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Sally's first love to make comeback?

Guest Andy

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Daily Telegraph

18 March 2006

HE played Sally Fletcher's first boyfriend on Home and Away, and now Nick Hardcastle is set to make a Summer Bay comeback.

Seven wants to reintroduce Hardcastle's character Tim O'Connell for the first time since he played Kate Ritchie's love interest a decade ago.

"At a party recently I was speaking with the show's script producer and he was keen on the idea," Hardcastle said this week.

"With Sally's husband dead, I think it's about time Tim got off the bus at Yabbie Creek."

But if a TV part doesn't come his way by July, Hardcastle will head overseas to promote himself as a singer.

He's also releasing his first solo single, 4 Letter Word on March 20.

"If by the end of this financial year I don't have a major role in a television series, I will go overseas," he said.

"But, the script producer of Home and Away is really into the idea of my return and I think when you look at the industry in Australia and the culture of television, a show like that is the best opportunity I could have at the moment."

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First boyfriend? She was with both Gus and Jack before him, in 1995/96, and Michael also caught her and Jack in bed together.

Has the producers forgotten about that, or has the producers changed, so they don`t know much about the past of the show?

I can`t say I`m very interested in seeing Tim back in the bay. I rembember he and Sally split up because he was so jealous of her previous relationships, so it will be weird if he suddenly was to turn up now, 8 years later.

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Tim was definitely Sally’s first LOVE. Sure she’d had previous boyfriends, but the relationship with Tim lasted months and he was the first guy she really did love, he was also the first guy she had sex with…

Id be interested in how he was introduced, it would/could be believable he had never gotten over her, he was in his early 20’s when he and Sally were together, and obviously loved her very much, in his last scene he was pleading for Sally to forgive him as he couldn’t live without her…etc

But if his jealousy and controlling behaviour is forgotten about and he becomes a regular cast member I’m not sure Id be keen on it… unless of course he is a regular for a year and during that time controls Sally subconsciously in a complicated psychological mind game…

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