April 2007

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10 years ago... April 1997

  • Lisa Graham arrives back in the bay, chased by husband again. When Lisa
    stands up to him, he leaves Summer Bay for good.

  • Isobel leaves Summer Bay.

  • Travis and Curtis head out to sea in a storm to save a stranded boat. They
    are missing all night, leading to fears that they may have died. However, all
    arrive safely in the morning and Curtis leave Summer Bay that afternoon with

  • Casey, Joey and Liam initially struggle to come to terms with Stephanie's

  • Pippa awakes from her coma. Following the improvement in Pippa's condition,
    Bert flies to be with the dying Isobel. Isobel dies before the end of the

  • Saul Bennett returns to the bay to see Joey. He also helps to protect Wendy
    from the police.

  • Believing that she is falling behind her contemporaries in the medical field
    living in Summer Bay, Kelly breaks off her engagement to Travis and leaves
    Summer Bay for good.
  • Marilyn and Rebecca skydive in memory of Isobel.

    5 years ago...
    April 2002

  • A lock-in is held at Summer Bay High to protest against the closure of
    Summer Bay High. Seb, Ethan, Flynn and Don end up being arrested. Don is later

  • Nathan goes flying for his 30th birthday and after Grace is posted
    elsewhere, he decides to leave with her.

  • Kirsty goes clubbing with Jemma where she takes an ecstasy tablet. After a
    bad reaction to it she goes into a coma and nearly dies. Jemma is subsequently
    thrown out of home, but a meeting between Kirsty and Jemma's parents helps
    repare bridges.

  • Leah celebrates her first wedding anniversary alone.

  • Jude inadvertently reveals to Charlotte that he doesn't love her.
  • Brett returns to the bay and helps save the school from closure.

  • Don's replacement arrives in Summer Bay, Paris Burnett

  • Noah contracts meningitis and has a close brush with death.

    1 year
    ago... April 2006

  • Belle searches for her mother, but is brought the devastating news that she
    died in a house fire.
  • Amanda Vale leaves Summer Bay with Ryan after sharing a kiss with Dan.
  • Rachel loses her job at the hospital, but is offered an alternative position
    by her father.
  • Rachel realises her father was drink driving in the crash that left her
    mother with memory problems.
  • The hunt for Josh's murderer goes on. Amanda, Martha, Robbie and Tasha are
    all suspected of being the killer at various points, but all leads turn out to
    be dead.
  • The Holden's move in with the Hunter's.
  • VJ suffers alcohol poisoning whilst under Dan's supervision. Dan goes off
    the rails and crashes his car into a tree and falls into a coma.
  • Cassie and Macca get together.
  • Dom torments Ric, by playing pranks on him at the garage.