June 2007

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10 years ago... June 1997

  • Liam leaves for Peru with his mother, Frances Tanner after an action packed
    year in Summer Bay.
  • Scott is expelled after Fisher discovers that it was him who had stolen his
  • Aaaron's druggie sister, Justine arrives in the bay and cons Marilyn and
    Rebecca for money.
  • Tim plays in the football match whilst injured and ultimately costs the team
    the game.
  • Kostya Tszyu visits the bay, providing untold joy for rarely used consonant
  • Justine returns to the city after attacking Aaron with a knife.
  • Irene starts attending church, with baby Paul still missing.

    years ago... June 2002

  • Shauna shows up in the bay throwing things up in the air between herself,
    Jude and the recently miscarried Charlotte.
  • Seb confuses Don by deciding to celebrate the first anniversary of his
    mothers death a month early.
  • Aimee Cooper gets a job at the diner and start getting Alex into trouble.
  • Paris leaves the bay... presumably to return to France.
  • Max returns to the bay.
  • Kane and Kirsty start a secret relationship.
  • Aimee starts to try and break Hayley and Noah up.
  • Jade goes all religous.

    1 year ago... June 2006

  • Matilda tries to get back together with Lucas, however a misunderstanding
    drives them further apart than ever.
  • Kit and Kim take Elaine out for a picnic. Elaine wanders off and there are
    fears for her safety. She is found with Doris and Charlie McKinnon.
  • Dan kisses Sally before running off into the bush.
  • Trying to catch Dan, Charlie suffers a collapsed lung.
  • Lucas is found in bed with a blonde girl named Lee.
  • Barry and Irene get back together.
  • Morag discovers Josh West's killer... it's Barry Hyde!!
  • Zoe moves next door to Peter.
  • Lucas and his mates trash the diner flat.
  • Jack and Martha become engaged.
  • Charlie's behaviour towards Kim begins to worry Rachel