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Where Are You Now

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hey i wrote a fanfic, tell me what you think.

Chapter 1: Why?

She didn’t knew what was going on, why was this happening. They hadn’t hurt anyone, why? She saw Sarah walk around, how could she stay so calm. She looked around, she saw flyn, sally en Leah worried because V.J. and pipa were in the other room. She looked to Scott, she wanted to calm him down tell him it wasn’t his fault, but she didn’t want to let go of Noah. She looked at Noah, she loved him. He knew that. But right now, there was no time enough no words to tell him how much she loved him. Why?

Finally, she knew she was mad at her father but right now there was no time for that. Because her friends were in danger, she had to get there. Scott oh scott she couldn’t handel it if he would die, or Hayley that would be the worst. Oh god, or Noah. Please don’t let it be Noah, not her friend. Not Hayley’s husband. Sally & Flyn were the hearth of Summer Bay and Jesse and Leah were her friends. Oh god please protect them. God why did she write that article, this was all her fault. Kirsty oh no, everybody but not Kirsty not her little sister. And she never thought she would think this but it couldn’t be Kane either. Why?

Minuts had passed, minuts that had seemed so long. Minuts that felt like hours. ‘I’m going to step forward.’ She looked at Noah, no not her Noah, she needed him. NO! ‘I love you.’ Tic tac minuts kept tikking away. OH god sombody please save us, she grapt Noah never wanting to let him go.

Across the room Kirsty helt Kane close. She looked frightend at Sarah. She helt Kane close not wanting to loose him. How could Sarah do this? She thougth of her family, afraid she would never see them again. Her parents, how mad she was at them, how much she hated them didn’t matter at that moment. Jade, god if she would see Jade again, it didn’t matter she wasn’t her sister in blood, she was her sister in hearth. Dani, after everything that happend, after everything with Kane. It didn’t matter, she needed her big sister. Oh god, what if she would never see them again? Not Max, not Dylan, not Laura not Beth. Oh god help us. Why?

Dani stopped her car ouside leah’s hous. Her father was sitting next to her. From far away she heard him say that they schould wait for the police. She wasn’t going to wait for them. Her sister was in there, her friends her boyfriends. She wasn’t going to wait. She run to the house, begging god please let them still be alive.

Hayley screamed after Noah when he ran to Sarah. Please protect him god please protect him. She saw Sarah run out, she heart Jesse scream after her to stay where she was, she wouldn’t. She wasn’t staying there because she saw Noah run after Sarah. Without thinking what was going to happen, without thinking at all. Jesse followed her.

Dani finally arived at the house. She saw the door open, she saw Sarah, she had heard no shots maybe that meant nobody got hurt. She saw Sarah reconized her as the girl who wrote the article. She saw Sarah point the gun at her. She schaked her head begging her not to. But deep inside she thougth if anybody was going to get shot, better her then sombody else. She looked Sarah in the eyes, still begging her.

Noah was so afraid. Afraid he would die, afraid he would loose sombody he loved. But most, afraid he would loose Hayley. He didn’t wanted to die, he didn’t wanted to leave her. But if he could save her life by dying, he would without thinking. He ran after Sarah, and he saw her point his gun at Dani. No, he wouldn’t let Dani die either. She was his friend, beside she was Hayley’s best friend. He screamed Sarah’s name. She turned around and pointed her gun at him. Shot! Before he died, he could see all those happy moments. When he met Hayley, when they got back together there mariage. Everything, before he closed his eyes Hayley was al he saw. He heard Dani scream ‘nooooooooooooo’ then he died.

Hayley followd Noah, afraid of what might happen to him. She saw him scream at Sarah, she saw Sarah turn around. She wanted to warn him, tell him to lie down. But she was to late. A shot, she heard Dani scream. She saw Noah drop to the floor. She looked straigth at Sarah, she saw Sarah point the gun at her own head and shoot. Sarah dropped dead on the floor, Jesse appeared next to her, telling her how sorry he was. It was only then that she reacted, that she realized what had happend. ‘Noah,’ she ran to him, but she was to late. She saw Flyn arive next to her, seeing if there was nothing he could do. He looked at her ‘I’m sorry Hayley.’ ‘No, no.’ She shaked Noah’s boddy ‘Wake up, noah, noah.’ Dani sat down next to her. ‘No!, Noah noah please don’t leave me.’ She started crying andt light her haid on him. Why, why Noah? Why?

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here's the second chapter

He’s ok

She looked around. She saw Sally sitting next to Flyn, trying to convince him to lay low. She knows how Sally feels, because she’s afraid Noah won’t lay low. She sees Jesse, her best friend, reaching out to Sally to keep her safe. She knows they’re all worried, because V.J. and Pipa are in the other room. She sees Leash lying on Peter, worried sick. She sees Kirsty grabbing Kane terrified. She sees Scott sitting against the wall, blaming himself. She wants to tell him it’s not his fault, but she can’t. She looks at Noah, she hasn’t been more worried her entire life.

“30 secondsâ€

She looks up, she sees Sarah walking. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t care about any of them.

Noah looks around. He sees the determination on the faces of the guys. The same determination he feels right now. The determination that no matter what happens next, no matter what Sarah does, their loved ones are going to make it through this. But they’re all here for no reason, nobody in this room deserves to die. Sally & Flyn have Pipa, they deserve to live. Scott, Jesse have a life and V.J. needs Leah. He can’t loose another parent. Even Kane deserves a life after everything that happened with Kirsty. He looks at Hayley, the love of his life. He would give his life for her, without a doubt. He wasn’t going to loose her not matter what. He didn’t wanted to leave her either. This couldn’t be happening.


