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Hidden Feelings

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Hope you enjoy our fiction, read, review and most of all enjoy....


Thousands of thoughts were running through his mind with every last trickle of alcohol sliding down his pint glass. Although sat in Noah’s now, his mind was on moments passed, moments that seemed insignificant at the time but were now etched at the front of his mind. How would he tell Rob, how would he react to this news? He could jeopardise the whole friendship group. Were these feelings worth that? Were these feelings worth anything at all or was it just the alcohol talking?

Sliding off his seat Kim turned to walk along the beach back home. The sound of the waves lapping softly bought his mind back to the crackling of the campfire just a few weeks ago. The shore disappeared from him and again he was sat in the balmy air talking the night away with his two best friends. Kim had spent the night tossing and turning in his tent thinking about Robbie, thinking about how much he admired his best friend. Robbie cared for Tasha in a way that Kim had longed somebody to care for him. Those eyes pierced the back of his eyelids every time he had tried to shut his eyes. Those eyes bore the soul of whom he longed for his to become entwined with. Simultaneously with the sound of a crashing wave it hit Kim. He sank slowly to the sandy shore covering his face with his hands. These pangs he felt he now realised to be far from jealousy, but a fondness and an admiration that ran deeper than he was previously prepared to let anybody other than himself venture into. He could cry a million tears, wait a million years but if he thought that time would change his feelings, he couldn’t wait that long. He had seen it for himself, the sensations he felt when in their presence could dance him to the end of love and beyond. These were just the qualities he had wanted in a life partner, and that partner had been in front of his very eyes the whole time.

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Over at the Hunters Robbie lay mirroring Kims actions of several weeks ago. He was laying awake tossing and turning, reflecting on his actions of the past few days. It was when they were camping that he had first noticed it, and from then it had developed. The way that he felt butterflies whenever Kim smiled at him and how his spine tingled when Kim brushed past him. He couldnt explain it. He was just sure that the pair had a connection that ran deeper than anything he had ever experienced before.

He had even given up Tasha for him. Something he never thought he would do. He had distanced himself until finally she snapped and left him. He knew this time there was no going back; he had gone further than the point of no return. If he was honest with himself, he loved Tasha-but only like a sister. He replayed the night he had fallen asleep watching Kims chest rising and falling in a peaceful sleep that he felt was love for sure. The way that Kim had brushed against him when they were living together, that was love too. With Tasha it was never the same; he had never quite had these deep feelings with her. It had come as a relief almost, when she left the bay to stay with Josie for a while.

Now though he had to face up to things and figure out what to do about Kim. He loved everything about him and he wanted them to get together and work things out. They couldnt go too fast, or it could ruin everything. How would Kim react when he plucked up the courage to tell him?

Liam :)

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Kim had tried to bury himself in shift work at the bar and gym respectively. He couldn’t deal with these feelings, what if they weren’t reciprocated? He didn’t know how he would be able to deal with rejection or the fact that he could lose the two most important people to him in a matter of seconds. His mood was heavy and it wasn’t long before people started picking up on the vibe.

“Hey if you stare at the orange long enough it may start juicing itself†Hayley joked nudging him.

“Huh, oh yea.†He tried to shrug it off with a smile but failed.

“Is there something wrong, you’ve been a bit weird lately? Can I help with anything?â€

At that moment Robbie walked into the bar, causing Kim to drop the orange he was holding and walk into the storeroom

What was he thinking? Kim stood in the storeroom, his heart doing summersaults, his hands trembling and he suddenly felt clammy. Maybe Robbie would get the wrong idea and turn against him. He had hardly spent anytime with Robbie since the break-up. He felt too guilty, guilty that he was secretly happy. He felt so awful when Tasha came round most nights and sobbed her heart out to him and he was the one finding comfort in the fact that they had split up. He had sat there and lied to her about silly Robbie had been, when all the time he had been hoping the split was inevitable

He was afraid Robbie had dropped by to find out about her visits. It was hard enough to be stuck in the middle of the arguments, but he found it even harder due to the feelings he was experiencing.

“Tasha’s gone to the city for a whileâ€

Kim jumped; he hadn’t expected Robbie to come into the storeroom, neither did he hear his approach.

