May 2007

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10 years ago... May 1997

  • Jesse is ran over by Alf's ute
  • Alf takes Duncan and Ailsa on a family picnic. Whilst retrieving his Frisbee
    Duncan finds a hand on the beach.
  • Selina returns to the commune after being led there by Saul. Irene goes
    after them and Selina is rescued from the burning commune by Joey and Jesse.
    Saul is believed to have died.
  • Sally starts a relationship with Tim O'Connell
  • Aaron arrives in Summer Bay. Exciting stuff!!
  • The Rosses commemorate the anniversary of Michael's death.
  • Sally has her first time with Scott Irwin.
  • Marilyn discovers she is unable to become pregnant.
  • Tiegan returns to the bay after her foster mother was killed.

    years ago... May 2002

  • A future England manager shows Noah and Hayley around ""The Palace""
  • Kane and Dani hold mediation sessions over Dani's rape, after which Kane
    admits he is sorry.

  • Kirsty and Seb kiss, but Seb is going out with Lara! Seb tells Lara what
    happens and she dumps him after they win a dance competition.
  • Summer Bay gears up for the sesquicentenary.
  • Frank and Steven return and give Sally their approval of Flynn.
  • Sally discovers that she is clear of cancer.
  • Lance, Blake, Sophie, Carly, Martin and Celia all return to the bay as well.
    Sophie and Blake rekindle some of their romance.
  • A 40 hour famine is held for the starving people of Africa.
  • Flynn arranges a message from Pippa on his 30th birthday.
  • Kirsty blows up at her family after they embarrass her at a drugs meeting.
  • Floss returns to the bay and begins to get bad vibes about the upcoming
    cruise. She also sees tragedy befalling Charlotte.
  • Matt and Sam also return to the Bay.
  • Kane is discovered to be a deckhand about the Mirigini causing more
    heartache for Dani.
  • They boat sinks, with Shelley, Kane and Kirsty the last three people to be

    1 year ago... May 2006

  • Matilda tries to get back together with Lucas, however a misunderstanding
    drives them further apart than ever.
  • Kit and Kim take Elaine out for a picnic. Elaine wanders off and there are
    fears for her safety. She is found with Doris and Charlie McKinnon.
  • Dan kisses Sally before running off into the bush.
  • Trying to catch Dan, Charlie suffers a collapsed lung.
  • Lucas is found in bed with a blonde girl named Lee.
  • Barry and Irene get back together.
  • Morag discovers Josh West's killer... it's Barry Hyde!!
  • Zoe moves next door to Peter.
  • Lucas and his mates trash the diner flat.
  • Jack and Martha become engaged.
  • Charlie's behaviour towards Kim begins to worry Rachel.