February 2007

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10 years ago... February 1997

  • Tiegan's inability to read gets into trouble with Alf at the surf club where
    she leans on wet paint and at the school where she is unable to read a poem.

  • Colleen Smart returns to Summer Bay where she says she is going to clear out
    Lance's old van and look at renting it.

  • Selina's brother arrives in the bay, but causes trouble during his stay.

  • Kelly and Travis become engaged at the same time that Kelly's parents
    announce that they are getting divorced.

  • Irene gives birth to baby Paul for Finlay. However, soon after the babies
    birth it is stolen from the hospital.

  • Shannon gets a new boyfriend named Kye.

  • Don's mother, Isobel DuPre arrives in Summer Bay.

    5 years ago...
    February 2002

  • Gypsy and Will decide to move to Queensland. However this means urgent
    reorganisation of their wedding which takes place on the wharf before they sail

  • Sally and Don come to blows over their differing views on the best way
    forward in saving Summer Bay High from closure. A sports day to bring the other
    school threatened with closure, Reefton Lakes High, see Sally take in a job

  • Flynn tries to help a troubled child named Justin. However after trying to
    restrain Justin, Justin files for assault charges and Justin's mother tries to
    blackmail Flynn. Noah reports this to the police leaving Mrs Bell facing fraud

  • Vinnie's day in court finally arrives and he is sentenced to eighteen months
    for the crimes his father commited.

  • After several phone calls from his parents and believing his potential
    relationship with Dani to be a non-starter, Josh West decides to leave Summer
    Bay for Uni. However he has a change of heart on his journey there and returns
    to Summer Bay where he and Dani tentatively start a relationship.

  • Kirsty gets a job at a hairdressing salon.

  • Nathan returns to Summer Bay, where he has problems settling back into life
    outside of prison.

    1 year ago... Februay 2006

  • After months fighting his cancer, Flynn dies after a fall down the stairs
    caused by Belle uses his last remaining strength. John, Ashley and Pippa all
    return for his funeral and afterwards Sally struggles to cope with her loss,
    causing Alf to move in for support.

  • Morag continues to investigate Project 56. When Graham finds the file that
    will reveal all he suffers a heart attack and is rushed to hospital unconcious.
    After a power struggle between the Hunter's and Amanda, Robbie turns Graham's
    life support machine off.

  • Tasha is drugged and raped by the Believers. She then discovers Mumma Rose's
    shrine and with the help of Jonah and Rebecca, she manages to escape.

  • Ric finds a lost kid named Belle living out in the woods and lets her sleep
    in his room. After knocking Flynn down the stairs, Belle disappears.

  • Kim and Rachel start a relationship despite it being against medical ethics.

  • Leah falls off some rocks into the ocean and is saved from drowning by Kim
    and Rachel. However it is found out later that she and Dan have lost their baby