“Look Robâ€

“No Kim its fine, I just wanted to say that since she’s gone we could spend more time hanging out, I’ve hardly seen you since the split, could do with a mate.â€

“Yea, sorry about that Rob, been so busy with shifts and all, and look I’m not taking sides or anythingâ€

“No, it’s cool. I understand you are good mates†Robbie Said testing the water.

“Yea but whatever you know I’ll always stand by you, even though I’m not taking sides†Replied Kim with equal footing in the testing waters. The pair stood in the storeroom looking at each other abashed.

“Look Kim, I have no idea what’s going on between you two but could you keep your private life private and get on with some work please? I’m flat outâ€

Glad of the distraction from Hayley, Kim left the storeroom.

Robbie stood alone. Admitting his feelings to himself was hard; trying to find the right moment to tell Kim was even harder. He was so mixed up; he had only just left Tasha after all. Maybe he should bide some time before broaching the subject. At least with the pair spending more time together he could work out what he really wanted, at this moment in time it felt impossible to tell, though just half an hour previous he had been so sure.

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*It had been a week since that encounter in the store room, and over that time both Robbie and Kim had been spending more and more time together. Robbie was still hurting over his relationship with Tasha, but he knew that the split was for the best. During the week the two boys had began to bond more and more and Kim had moved back into their old room:The pit.

Neither knew how it had happened, just that since, their feelings had been growing stronger and stronger everyday. Still though neither of them had gained the courage to tell the other how they felt.*

As he sat at his desk trying to do his schoolwork Robbie couldnt help but glance at Kim. As he chanced a third sideways look Kim caught his eye. The pair both looked away ignoring the obvious chemistry staring them in the face.

Hey Rob, Im just gonna hit the shower, could you pass me a towel?

Robbie said nothing merely grunted and passed the towel over. As Kim left the room he glanced back at Rob sitting there scribbling away at the desk. Although the pair had got closer recently, there had been an inner distance that both were aware of. Kim hadnt decided if it was because of his feelings, or whether it was because of the break up, but he knew that he had to do something to break the ice.

As he wrapped a towel around his waist he walked back into the room. Rob had moved from the desk now and was lying on his bed, listening to music, with his eyes closed. Kim paused to admire him. The way that his glasses had slipped over his nose, showing his emerald green eyes and how he was all hot and sweaty from where he had been working flat out. Acting on impulse Kim picked up his pillow and hit Rob round the head with it.

As he felt the pillow hit his head Robbie opened his eyes to see a half naked Kim leaning over him. He had to close them again. This was torture. Deciding the only way to let his frustration out was to indulge in a full blown pillow fight he picked up his pillow and began to fight back. The pair tussled for several minutes before they ended up tripping over the bed and landing on top of each other. As the spark passed between them they straightened themselves out each more and more confused with the changing events.

Look Kim

Rob They both spoke simultaneously. Robbie gestured for Kim to go first.

"Look Rob, I don't know if you feel it too but I have been thinking that we should be more than mates for a while now! I don't know if you feel the same but every time I see you my heart begins to race. This isnt just a crush. It has meaning. I just dont know if you feel the same!

Liam :)

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Chapter Four: A mixed production by both me and Em.

Embarrassed, both boys pulled apart from one another. Rob stood still taking the news in.

You feel the same? He had to pinch himself to find out if he was dreaming or if this was reality.

Why? You telling me you feel something too, as in the same as me?Kim asked.

I think so Answered Robbie, though there was clearly something on his mind. Without rational explanation to Kim he suddenly snapped.

Ive gotta go, and rushed out the house. Kim stood dumbstruck. What was going on? Did he say the wrong thing? But, then Robbie said he felt something too. Why did he take off like that? Kim had a sick feeling in his stomach.

Robbies head was spinning as he ran down to the beach. Events had happened so fast. He wasnt sure what he was feeling. What would happen if this was a sick joke? Kim was prone to fooling about. No, surely he had seen the seriousness in Robbies answer? As he ran down to the wharf he sat down, his head whirring. This was his best friend. What if this was just an infatuation, jealousy even? All the time they had spent together after his break-up with Tasha had seemed so right. They had bonded in so many ways that they never had before.

It didnt take long for Kim to find Robbie. Both boys sat next to each other in stunned silence, though that silence spoke volumes. Eventually Kim mustered up the courage to speak to Robbie.

