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Detective Peter Baker Is Back!

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a sliver car pulls up out side the dinner and peter baker steps out of the car(his phone rings).

He picks up the phone and says 'senior detective baker' he then says 'ill be right there' he quickly get in to his car and drives off.

Pete drives to leah house and finds her sitting on her sofa crying her eyes out. he starts to hug her and says ' i no what it feels like me and claire have gone our seperate ways' leah crys even more and kinda falls into pete lap and he carrys on hugging her, he then says to leah ill allways be here for you no matter what you no that dont you' she says 'thanks pete' pete then starts to get tears in his eyes and he just hold leah for about 10 minutes. pete phone rings and he doesnt pick up leah says 'you must pick it up it might be important'. pete says 'all that is important to me today is to make sure your ok'


could pete be in danger

what was the phone call about

who is back in town

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After about 10 seconds of staring into eachothers eyes. Pete cant help but take that stern look from leah seriously so goes to pick up his phone.

he answers but the phone goes dead. Pete looks up at Leah. Leah says to him 'Who was it'? He looks away from Leah. Leah says 'Pete? Whats the matter'?

As they hug again..theres a knock on the door.

pete's phone rings again as he goes to pick up it goes dead again leah gets up to answer the door and as she opens it she shouts PETE......

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