Character Middle Names

Posted on September 14, 2007 Categories Miscellaneous
Fictional they may be, but Home and Away characters have middle names just like
the rest of us.

However, unlike the rest of us, their middle names aren't set in stone, and
the list below could be out of date by the next time a character's full name is
mentioned on screen. It seems a definitive list of character information can't
even be found in the Home and Away script department, leading to new middle
names occasionally being created as old ones are forgotten by scriptwriters.

However, for the most part, the middle names tend to remain fairly
consistant. Our Forum members have been compiling a list of known character
middle names, and here's their progress so far.

Sally Louise Fletcher
Lucas Anthony Holden
Jack Anthony
Martha Jane Mackenzie
Leah Helena Adara Patterson-Baker
David Baker
Peter Kevin Baker
Philippa Rose Saunders
Alfred Douglas
Frank Jonathan Morgan
Christopher Daniel Ross
Tom Edward
Angel Marie Brooks
Charlotte Elizabeth Adams
Matilda Harriet
Jane Hunter
Beth Ann Hunter
Hayley Rose Lawson
Andrew Jacob
Byron Vincent Fisher

If you know any others, head along to our forum and add to the