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  1. I'm in two minds.. Don't know weather i'm excited or not for next week.. Tachel arn't going to be happy but the acting looks brilliant.. Hmm I hope things work out in the end.
  2. Yes! We all have to vote for Jess.. Amazing Actress!
  3. Haha that was so funny & cuteee!
  4. sooo cutee they are ... i think i'm a bitt obsessed with them.. i'm like jane
  5. They were so cute tonight up until Rachel got paranoid about Harry Looking forward to more cute scenes tomorrow Tachel+Harry = LOVE <3 I look forward to it so much whenever they;re in an episode.
  6. I've noticed it all too & I lovvvvve it! <3
  7. Barbara your graphics are unbelivable!
  8. You aren't the only one! I keep watching it, but skipping past the Belle and Aden parts. Harry's just so cute and so were Tony and Rachel when they were cooing over Harry Love it! Haha same! I'm up to my 6th time now
  9. Harry did talk! (in the baby kind of way) & I found the babies names: James Row & Max Guazzarotto Hendrix.. (what a name)
  10. I have something to confess i've watch the episode about 5 times already.. I love it.
  11. I think that's a bit unfair, if they had an older couple there's nothing to say they couldn't be extremly popular. But yes it's true the audience probably is "young" but apparently there are young people who love Tachel, so can't a mature couple be really really popular. Most of the Tachel fans on this board are young im 18 and the rest are quite young! I'm also 18 but i would think alot would be older.. Don't really know.. I guess it depends on if you like them or not, not your age.
  12. Loved tonight's ep <3 Amazing little family
  13. ^ I agree.. Way to short! Tachel scenes are the best!!
  14. ^ That's what generally happens when your pregnant.. You tend to get bigger.. I think. :|
  15. I'm also sad I was there so i was expecting to have a photo with her but she wasn't
  16. ^ I agree.. HAA really need to focus on Rachel being pregnant.. Why make her pregnant if they don't go through the whole 'pregnancy chapter' & It'd be a miracle if she goes through the pregnancy with no trouble..
  17. I read on wikipedia that Tachel ant going to be on screen for 3 months.. I know wikipedia is reliable but.. Does anyone know?
  18. She'll have also take time of work (Maternity Leave..) I also want a girl
  19. Hey Barbara can i please use one of the tachel wedding avs??
  20. Haha .. I don't think we'll know till it's born..
  21. Your avs are gorgeous <3 Brilliant!
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