October 2007

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10 years ago... October 1997

  • Selina and Steven's wedding has nearly arrived. Carly and Bert return for the wedding. Whilst Selina is on her way to the church she is abducted by Saul.
  • Marilyn miscarries the baby.
  • Joey takes a liking to a new deaf girl, Kim Rose.
  • Ian asks Pippa to move to Queensland with him
  • Selina and Saul reconcile and Selina tells Steven she can no longer marry him.
  • In a bungled rescue mission, Terri Garner shoots Saul dead.
  • Rebecca and Travis move in together.
  • Steven and Selina leave the bay, though not together.
  • Brett Egan comes to teach in the bay.

5 years ago... October 2001

  • June leaves Summer Bay after Don has doubts over her innocence.
  • Alf's erratic behaviour continues to worsen leading to Don calling Morag down to take care of Alf.
  • Dylan, Angie's son arrive in Summer Bay and begins to fall for Kirsty Sutherland.
  • Mikey Dunn, an autistic student arrives at Summer Bay and starts causing havoc.
  • Tara Murphy, an old school friend of Sally's offers to be the surrogate. Flynn does some investigating and reveals Tara was in a car crash the year previous that had killed her husband and her kid.
  • Max accidentally records Angie revealing to Rhys that Dylan is his son.
  • Rhys runs away from Summer Bay after the revelations, but is talked back by Dani.
  • Jesse attacks a gym customer who was coming on to Hayley.
  • Brodie and Alex get back together.

1 year ago... October 2006

  • Jack solves the case of Dennis Gillan and realises Peter is alive. He is attacked after
  • Gillan realises Jack is nonto them.
  • Peter Baker returns from the dead. After the barn explosion he had been forced into witness protection.
  • Jack's old friend, Ashton Nader comes to the bay and falls for Martha.
  • Robbie is found guilty, but let off for killing his grandfather. He and Tasha leave for Boston.
  • Jack begins to fall for new nurse, Sam Tolhurst, who has a son Rory.
  • Ric and Matilda get together.
  • Rocco and Johnny Cooper arrive in Summer Bay.