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The Storm

Guest Stefan

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Sally gets up off the coach and walks outside; she leans against the post and starts to cry after what Flynn has just told her. She looks up at the sky just as it starts to rain; her tears are no longer visible.

Meanwhile Graham and Amanda walk out of the church, happily married. Beth and Tony walk out behind them.

“Dad, you do not know what you are doing!†Beth says.

“Beth I know perfectly well what I am doing, I do not need you telling me what to do!†Graham says back.

“But Dad she is using—“She starts saying but Graham cuts her off.

“Beth just leave, will youâ€.

Beth looks at her father with tears starting to form in her eyes, she shakes them off. Beth looks at Tony and walks away.

Leah continues to lie on the bed; the pregnancy test is now lying on the floor. There is a knock at the door. She is tempted not to answer, but then a voice calls out.

“Leah? Are you in there?â€

Leah gets up off the bed and goes to the door. She makes it doesn’t look like she has been crying before she opens the door and in the doorway is her old friend Rachael.

“Rachael! What are you doing here?†Leah says.

“I just got a job at the hospital!†Rachael replies.

“Sorry, come on in!†Leah says moving to the side of the door, allowing Rachael to step inside.

Robbie gets up off the couch. He cannot accept what Tasha has just done. He knows he can’t just give up. He has to fight!

He walks out of the surf club and into the pouring rain to go find Tasha.

Irene is cleaning up the mess left over from the going away party for Hayley and Scott. When Robbie comes bursting in the door. He is drenched.

“Where’s Tasha?†He says.

“What the hell happened to you? You know better than to go for a jog in weather like this!†Irene says. She goes and gets a towel for Robbie.

“Irene have you seen Tasha?†Robbie asks again.

“No, Love I haven’t, I thought she was with you†Irene says, handing a towel to Robbie.

Robbie puts the towel down and runs back outside.

“Where are you off to now? You’re going to catch a death of a cold!†Irene shouts after Robbie.

Martha and Jack are sitting on the couch at Jack’s house. They are watching a movie when the power cuts out.

“That’s just great†Martha says

“Well, I guess we could do something else instead†Jack says with a smile.

“That Movie wasn’t that great anyway. What do you have in mind?†Martha leans in closer.

“I can think of a couple of things†Jack says with a big grin.

As they lean in to kiss a huge crack of thunder goes through the air.

Martha jumps and falls into jack’s lap.

“This wasn’t what I had in mind, But if you want to†Jack says.

Martha stands up.

Martha looks out the window.

“Wow, it’s really bucketing out there!†She says.

Just as a tree branch comes flying through the window.

The Window Crashes

Martha cries out “JACK!â€

Next Episode Is Martha OK. The storm gets worse. Will Robbie find tasha? Sally prepares for the saddest night in her life.

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The storm

Jack rushes to Martha.

“Are you Ok? He says, kneeling down and holding Martha’s head.

“Yeah… I’m Fine†Martha groans.

She tries to get up but fall back down, she winces in pain.

“I have a pain in my leg!†Martha says.

Jack looks at her leg and we see Martha has a big shard of glass sticking out of her leg.

“We have to get you to the hospital†Jack says as he puts his arm around Martha preparing to lift her up.

As they both stand up, a violent wind blows through the broken window, knocking over a heap of stuff..

“It looks Like we are not going anywhere†Martha says “Your going to have to pull it outâ€

Jack begins to protest but Martha cuts him off.

“Jack, Please!â€

“Ok†Jack replies and he moves her to the couch.

Jack quickly runs into the bathroom and gets a towel (he is in a hurry).

He kneels down, and looks up at Martha.

“Just do it!†Martha yells.

Jack grabs hold of the glass, and pulls it out.

Kylie bursts into the room, she saw Kim enter about 15 minutes ago. He is sitting down and appears to be having a good time. He breathes out some smoke. Kylie looks at Kim questioningly.

“Kim, what are you doing?†Kylie asks.

“Drowning my sorrows†Kim replies, he is rocking and appears to be disorientated.

“He’s doing more than that!†replies some other guy in the room.

“Well, I think he has had enough†Kylie says.

“Don’t tell him what to do†replies the same guy.

“Kim gets up and walks over to Kylie.

“I will leave…†He pauses for a moment (he clearly is having trouble talking), “… When I am readyâ€

Kylie looks at Kim for a moment and walks away.

Kim looks down the corridor at Kylie before closing the door.

Amanda comes into the lounge room where Graham is trying to fix the TV; she has just had a shower.

“I feel great now†She says, sitting down on the couch.

