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Bec's bump due

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Bec's bump due

From: From Sydney Confidential

November 18, 2005

THE nation's million dollar baby yesterday took what looks like being its last ride around town in Mum Bec Cartwright's belly.

The most-photographed bump of the decade looks just about ready to lob into the world.

Mum and Dad Lleyton Hewitt spent yesterday at a northern Sydney hospital for their final check-up.

Following the appointment the couple headed to Blumenthal Photography in Rose Bay, where Cartwright had a Demi Moore-style photograph of her pregnant figure taken.

As any self-respecting glossy mag reader would know, the couple's entire romance has been played out through exclusive, cash-for-story deals.

Thanks to Woman's Day's latest $1 million injection, they are now nudging $2 million all up - hence the seven photographers on their trail all day yesterday.

Since we've lived through the first date, the engagement and, let's face it, been moved to tears by Bec's witty wedding poem, it's something of our national duty to help name this child.

Kim and Beau are probably out, so here's a few we think they'd like.

For a girl: Eponie Rae, Shaylene, Narelle, Sharney, Tiarnah or Angel.

And for a boy: Braydon, Jaydon, Gavin, Shayne, Wazza, Gareth, Tyson or Corey.

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