Kirsty grabbed Kane, as if holding him close would protect him. She wasn’t going to loose him. Kane felt Kirsty behind him, and felt her hands grab him. She was going to make it through this. If he had to, he would die for her. But she was going to make it through tis.


Scott looked at Sarah. Then he looked around, looking at all of them. His friends. Nobody deserved to die. But if somebody should die, it had to be him. He had brought he in there. It was all his fault. But he had been so afraid, so afraid she was going to hurt Dani. His Dani. He looked down, it was all his fault.


Jesse looked around. Everybody that mattered to him was sitting in this room. His family. Leah, they broke up but that didn’t mean that he didn’t love her. He did, she was important. Hayley & Noah, his best friend. Kane & kirsty, Scott, Sally & Flyn. He reached out to Sally, she had to make it through this, she was the hearth of summer bay.


Leah looked at Peter. She wanted him to wake up, to tell her that what he said was true. To tell her that Vinnie was alive. After all this time. She had looked for him and a part had never given up. V.J. needed his father, she needed him. Peter please wake up.


Flyn thought of Sally. The love of his live, he had never loved somebody so much like he loved Sally. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t going to loose her. He didn’t wanted to leave her, but if it was necessary he would die for her.

Sally looked at Flyn, she tried to reach him but Jesse was holding her back. She couldn’t loose him. She needed him, Pipa needed him. Oh god, please protect hime.


Hayley looked up, noah was standing. Suddenly all the guys got in action. They all attacked Sarah, but Sarah fought back. All the girls around her where screaming. Noah ran out to. She screamed after him, but he didn’t listen. She saw Sarah run out, and she saw Noah go after her. And then she moved. She didn’t wanted to loose him. She ran after Noah & Jesse followed her.

Sarah stopped jus leaving the door. Dani stood in front of her, shaking her head begging her not to. But sarah didn’t care, somebody had to pay for Felix dead. And if that somebody was an innocent then to bad. She pointed the gun to dani. Noah arrived after her, screaming out Sarah’s name. Sarah turned around pointing her gun at Noah now, somebody had to pay it didn’t matter who. Hayley looked at Noah, she wanted to scream out his name, tell him to get down. Jesse arrived next to her, pushing her on the floor. He ran to Noah, grabt him. A shot. Hayley looked up, she saw Sarah points the gun at her head and shoots. Hayley runs to Jesse and Noah. Noah got up, ‘I’m ok, calm down, I’m ok.’ She sat down beside him. She hugs him, he was ok. She heard both Jesse and Flyn say to her they where sorry but she didn’t understand why. Noah was fine. She looked at Noah and she smiled, Noah smiled back. Suddenly she hears sirens in the back, then she gets back to the harsh reality.

Noah wasn’t ok, he was dead. Nobody had saved him, she gets tears in her eyes. NO, she can’t believe it.

She looks again at Noah, she smiled he was ok. She wanted to believe this, she didn’t wanted to believe the truth. It was easier to believe in a fantasy. She smiled.

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Here is the thirth chapter

Chapter 3: The funeral

It was quiet. The last few days it had rained. There had even been a big storm. But now everything was calm again. It had only been a few days since that tragic day. Days that had seemed longer then they had ever been. Days that had seemed like months but it had only been a few days. The longest days Summer Bay has ever known. The longest days she, Hayley, had ever known.

A few days ago Sarah had got her revenge, in the worst possible way. Sarah had taken the life of an innocent, the life of a men they all loved. Somebody that had lived there so long, that it seemed impossible to imagine a Summer Bay without him. Noah Lawson.

It had been hard on everyone , but the hardest on Hayley. She had lost the thing she loved most in the world. But there was something wrong, everybody saw it but nobody said a word. She didn’t cry, she didn’t realise. For her nothing had ever happened. She was living in a fantasy in witch Noah had never died and was simply by her side. Sometimes something brought her back to reality. A part of her did knew and that part sometimes brought her back to reality. But not for long. Because for her it was to hard to know the truth. It hurts to much to know that he was dead, it was easier to believe in a fantasy.

Kit steps of the bus. She looks around, Summer Bay. God. She loved this town and she loved being back, she just wished it was for another reason. Not for Noah’s dead. She remembered how she first got here. Noah had been the only one in this town that had never given up on her. The first men she had ever loved. She walked to the ocean, why Noah, why?

Everybody gathered up on the mountains for Noah’s funeral. Kit and Dani were standing next to Hayley. Hayley looked at the ocean not wanting to realise what was happening what was going on. She heart Scott speech, very far away. As if he was standing very far from her, but he was standing next to her. Scott handed her the urn, that’s where she realised why she was here.

The funeral was over everybody went home. Hayley was sitting in her room. She looked around, it hurts it hurts so much. She closed her eyes.

Suddenly she felt his arms around her. She opened her eyes. ‘Noah, Noah you’re ok.’ ‘of course I’m ok, don’t you remember. Jesse saved me. Everything will be fine.’ Hayley closed her eyes and hugs him. Never wanting to let him go. They lied on the bed, talking and laughing. After a while Hayley fell asleep. When Dani walked by, she decided to go check if everything was ok. She walked in her room finding Hayley asleep on her bed in such a way that it seemed as if she was hugging someone.

When Hayley woke up the next morning she didn’t see Noah, for a second she thought something was wrong. But then she saw him coming out of the bathroom. He looked at her and he smiled, she smiled back.

Scott and Dani were sitting downstairs they saw Hayley come down. Dani smiled at her, Hayley smiled back. ‘We’re going to the surf club.’ ‘We?’ Dani looked at her as if she didn’t knew who she was talking about. But she realised very quickly she was talking about Noah ‘Sure, have fun.’ Dani and Scott looked at each other, very worried about Hayley. But Hayley walked out of the palace, with Noah on her side happier then she had ever been.

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