“Do you now?†He says. “I actually might have one; this TV won’t be fixed until this storm stopsâ€

Amanda smiles at him and replies “Go ahead, I’ll get us some drinks, and we can have a nice quiet nightâ€

“I Like that idea†He replies and he gets up and walks out of the room.

Amanda’s smile vanishes and she gets up of the couch and gets her phone. She dials in some numbers and puts it to her ear.

“Josh, its Amanda†She says with a smile.

Sally returns inside. Flynn is no longer on the couch, for a moment she has an awful feeling in her stomach. She walks up the stairs and walks over to Pippa’s room. She looks in the door and sees Flynn standing next to Pippa’s Bed, He is crying and mumbling.

“Pippa, you’re my angel. I love you so muchâ€

Sally begins to cry and walks in the room.

“Oh Flynn†She says and runs over to him.

They embrace and Sally begins to calm down.

She looks at Flynn and says “Flynn, do you really want this?â€

“I do, Sally. I don’t want to become any sicker†He says, shaking his head.

“Are you going to tell Ric and Cassie?†She asks. She looks like she is going to start crying again.

“It would be best I don’t†He says.

Sally nods and walks out.

Flynn turns back to Pippa and kisses her on the head.

“I love you so much†He whispers.

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Ok people Part 3! Enjoy

The Storm“No He’s just gone to have a shower†Amanda says to Josh on the phone.

“Yes, the plan worked. The old guy has no idea what’s going on†Amanda says.

She turns to the window and looks out. We see Graham walk into the room.

“I will get the money first thing tomorrow†She says smiling. “Graham won’t know a thingâ€

Amanda turns and jumps when she sees Graham.

“Josh, I have to go†Amanda hangs up.

“Beth was right about you, wasn’t she?†He says.

“Graham, it’s not what it looks like†She says. She looks at him with loving eyes.

“I was-“she starts but Graham cuts her off.

“Beth was right. They all were†He says and walks out.

Amanda puts the phone down and chases after Graham.

Ric and Cassie are in a caravan. They are sitting on the bed.

“We will have to stay here, it’s too hard to get to the house now†Cassie says.

“The house isn’t that far away†Ric says “we could—“Ric pauses and looks out the window.

“Do you here that?†He says.

“Ric it’s raining like mad, I can’t hear anything else†Cassie says.

Then suddenly a loud Bang occurs. Ric and Cassie grab each other and fall on the bed.

Robbie stops the car and gets out. He runs to the gate and opens it. None of the believers are at the farm.

“Tasha!†He yells.

He runs along the path, he trips and falls into the mud. We see from out of the clearing we see Jonah run out. He runs over to Robbie.

“What are you doing here?†He yells at Robbie.

“Where is Tasha?†Robbie yells back, picking himself up from the ground.

“I said where is she?†Robbie yells again.

“Just leave Robbie, she is staying with us†Jonah yells as Tasha runs out of the clearing. (Robbie is unaware of this)

Robbie pauses for a moment then lunges at Jonah.

“Where is she?†He yells as he tries to punch Jonah.

Jonah pushes Robbie forward and Robbie trips and falls into the Raging stream.

“ROBBIE!†Tasha screams “Help him Jonahâ€

Jonah just stands there as Robbie tries to reach the edge. Robbie is unable to reach the edge and just as he is about to go under a hand is pulls in front of him. He grabs it and we see Tasha pulling him in.

“Come on Robbie†She says.

Sally walks into the kitchen just as Colleen and Alf come bursting in the door.

“Alf, what are you doing here?†Sally says, glancing up stairs.

“You gotta be kidding me, there’s a flaming storm going on out there?†Alf says.

“I got word from Bob that they have issued a cyclone warningâ€

“A cyclone?†Sally says just as Flynn comes down the stairs. He shoves something in his pocket.

“Flynn there’s a cyclone heading this way, I have to go get Pippa†Sally says and she goes up the stairs.

“Are you ok Doctor Saunders?†Colleen says. â€You don’t look that goodâ€

“I’m fine Colleen†Flynn says while he moves something in his pockets.

Sally comes back down the stairs with a sleeping Pippa in her arms.

“What do we do Alf?†She says.

“Well, we are going to head to the surf club†He replies. “Where are young Ric and Cassie?â€

“I don’t know†Sally says, looking worried. She looks at Flynn “Have you seen them?â€

Flynn shakes his head.

“We have to go find them†Sally says.

“Chances are they are safe and well†Colleen says “When I was young I always kept out of dangerâ€

Sally looks at Alf and Alf looks back at Sally

Kim walks out of the house and he starts walking down the stairs. It flashes then to Kim walking down a street. He stops and sways then hits the ground.

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