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Alf still hot stuff away from home

Guest Andy

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Alf still hot stuff away from home


The Courier-Mail

11 October 2005

STREUTH, you would've thought Sitar Indian restaurant in Albion was the flamin' Summer Bay diner on Sunday night -- blow us down if that wasn't Alf Stewart sitting at a table, hooking into some chicken tikka and a few wines.

Alf, who at home answers to the name Ray Meagher, is quite the regular to Brisbane -- family all over the place. His brother, you realise, is the old Ekka boss Colin Meagher.

Loves his Indian, Alf. Goes to Sitar all the time. And talk about crowd pleaser -- he even obliged one of the camera phone photographers in the place with a telegenic wave. Home and Away. With you each day.

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