March 2007

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10 years ago... March 1997

  • Shannon dumps Kye after he turns violent and moves back into the Ross house.
    However, Kye is desperate to continue seeing Shannon and appears at the caravan
    park. Kye ends up sending Pippa into a coma after pushing on the stairs.

  • Lisa Graham arrives in Summer Bay and quickly catches the attention of
    Curtis due to the fact that she looks like exchange student Laura from 1995.
    Going by the name Jenna Evans she was revealed to be trying to escape the
    clutches of her abusive husband Sean Graham. She falls for Curtis.

  • The search for missing baby Paul continues.

  • Chloe tries to emotionally blackmail Rachel.

  • Travis loses his job at the radio station.

  • Pippa's father and Donald's mother fall for each other.

  • Lachlan Fraser arrives in the bay and he begins to chase after Shannon.
    However, Shannon is unimpressed.
  • The month ends on a tragic note when Stephanie is killed whilst out

    5 years ago... March 2002

  • Vinnie makes his last appearance, he and Leah have a tearful farewell in the

  • Dani and Josh finally kiss, but Kirsty immediately tries to break them up.
    Seb breaks up with Kirsty soon after, disliking the ""new"" Kirsty.

  • Pete returns for Max.

  • Charlotte discovers that she is pregnant and Jude initially reacts badly to
    the news.

  • A school excursion is organised. However the bus crashes on the way home
    leaving Nick with severe injuries. They are saved by Nathan, starting his

  • Seb moves in with Don, realising how close he came to losing Don in the bus

  • Kick has a breakdown.
  • Nathan falls an Irish nurse called Grace.
  • Brodie loses the necklace that Miles gave, forcing her to relive painful
  • Josh becomes head lifeguard.

    1 year ago... March 2006

  • Graham's funeral goes ahead, though Amanda's involvement turns it into a
    farce. There is further shock when Graham's will bequeaths everything to

  • Dan and Leah admit that their marriage is over.

  • Jack grows curious as to what Peter up to and ends up with a blow to the
    head to show for it.

  • Robbie and Tasha grow closer again and remarry, this time in front of their

  • After paying Josh, Amanda tries to distance herself, but is met with threats
    and violence.

  • Josh is found dead immediately before the launch of Project 56. Amanda is
    the first suspect, but is let off. Attention turns to Martha.
  • Rachel saves Dr. Helpman's sons life.
  • Macca arrives in the bay, whilst Belle returns.