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Rebecca Cartwright (Hayley
) ventured into the Music scene in 2002.
Her debut single, All Seats Taken, was released October

and debuted at Number #14 in the Australian
ARIA charts
The following week, the song climbed up to Number #10.

Her second single, On the Borderline, was released on May
5th 2003. Unfortunately, it didn't match the success of All Seats
and made it's debut at Number #30 on the charts, slipping
to #35 the following week.

In June 3rd 2003, her self titled Album was released.

'Bec Cartwright' Album Tracklisting

1) On the Borderline (Radio Mix)

2) All That Glitters

3) All Seats Taken

4) A Matter of Time

5) Meant to Be

6) Drive By

7) What's Got Into You

8) Falling

9) Need a Little Love

10) He's Yours

Since releasing her Album, Bec Cartwright has been axed from her
label and is once again concentrating on acting.

Unfortunately, neither of her singles Single nor her Album are available for purchase. However, you can
get hold of a copy of All Seats Taken by purchasing

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