November 2007

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10 years ago... November 1997

  • Brett Egan's time as a trainee teacher at Summer Bay High comes to a disasterous end.
  • Casey Mitchell decides to leave Summer Bay and live with her father in the United States.
  • Vinnie returns to Summer Bay after his father's bankruptcy and soon falls for Justine.
  • Rebecca and Travis find an appartment together. The previous owner convinces them that they should get married and in the season finale they marry on the beach.
  • Ian Routledge returns to the bay asking Pippa to come live with him.
  • Kylie returns to the bay and falls for Jesse again.

5 years ago... November 2002

  • Noah unsuccessfully runs for councillor
  • Dani and Josh break up after Josh becomes interested in property.
  • Sophie returns to Summer Bay, where Sally asks her if she wants to be a surrogate.
  • Alf's behaviour becomes more and more bizarre. He narrowly misses burning the diner down and Don is eventually given ""power of atorney"".
  • Colleen discovers that the cheques she's been receiving are through a book Max has written using her details.
  • Irene, Nick and Jesse are held hostage by Grigg.
  • After their marraige deterioates under the revelations from Angie, Shelley leaves Summer Bay, leaving Rhys looking after the kids.
  • Vinnie dies during a riot at the prison.
  • Alf sees Ailsa in the diner kitchen, apparently back from the dead.

1 year ago... November 2007

  • Belle, Matilda, Lucas and Ric play strip poker.
  • Cassie and Macca decide to leave Summer Bay.
  • Kim and Rachel marry.
  • Lee returns and forces Rachel and Kim to hand baby Joe over.
  • Amanda and Peter start a relationship.
  • Johnny Cooper is arrested after an armed robbery goes wrong.
  • Sally and Brad share a kiss together.
  • Sally is stabbed and left for dead.

This month then will, return in 2008 bigger and we include what happened 20 years ago!