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This fic is about Clare's childhood when she's 15, and well, Pete, too I suppose! I know I already have a fic and I will keep going with it, but I wanted to post this.


Part One




Clare Brody lay awake on her bed watching her 9 month old baby daughter, Becky sleep then she heard a bang.

Her 19 year old sister, Kate came barging in her room.


Clare: You’re not my mother!

Kate: No, mum and dad are dead, Clare.

Clare: I have a baby to look after!

Kate: And whose faults that?

Clare: (sit up) what are you on about, Kate?

Kate: If you had waited until you were 16 to sleep with that bloke, Peter Baker, of yours this would never have happened!

Baby Becky then awoke, screaming, to hear the words “Becky was an accident, but I still love her with all my heart, so does Pete!"

Kate: Get Becky ready then you can drop her off at the nursery then go to school.

Clare: Pete loves me Kate, and I love him, so does Becky!

Becky obviously agreed as she started gurgling upon hearing her dad's name, she loved him, so much!



Peter Baker stood at his locker, standing still thinking about his gorgeous girlfriend, Clare Brody and his daughter, Becky Baker when a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

Clare: Hey Pete.

Pete turned around and replied by kissing Clare gently on the lips and saying;

Pete: Hey babes! How's Becky this morning?

Clare: Fine, Kate was having a go at ME this morning though, she's the one who tried to sleep with you!

Pete: That was a long time ago, Hun, I love you, and you know that!

Clare: Your coming to see Becky tonight aren't you? You can come with me to pick her up at the nursery if ya want.

Pete smiled and dreamed of his daughter's future.

Pete: That'd be great!

The bell for classes to begun then rang and Clare Brody and Peter Baker departed their seperate ways, both longing to see their little girl.


Hope you liked, more soon!

x x x x

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New part!




Clare and Peter stood by Clare's locker, talking about summink random when Mrs Mullins came up to them.

Mrs Mullins: Sorry to interrupt, but we've just had some news for you both.

Clare: Is it Becky?

Peter: Is she okay?

Mrs Mullins: Miss Brody, your house caught fire and Becky and Kate where both trapped in the fire, despite the fire crew and ambulance crews very best efforts, they where unable to retrive Kate and Becky.I'm very sorry.

Clare and Peter stood there in silence, trying to take this terrible news in. Clare just stood there, the pain overtaking her mind. Peter stood there, he knew what he was thinking, and only one word rang in his head.






After several minutes Mrs Mullins broke the silence.

Mrs Mullins: Clare, Peter, I sugguest you go to the hospital, Kate and Becky's bodies will reamain there until arrangememnts can be made.

Clare: How did it start?

Mrs Mullins: The fire crew are still carrying out an investigation but they think the course of the fire was a gas leak, it ripped throught the entire house. We won't be expecting you in school for a while, so, do you have a place to stay?

Clare stayed silent, unable to collect her thoughts.

Peter: I'm sure you can stay at mine.

Mrs Mullins: Mr Baker, your parents have been already been alerted of this news, they are at the hospital , already.

As Mrs Mullins walked away, Peter and Clare remained silent until several minutes later, when Clare dropped into Peter's arms, devestated by this recent tragedy.

For the rest of the day Mrs Mullins thought continualsally about that little girl who had just lost her little girl. Clare had been throught so much, only 4 months ago it was that her parents died and her other sister, Laura, died of cancer a month ago, she was only 6.

Clare would never rest in peace.


Sorry about the speeling mistakes, more soon!

x x x x

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I got a new part, and this part is dedicated to Tasha (~Natasha~), so, here ya go...





Clare Baker lay on her hospital bed after giving birth to her second children, sextuplets(6) and she wondered if she could cope, she was on her way to start a new life in Summer Bay with her husband, Peter Baker, of course, she was delighted but she could only think of 1 name for her four daughters ...Becky.

As soon as Peter entered the room his face fell as he realised their was only one thing on his wife's mind at the very moment.

Peter: babe, I know this is hard for you after, well, you know who, but we'll cope, I promise.

Clare: (turn around) That's what I didn't want to happen, Peter, I wanted us to always be able to say her name, to only think of the good times we had with her, to let her rest in peace instead of us fearing to say that we want her back, that no baby can repleace Becky.

Peter: Clare, nobody can replace Becky, but you have 4 beautiful daughters and 2 beautiful sons out there waiting for you to realise Becky lives on in them, she will always be part of them, part of you, part of me, and part of Becky.

Clare: (whisper) I know.



Clare and Peter entered their children's room and stood over their cots, but the little, smiling girls caught Clare's eyes, she whispered one word when she saw them and then she smiled.

Clare: Becky.

Peter: I told you, they've all got Becky in them, Clare, (quick) but you can't call any of them Becky.

Clare: (laugh) I know, but, it's strange, seeing my baby girls' faces I can talk easier, I don't feel so bad about having more children, I know she doesn't mind.

Clare and Peter laughed and smiled as they watched and named their new children, then, Clare saw it, she saw a little girl, who loked about 6 or 7, standing next to her, putting her arm round her, she then felt a huge relief and then thought she knew who it was, she thought it was Becky.

Then after staring in to one of the girl's cots and looking deep into her eyes, she realised, that little girl wasn't Becky, it was one of her little sisters, proving to Clare she was living on Becky, that was baby Emily. As Clare saw the girl fade in front of her eyes, she thought she would feel bad again, but, no, this was a sign that Becky was there too, looking after them.

Sarah Michelle Baker.

Joshua Daniel Baker.

Chloe Ashleigh Baker.

Kayla Rochelle Baker.

Luke Maxwell Baker.

Emily Jasmine Baker.


More soon

x x x x

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