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"The Brady hunch"*

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While Beau Brady says he wasn’t quite ready to leave Home And Away, the young star has a feeling his own music career might just complement his promising acting career.

He was half of one of Australian television’s best-loved couples, but Beau Brady, the former Home And Away star and narrator of the new DVD release Home And Away Romances, says he got the biggest thrill out of being killed off!

“I’m most proud of the storyline where I was shot,†says the 23-year-old.

“That whole coming back as a ghost and talking to the characters was a really weird thing to do – but I like weird.â€

And while he literally went out with a bang, he reveals he had little choice in the matter.

“The writers and producers wrote me out,†he admits candidly, “but I was really at the point where I was ready to leave.

“Actually, I wanted to stay a little longer, but it worked out quite good.â€

Brady has no regrets. While the nation’s collective heart broke the night Hayley lost her soul mate Noah (Brady) to a gun wielding madwoman, new horizons were awaiting Brady – both professionally and personally.

The end of his Home And Away run coincided with the revelation of his split from Cartwright, his girlfriend of four years, with who he was involved the entire time he “lived†in Summer Bay. The pair publicly cited that they “realised their relationship, whilst no long romantic, had instead developed into a strong friendship.â€

Since putting both the show and a serious relationship behind him, a movie and a new romance has blossomed. Brady recently completed his first feature film, English director Nick Cohen’s horror flick Voodoo Lagoon.

“After Home And Away I was energised to do something different – and it was totally different,†he says. “I filmed it a couple of months ago in Queensland. [Ex-Sunset Beach star] Ashley Hamilton is in it; we became good friends. He’s a Libran, I’m a Libran.†Also starring in the film is ex-Neighbours star Natalie Blair (who played Carmella) with who Brady formed more than a friendship while on location.

“Natalie plays my character’s fiancee,†says Brady, “[but] there wasn’t really a romantic storyline. She’s such a good actress. The chemistry worked – then we got together as well. She’s a really special person.â€

While acting is his career of choice, Brady, a seasoned guitar player, isn’t averse to the idea of branching out into music – but he’s adamant his music would be more organic than some other examples of TV stars-turned-pop singers.

“I still play guitar and write songs,†he says. “I might do something with music. It would have to be good music though, not manufactured stuff.â€

As for the here and now, the possibilities are endless. “I’m just auditioning. I’d like to go to the overseas premiere [of Voodoo Lagoon]. I want to travel – check out America.â€


Favourite TV Show?

“Everybody Loves Raymond, Jackass and Viva La Bam.â€

Are you named after the Days Of Our Lives character Bo Brady?

“No! I’m named after [Foreign Legion movie hero] Beau Geste.â€

Favourite H&A couple?

“Vinnie and Leah had the funniest relationship. It was dysfunctional – but romantic.â€

What music do you like?

“I used to play in a punk band. That’s what I liked in high school. I’ve really mellowed out since then, so [now I like] really cruisy music like Jack Johnson.

*This article can be found in the February 2006 issue of NZ TV Update.

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