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Soapie wars - Desperate for ratings victory

Guest Andy

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Soapie wars - Desperate for ratings victory television stations are banking on frothy drama to win over viewers

Sunday Telegraph

15 January 2006

YOU can expect an avalanche of births, deaths and marriages on television this year with Australian networks looking to soap to win the ratings war.

"I think Australians are definitely tiring of those big reality game shows," Channel 7 programming director, Tim Worner, predicted yesterday.

"Each new reality TV series is starting to feel like the same old dog with only a slightly different leg action."

And it is Seven which is ideally placed to capitalise on waning interest in reality shows with two of the most popular soaps on television: Desperate Housewives and Home And Away.

Network 10 is also relying on soap to win viewers with Australia's longest-running soap, Neighbours and US series, The OC and The Bold And The Beautiful.

Neighbours producer Peter Dodds said last year's 20th anniversary had revived interest in Ramsay St -- with new stars expected to attract a new generation of fans this year.

Channel 9 has relied on US soaps Days Of Our Lives and The Young And The Restless to maintain its loyal daytime female audience for more than 30 years.

Even the usually high brow ABC has turned to the genre to win viewers with over-the-top British soap opera, Cutting It, among its most popular programs.

Home And Away, which returns with a new season tomorrow, surprised many experts when it finished last year as the second highest rating drama on television.

"It's not so surprising," insisted Worner. "The challenge is to keep it feeling fresh and different, it's the most important task the team faces. Fresh casting is obvious but some of the fresher thinking isn't -- this is the area where Seven wants to keep leading."

Fans will not be disappointed with tomorrow night's incredible first episode of 2006.

It includes a cult controversy, a wedding, a drug overdose and a mini-cyclone.

There are also two new cast members, Jessica Tovey, 18, and Amy Mathews, 26, to provide fresh interest for fans.

"I think all television has changed with all these movie stars stepping into television roles," explained Tovey, who is tipped to become the next Bec Cartwright.

"I think Home and Away is honest about the way people act -- more so than a lot of other shows," she said.

"I think that's why so many people watch it."

Even after a dismal start during the summer non-ratings period, Seven's new soap, Headland, has started to pick up viewers in the last fortnight and the network yesterday re-confirmed its commitment to the series.

Neighbours has also employed new faces to keep fans happy with Dichen Lachman (Katya Kinski) and Adam Hunter (Robert Robinson) moving into Ramsay St.

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Interesting to see how the media think the stakes are being upped - both sides seem to be doing a lot to keep everyone interested (Neighbours & H&A)... the only gripe I've got with the reporter of the article tho is that it described the UK show Cutting It as a soap opera! Have they not heard of soap operas... the British way? :P

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