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Fri 25 Nov 05 - “The "Calm" Before The Storm !!&#3

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The "Calm" Before The Storm !!!"

Author Notes - the 1-st bit of ep guide is in sequence, and then I splinter back into individual storylines - beginning with Flynn’s collapse. Btw, for much of this ep, the action was V frenetic, i.e. only a minute or so before quickly moving onto another storyline. Hope that explanation made sense.

Everyone is at the beach house for Scott & hayley's farewell party. Scott & Hayley comment that Tilly was great today (at unseen christening) as the godmother.

Nearby, Robbie comments to Tash that its going to be difficult to be baby Noah’s godfather when the child is on the other side of the world.

Back to Tilly & Luke, who comment that Jack & Martha should admit that they like each other and get back together, whilst nearby, Leah is totally avoiding Dan.

Tash hear her phone beep - she goes outside. It’s Jonah - he wants to meet her at surf club. Tash resists, but a 2nd message convinces her to hear what Jonah has to say - so she slips away form the party.

Meanwhile, Alf tells all that Hayley & Scott have to be going - so the speeches begin. Irene speaks of her great praise of the woman that Hayley has become, whilst Hayley tells all of the great relationship that she's had with the woman she now thinks of as he mum, Irene.

All of this is too much for Beth, who is already in tears as she tries to give her speech about her departing son. Beth gets in just a few words before really starts to cry, she then hugs Scott.

After Hayley & Scott have said their goodbye (note - I’m REALLY going to miss ESL) and have gone, Kimmy leaves to go out with Kylie - and Flynn collapses.

When we returned form the ad break, Sally & Alf insist Flynn as they enter the van park house. When Alf has gone, and Ric & Cassie are out of the room, Flynn apologises for what happened. Sally insists that there is no need to apologise.

A little later, Flynn insists to sally that he is getting worse by the day, and he doesn't want to been remembered this way. Flynn insists that he wants to take the morphine now.

At the surf club, Amanda leaves Graham's side, and Josh approaches her. Josh says that Morag actually does know part of the real project 56 and they need to get the funding to start it now. Josh insists that Amanda has to go faster (with Graham). Amanda wonders how this can be achieved without being suspicious. Josh insists that Amanda has to marry Graham ASAP. Amanda is surprised but suggests that she has a plan.

When Graham & Amanda return to the flat, Amanda wonders if graham is going to have 2nd thoughts about their engagement when it becomes public knowledge. Graham (who has totally fallen for her trap) insists that there's a way that neither of them can back out of the engagement. Graham suggests that they should get marries ASAP. Amanda acts shocked - but she is V pleased (more of THAT Amanda "gotcha" smile).

As they head towards the registry office, Beth & Tony are talking at the hunter house. They both comment on a storm that's brewing (thunder, lightening, rain). Beth spills some milk - which leads to her & Tony kissing. This is broken up by Jack & Martha enters. Jack tells them that they encounters someone who said that Manda & Graham were after direction to the yabby creek registry office.

At the office, Graham (dressed in a suit) & Amanda (in a strapless, awesome, scarlet dress) tell the registry woman that they want to get marries tonight.

The ceremony begins - and continues to the point where they are about to do the "I do's", Tony & Beth burst into the room. They demand in to be stopped - but Graham insists that the wedding should continue. The celebrant announced them as husband & wife. Graham & Amanda kiss - and as Amanda looks over graham shoulder (as they hug), Amanda smugly smiles at Beth !!!!!

Tash goes to the surf club and meets up with Jonah. He tries to convince her that she needs to follow her heart - and be with the Believers. Tash insists that she has to respect Robbie’s wishes. Jonah suggests that if Robbie truly loves her, he'll allow her to follow her dreams etc. Tash says that she will think about it - and convinces Jonah to go.

Moments later, Robbie enters the surf club. Tash tells him that she needed to go for a walk. Tash then reveals that she' been speaking to Jonah. Robbie takes offence to this - and gives her the "believers or me" ultimatum. Tash tells Robbie that if that's his stance, then she chooses the believers. Robbie can't believe it as tash walk away form him.

Leah & Dan return to their house. Dan wants to talk about their relationship. Leah doesn’t want to - and insist that they are OVER. When Dan exits the room, Dan starts to cry. She then opens the bedside drawer. She removes a letter - and begins toy cry even more. We then see the contents of the letter - it says that the IVF has worked, i.e. Leah is preggers !!!!

When Kimmy goes to the party he meets up with Kylie. He isn't keen when she offers him some drugs - but reluctantly agrees to have some.

Soon after, Kimmy looks very worse for wear. Kylie suggests that a friend of hers can help Kimmy with his illness. Kimmy reluctantly again - and goes into a room with this male friend of Kylie's.

In the final scene, we see in hospital in the city. A nurse is tending to an unknown male patient. As the nurse turns around the patient refers to her as an angel. The nurse approaches the darkly lit doorway of the room, we see the nurse's face - it looks like Zoë/Eve (note 1 - end of ep. note 2 - is it REALLY Zoë, or is this a delusion - of Kimmy’s)


When the show returns in 2006, the BIG storm hits. Someone won't make it (ie someone is going to die) !!!!! Interestingly the preview it one of the 2 new female characters that I’ve read about on this web site

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I live in Wellington (NZ) but am moving to Melbourne in Feb, so have been reading the episode guides to try and catch up before I move...we are about 3months behind. Can anyone tell me approx when the 2006 season starts?

Thank you so much JosieTash for the great summaries, you have saved my life!


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I can't wait to see what happen when Home and Away returns in January 2006.

From what I could see in the preview it looks like the lives of at least three young Summer Bay residence will be left hanging in the balance; Those being the lives of Dan Baker, Robbie Hunter and Flynn Saunders, and one of them won't make it.

Given that Joel McElroy, who plays Flynn, is reported to be leaving the hit show. My reckoning is that it will be him, but I could be proven wrong. :(

Look forward to seeing the return of Home and Away in 2006 for another spectacular year.


P.S. Will be most interested to see where the Kim Hyde storyline goes next year and could Zoe/Eve really be back or is it all just a figment of someones imagination.

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Wow sounds like agreat episode. I'm hagey and I'm new to the forum. I love Home and Away and live in the UK we're just about to see the 4000th episode where Chloe dies and can't belive that I have to wait until next May tosee this episode.

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