'Summer Bay News' Archive

If you had Internet Access and a love of Home and Away back in 1997, there's a chance you may have been one of the many subscribers to Jeremai Smith's Summer Bay News. It was one of the first ever Home and Away Fan Websites, and was written in a Newsletter form. It was originally published on the web in this form, but near the end of its' run, it became an E-Newsletter, sent out to the tens of readers over Email. The Newsletter had the latest News and Spoilers for viewers in the UK and later Australia, a chance for the readers to air their views on upcoming and recent storylines, frequent Polls and more.

Now, a whole 7 years later, we have the first 9 editions of the Newsletter for you to read. Note : None of the images, Email Addresses or Links in the Newsletters work.

Edition 1 Edition 2 Edition 3 Edition 4 Edition 5 Edition 6 Edition 7 Edition 8 Edition 9
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