of tears streamed down her face. The door already slightly ajar, the person from the outside approached her. "Ric, is everything alright?" she asked sitting up. Ric handed her a mug of coffee. "Yes, I just thought you mighe want a drink". Sally smiled.

"Thank you" she said gratefully. Ric sat on the end of her bed. "Are you alright?" he asked. Sally softly nodded her head. "I'll get through it. I just.. I just need some space" she smiled. Ric took the hint. "Well, I'll leave you then. Me and Cass are going to Matilda's for a bit, but if you need anything, just call us" he said, getting off the bed and kissing his foster mother on the forehead before heading out of the bedroom, softly closing the door behind him.

"Is she OK?" Cassie asked as Ric walked into the front room. Ric shrugged his shoulders. "She's not saying much. I told her we're going to Maddie's for a bit. Give her some time on her own" he informed Cassie. She nodded in agreement. "OK, Lets go". Taking hold of his hand, Cassie led Ric out of the house, closing the door behind them.

knock knock. Matilda Hunter walked to the front door and opened it. Cassie and Ric stood in front of her. "Hey guys. Come in" said Matilda, making way for them to enter. As they did so, they noticed Beth, Tony and Lucas sat around the table, eating dinner. "Oh, if this is a bad time, we can come back" said Ric. Beth stood up from her chair. "No, no. Come on in. There's plenty of dinner" she said walking to the oven and piling two more plates with food. She handed them to Ric and Cassie, who joined them at the table. "So, how are you both?" Beth asked, looking at a clearly exhausted Ric and Cassie. "We're coping. We just have to stay strong for Sal's sake. She needs us right now" Ric said. Beth gave a sympathetic smile. "Well you know where we are if you need us" Ric and Cassie smiled at her. "Thanks"

After they had finished dinner, Ric, Cassie, Matilda and Lucas left the table and made their way to Matilda's bedroom. "So how are you really?" Matilda asked, signalling for the trio to sit down. "Cassie and Ric looked at each other. "Not good. Just can't seem to get our heads around the fact that Flynn's not coming back. I keep expecting him to walk in the house with his briefcase and a big smile" said Cassie, remembering the way things were before the terrible twist of fate happened. Ric placed his arm around her shoulder. "Anyway" began Cassie, wiping away her tears and sitting up "We're here to have a good time, so enough of the crying." Ric smiled. "Shall we watch a DVD?" he asked. Lucas nodded. "Good idea. C'mon Ric, we'll go and get one. If we let them two choose we'll end up watching some romantic film that will no doubt make us want to throw up". Matilda threw a cushion at him, as he and Ric exited the room. Matilda moved over to Cassie and sat down next to her. "So how are you really?" she asked. Cassie rested her head on her best friend's shoulders. "I'm just so..numb. Like it doesn't feel real. It's like somethings missing" she sighed. Matilda hugged her tight. "It'll be alright. You have Ric. You guys will get through it together". Cassie smiled. "Thanks Maddie. You're the best friend ever"

Ric and Lucas walked back into the bedroom. "Did you get one?" asked Matilda. Lucas nodded and produced the DVD that was behind his back. "TITANIC. YOU BORE" said Cassie, breaking into a fit of laughter. Ric started laughing too. "We knew we could wind you up!" he said. Matilda and Lucas looked at each other and smiled. Finally their best friends were laughing again.

Meanwhile, Sally was sat at the kitchen table, staring into space, when a knock at the door distracted her. Dan came walking in. "Hey Sal. I thought I'd come and see how you are" he said. Sally gave him a weak smile. "I'm OK" she lied. Dan sat on the chair next to her. "I saw Ric and Cassie before. On their way to Matilda's. Ric didn't look good" he told her. Sally nodded. "I know, he just seems to have shut down. They've gone to Matilda and Lucas' though, so hopefully they'll have a laugh".

"And what about you. Can we expect to hear you laugh again?" he asked sweetly. Sally managed a small smile. "Life goes on and I know Flynn would tell me to laugh. It just seems too soon"

"Sal, it's been almost 8 months. I know you'll never forget Flynn, but you have to get on with your life. He wouldn't want you to sit around all the time. He'd want you to get your old life back" said Dan. Sally placed her hand on his. "Thank you" An awkward moment fell between them. They edged closer together. Their lips all but 2 centimetres apart when.....

"I'm sorry" said Dan, jumping up from the chair. "I have to go" and he quickly exited. Meanwhile, Sally stood in shock, unable to believe what almost happened. Surely she couldn't have feelings for Dan. No it wasn't possible. He was married to her best friend. She couldn't possibly. Could she?........

Please let me know what you think and whether you would like me to continue. thanks x x x

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