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Temptation feels the heat from Summer Bay

Guest Andy

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Home and Away moves past Temptation

Terry Television.com

21 October 2005

The Seven Network should feel more than a little chuffed.

One of its stalwart programs is showing signs of renewed life, despite having a high profile program pitched against it, not to mention the naughty folk of Big Brother.

The 7pm weeknightly battle between Seven's soap, Home and Away and Nine's revamped game show, Temptation (really Sale of the Century) has taken an interesting turn in the past six weeks, with a sudden widening of the gap in favour of the kids of Summer Bay.

Thursday night seems to have been a bit of climax in the shift as Home and Away opened up a 40% gap in the respective audiences.

The Seven soap was the second most popular program on the night with 1.509 million viewers. Temptation was the 10th most watched with 1.079 million.

The past month has seen Home and Away as one of the three most popular programs on quite a few week nights.

That gap of 430,000 viewers Thursday night means that since it started in may, Temptation's audience has slowly fallen, while Home and Away's dipped then rebounded.

Home and Away has survived the departure of Rebecca Hewitt and the arrival of her replacement. In fact the figures have improved since that swap happened.

Temptation started in May with a first week audience average of 1.4 million, which is where Nine wanted it to be. Its peak was 1.41 million. Last week it averaged 1.19 million, the week before 1.33 million.

It’s had a couple of very good winners in that time which have helped boost viewers, but only on one night. The casual viewers do not return the next few nights, preferring to tune in to get the big prize going off.

In contrast Home and Away trailed Temptation at the start. Home and Away's audience averaged 1.23 million the week Temptation started, trailed, and then started building about two months later. Its audience last week averaged 1.47 million people.

Home and Away has added around 200,000 people in that time to its audience levels, Temptation has lost between 70,000 and 200,000, depending on the week you use.

Ten's Big brother was a major factor in viewing habits at 7 pm when Temptation kicked off but it ran a distant third to the programs on Nine and Seven.

Now Ten is showing repeats of Everyone Loves Raymond at 7 pm and the audience is down 300,000 or so some weeks on what it was when Big Brother was in full swing.

Last night Home and Away doubled Raymond's audience.

But for Nine to contend with as 2006 approaches. Temptation is doing the job, but in terms of viewing levels, it’s starting to get expensive.

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