January 2008

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January 1988

  • Tom Fletcher celebrate his 40th birthday. He his retrenched and he and his wife Pippa look at various way to keep their family together. They move to Summer Bay.
  • Carly almost drowns trying to impress Matt, something Floss believed that she had foreseen this in her cards.
  • Carly and Bobby prank misfires, severly injuring Walter Bertram.
  • Carly receives some money, so Tom goes to visit her father and identical sister.
  • The Fletcher's take in a dog who is almost immediately poisoned.
  • Alf and Ailsa continue their relationship.

January 1998

  • Rebecca and Travis try and settle into married life.
  • Pippa thinks about Ian's offer, finally decided to take him up on his offer much to the kids disappointment.
  • Marilyn goes into hospital to have the operation she hopes will help her have children. She is operated on by Dr. De'ath.
  • Diana continues to make Chloe's life difficult.
  • Sam ram-raids a store.

January 2003

  • Alf continues to believe that Ailsa is alive, much to Morag and Don's consternation.
  • Shelley decides to divorce Rhys and move away from Summer Bay for good.
  • Claire Archer takes over from Shelley at the surf club and incorrectly accuses of Irene of harrasssing Nick.
  • Scott Hunter makes his first appearance and Dani instantly falls for him.
  • Angie sets fire to the school office.
  • Flynn and Sally return with good news.

January 2007

  • Sally is found by Brad and rushed to hospital. After a period of worry, she finally pulls through.
  • Sally realises it was Rocco who stabbed her. Ric rushes over to Rocco's place and finds him unconcious on the floor.
  • Beth leaves for a holiday in Paris.
  • Belle is kidnapped. Amanda's sister Kelli arrives in the bay.
  • Morag continues to be suspicious of Ash. Martha rips into Morag causing Morag to leave Summer Bay in tears.
  • Macca and Cassie struggle to adapt to life in ""the city"".