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A Hard Life

Guest Princess of Roxy

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Chapter 1.

"Hey Maddy have u heard that Janae and Boyd are coming to Summer Bay?"Asked Lucas

"Yes I have"Replied Maddy

"Well don't u think that they shuld stay in Ramsay street?"Asked Lucas

"No there allowed to come here"Replied Maddy

"They won't fit in"Replied Lucas

"I don't want to argue with you"Replied Maddy

"Okay I give up of course there allowed in Summer Bay"Replied Lucas

"Now your talking"Replied Maddy

"Hey wanna go down to the surf club?"Asked Lucas

"Yeah ok"Replied Maddy

"Cool"Replied Lucas.

On the way to the surf club Lucas and Maddy met Boyd and Jane.

"Hey welcome to Summer Bay I'm Lucas and This is Maddy"Said Lucas

"Hey thanks I'm Boyd and this is Janae"Replied Boyd

"Do you wanna come down to the surf club with us?"Asked Lucas

"Sure is that okay with you Janae?"Asked Boyd

"Yeah"Replied Janae

"Cool let's go"Said Lucas

"Are you gunna introduce us to some of your friends?"Asked Janae

"Of course we are"Replied Maddy

"Janae this is Martha, Martha Janae"Said Lucas

"Hi nice to meet you"Said Martha

"You too"Replied Janae

"Janae this is Jack,Jack Janae."Said Lucas

"Hey nice to meet you"Said Jack

"You to Replied Janae

"Boyd this is Martha,Martha Boyd"Said Lucas

"Hi nice to meet you"Said Martha"

"You too"Replied Boyd

"Boyd this is Jack,Jack Boyd" Said Lucas

"Hi nice to meet you"Said Jack

"You too"Replied Boyd

Next time

"Will Janae and Boyd stay in The Bay or go back to Ramsay Street?"

"What will happen when Jack find's out Janae's dirty secret?"

"Will Amanda turn Boyd and Janae against there newly found friends?"

"How will Cassie react to Janae?'

"How will Ric react to Boyd?'

A friend of mine gave me the idea for this.

Maddy and Lucas know Boyd and Janae but not by site.

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Interesting idea! :)

Random thought: maybe you could try and write a bit of background, you know, like why are Janae and Boyd moving to Summer Bay, etc. Try and add descriptions of the scenery and actions along with the dialouge.

Interesting idea, has potential and I'm looking forward to reading more! Plz write more soon! :)

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