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Holly Brisley can't live without ...

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Holly Brisley can't live without ...

Sunday Telegraph Magazine

5 March 2006

Away from the lights, camera and action of Home and Away, this well-travelled actor is still a beach girl at heart

Raised in Queensland, it was only natural that Holly Brisley would grow up loving sun, surf and sand. "I love the sea," says the vivacious 28-year-old. "The beach is a big part of my life. There's something about the smell of the ocean - it gives me peace of mind." Performing has also been a long-standing passion - she enlisted an agent at the age of 13 and was hosting TV shows while still at school. "On my eighth birthday, my grandpa asked me what I wanted to do when I was older. I told him that I was going to be an actress and I've followed that dream ever since." Thanks to her burgeoning career, Brisley has visited many exotic locales, including Italy, Spain, Thailand and Hawaii. One day, she hopes to take six months off to roam the world. "Travel opens your eyes about how other people live," she says.

NORTH STRADBROKE ISLAND My family has been going there for years. We used to go camping every Christmas, but now Mum and Dad have a holiday house there. I have so many memories of the island that will be etched in my mind forever. I'm sure I'll take my children there.

PAUL FORD I know it sounds corny, but my husband, Paul, is an absolute dream come true, and I never want to live without him. I feel lucky to have found him. We never stop laughing.

CLOCK My husband and I bought this clock when we were in Spain. We carried it all the way home and now it sits up in our kitchen, all big and proud, and makes sure I get to work on time.

MOR persian peach bath oil I love a hot bath after a long day on set. It's one of my favourite places in the world. I'll put on music, light candles and fill the bathtub right to the top. I love having heaps of bubbles to relax in.

ABORIGINAL ART WORK I bought this painting, "Pinyama" by Reppie Orslo Papayua, when I was in the Tiwi Islands. Artwork from this area is quite famous. I was lucky enough to see many of the artists at work and take a closer look at how amazing Aboriginal culture is.

MANGOES They're my favourite. When I was a kid, we took boxes of them when we went camping. The smell and taste of remind me of summer in Queensland - it takes me back to those fun times.

FAMILY Although we live in different states, my family are always there for me. I particularly love these two pics: me with my mum (top left) and with my sister (above). It makes me realise how much we've grown up.

FLOWERS They bring out the girl in me. Roses always remind me of my nanna and grandpa, who had a rose garden. Nanna was always out pruning them. But my favourite flower to have in the house is the Oriental Lily.

ITALIAN JOY BY CARLA COULSON It was an engagement present. It's about an Aussie girl who moves to Italy for a change and ends up learning Italian and photography. The book is full of her experiences and has the most gorgeous photos.

DINOSAUR DESIGNS VASES These vases look fantastic arranged in a group. You can never have too many vases.

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