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Summer Bay!

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Alf is walking down near the surf club when he hears a familier voice, as he goes to turn around he see's Vinnie standing with a ruck sack talking to Peter Baker and Leah. Alf walks towards them and says 'is this vinnie or his twin', Peter goes 'no Alf its Vinnie, he was in witness protection and now he is out' Alf says 'Too be honest Peter nothing surprises me no more'. Vinnie laughs saying you better tell Colleen to spread the news, then there will be no confusion. Peter looks at vinnie and says 'Colleen pasted away last year, Im sorry mate. Vinnie says 'ow ok, its a bit of a shock though. Ric walks past and shouts 'Ayup grandad hows it going' Vinnie looks surprised because he thinks its Dunken messing about calling him grandad but it's not its Ric. Alf introduces Ric to Vinnie... explaining Vinnie's story. Dan walks along the beach looking at leah and wounders why Pete is back in town and who is the new guy. Dan approaches Leah with vj (9), ryan(13) and jamie(5)(dan and leahs baby). Leah says to Dan this is Vinnie. Vinnie says 'so... your leah's husband'. Leah says were actually having a divorce, leah and dan loook wierdly at each other. Pete is surprised because he and Dan havent spoke since he left the bay!. Dan doesnt say any thing to Pete, Dan walks off saying 'nice to meet you Vinnie. Peter says to leah i'll be sticking round with vinnie for a couple of months. Leah says 'both are you are more then welcome to stay at my house'.Peter and Vinnie take up the offer. When they arrive at Leah's Vinnie is acting very strane around V.j because he does'nt want V.j to kow tht his dad left him for so long, so Vinnie pretends his one of Leahs friends. (some one knocks at the door) As Leah goes to answer the door, Pete says let me go, Pete heads towards the door As he opens its a old face says hello Peter..........


3 people who all used to have feeling for leah living in the same house

how will the hunter house hold react when the ryh's is back in town

Amanda spots Vinnie.

some one will losse the person they love

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Pete looks surprised to see Jesse standing there. Leah is gobsmacked and runs up to hug Jesse. Jesse goes over to Vinnie and shakes his hand. Dan walks through the back door and says to Leah here is v.j n Jamie. Dan looks around the room to see Pete, Vinnie and Jesse playing cards. Dan says to Leah '3 x lovers in the same room who you gunna pick now. Pete stands up and tells Dan he should think before he speaks, Dan heads towards the door.

Pete:why you being like this

Dan:Leave it Pete just LEAVE IT.

Pete pulls Dan back

Pete:Tell me!!!!!

dan turns round and smacks peter, Pete drops to the ground.

Dan leaves Leahs.

Leah rushes in to see what went on and see's Pete bleeding from his cut lip.

Vinnie comes in and helps Pete aswell whilst Jesse has gone to the toilet.

Pete does'nt know why Dan is being like this.

Leah: Lets get you some frozen pee's.

Vinnie laughs and decides its about time he should take everyone for a drink.

They all head down to Noah's

Jesse arrives and people are starring but Alf decides to have a drink to Jesse and hope him goodluck for the future and hope he can turn his life around.

Amanda walks in Noah When she spots Vinnie walking past. Amanda offers to buy him a drink and he excepts. Ric and bella walk in with morag and Ric buys everyone a drink because he has just turned 18. Cassie:I was 18 last yr haha (jokes around)

Ric kisses her on the cheek.

Pete decides that he is going to go bk to leahs because he is tired.

Leah says she will go aswell leaving Jesse and Vinnie to do what they want.

Pete and Leah are heading towards theere house when they hear a baby crying, they rush over to where the noise is coming from to find a little baby boy. Pete and Leah rush to the hospital and get Rachael to check the little boy out. The baby is going to be fine and Rachael has called social services. Leah says to Pete that they should leave social services to deal with it now. Pete is really upset that he has to leave. As they are walking back home they see a car coming down the road at full speed. Pete waves his hands to try and slow the car down but the car is getting faster. As the car has to swerve to go around the corner it tips on its side.


Who are the 3 people in the car?

Why is Amanda being so nice?

What does Dan do When he catches Pete at it.......

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Pete rushes towards the car and he trys to open the door.

Leah phones for ambulance but her battert has gone dead.

Leah:Pete I need your phone

Pete passes his phone to Leah and she rings for an ambulance.

Pete is trying to get the 3 people out of the car but there not moving.

Pete climbs in to the car and see's ric in the back seats and a brown hair lad in the driving seat.

Pete: Leah its Ric.

Pete manages to drag Ric out and take him away from the car.

Pete then goes back to the car and see's cassie in the passengers seat he has differculty to get her out but just manages to life her out to where Leah and Ric are.

Leah manages to resusatate Cassie whilst Ric is just lying down not knowing what has happened.

Ric, Cassie and Leah are about 40 yards away from the car.

Pete is running towards the car when it explodes and Pete falls to the ground.

Leah rushes towards Pete as the ambulance arrives.

Ric and Pete are taken back to the hospital in the 1st ambulance then another arrives for Cassie.

Cassie arrives in hospital in a critical condition and she is taken in to intensive care.

Pete has got a broken broken arm because of how he fell when the explosion went off.

Ric is going to be ok but needs to stay in over night.

Alf and Sally arrive to look after ric and Sally goes to the ICU to see how cassie is.

Leah takes Pete back to her place but just before they do Pete asks Ric who was the other one in the car.

Ric:It was Adien he took us hostage because his brother Sean got sent down, because of what he did to me last year.

Pete goes to ring the Station but Leah takes the phone off him and say's Alf will do it later, lets get you home.

(Noah's bar)

Amanda: So Vinnie how come your back?

Vinnie:(can't say why but makes up an excuse) I just thought i would come back and stay for longer so I can see my son grow up!.

Amanda: Yeah V.j Is a nice kid

(after about 3 hours of talking Vinnie offers Amanda to go back to his)

Vinnie arrives at Leah with Amanda and they head off into Vinnie's bedroom

Amanda spots all the cash in Vinnie wallet and smiles.

Leah and Pete arrive at Leah and Leah makes Pete all comfy on the sofa and She passes him a cup of tea.

Pete makes Leah sit next to him and says

Pete: Leah did that kiss mean anything to you

Leah:Pete look it just happened ok

Pete: you aint answering my question

Leah: I told you in the hospital I loved dan and it was a mistake.

(leah trys to get up but Pete pulls her back)

Pete: Yeah but you did want to right?

Leah: Pete dont....

Pete: DID YOU!!!!

Leah: Yea i did ok.

Pete: Well what about when i first came to the bay did you like me then?

Leah: yeah i did

Pete: Why, what made you like me?

Leah Erm there was summut about ya your smile i couldnt resist it and when we look at each othere there was something there.

Pete puts his tea on the floor.

Pete makes Leah look at him and says... well.... is there something now.

(back door open but no one hears)

Leah: ofcourse there is, there allways will be.

Leah leans over and goes to kiss Pete.

(dan walks in)

Dan: I knew it. you back stabbing B******.

Pete. Dan wait..........

Pete asks Leah to move and Pete trys to get up but crnt because he is in so much pain with his arm.

Leah: look Pete I don't love dan no more its you I want.

(Leah goes to kiss him again)

But Pete moves his head saying

Pete: I have got to sort it out with Dan first.

Leah: Ok(kisses him on the cheek and goes to bed.

Pete: Leah, Where am I sleeping?

Leah gets Pete hand and heads for the bedroom.


Will Jesse try and win his first love?

Who wil Leah choose?

Will cassie make it through?

Will Dan forgive his brother?

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