Look Rob, I meant what I said, did I come on too strong?Robbie turned to face Kim. Their eyes locked together. The atmosphere tingled; as they leant in towards each other, although Kim more than Robbie. He felt that actions spoke louder than words and this way Robbie would understand just how he felt. Robbie pulled back.

Im sorry, Im such a jerk. Look, I think the world of you and if we are both serious this isnt something we can enter lightly into. How about we take things slow and see what happens?

Silence passed between the boys for several minutes. It was clear to anyone passing by that tensions were running high and these were two people with feelings to vent. For the second time Kim broke the silence.

Rob, we can take things at whatever speed you want. Im in this for the long run.

Pausing, Robbie began to speak w-w-we have to keep this between us. If anyone else finds out then, well it just aint going to work. Come on, we better be getting back.

In that moment boundaries were crossed and friendship lines blurred. As Kim walked back to the pit beside Robbie, he felt that things were destined to change. Despite knowing that they were going to take things slow he couldnt help but think of the chemistry that they had just shared and the way they had been so closely connected. A closeness he had never shared with anyone ever before.

When they reached the Hunters, Kim paused at the door knowing that he had to mask his feelings now, at least for the time being. Would it be that easy though, when all he wanted to do was build on his and Robbies relationship. The way he wanted to touch Robbie and feel close again like the way that they had at the wharf. Robbie just wasnt ready though, and Kim was going to have to be patient-or risk losing him, forever.

Liam :)

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Sorry for the late and well overdue next chapter. I have just been so busy with uni, but while I was suffering with the mumps I managed to compile this for you all.

Robbie sat at the dinner table playing with his food. He kept staring at the plate, though in the ten minutes he had been playing nothing had changed, the spaghetti still wrapped around his fork. His own stomach felt tightly wrapped. The conversation at the table was painful, he made sure he kept grunting at the right moments but this didn’t seem to be enough. All he really wanted to do was spend quality time with Kim not make idle conversation with the likes of Matilda and Henry.

“Rob, what’s the matter with you?†Asked Beth

“Huh, nothing, im fine, who’s up for some ice cream?â€

“Er, well we haven’t finished yet?†Came the worried reply from his mother.

“He’s probably still cut up about Tash†Matilda threw into the equation. “She’s back next week†This struck a chord with Robbie. After all that happened between the pair Robbie hadn’t given her a second thought placing all his energy into his friend. It felt like betrayal. He had no idea how to act around her next week. He had kept her text message secret from Kim as he had needed to know for sure if Kim did feel the same. Now that was certain how would he tell Tasha. He had to tell her, but she might not want to speak to him ever again.

“What was that sorry Matty?†Asked Kim

Under watchful eyes Kim noticed a colour change in Robbie’s face.

“Tash, she’s back next weekâ€

“Oh right, cool, that’ll be interesting, hope she had a nice time†Kim replied. Kim was trying to place today’s events in sequence. He was sure Robbie felt the same, why was he worried about Tash, unless he was just appeasing Kim. Surely not, there was only one way to test the situation. He placed his hand on Robbie’s knee under the table.

“So, Rob what did you get up to today? I saw you at the beach on my way to workâ€

Clearing his throat after all the excitement Rob managed to say “Yea, I thought Id check out the surfâ€

“Rob, you don’t surf†butted in Henry

“Oh, so you were checking out something else, or was it someone else†Kim asked

Rob looked shocked but was the only one to catch Kim’s eye and feel his hand squeeze his kneecap. They lingered for a second looking into each others eyes.

“Who was it Rob?†Kim persisted.

“Tall and blonde†Came the reply from Robbie “And that my friend is all you’re going to get, Can we start on Dessert†However Kim wasn’t finished. He stretched his leg out under the table, there it was. After giving a little cough, slowly Kim began rubbing Robbie’s foot against his under the table. He felt stupid; this was such a cliché however the effects seemed to be working. Rob looked up at Kim abashed. Kim gave a sly wink and carried on. Embarrassed, Rob looked around the table; his heart was pounding in his head. His body yearned to be closer and the danger of the situation encouraged him further. He looked cautiously round the table. Nobody was paying attention to him. Ice-cream seemed more appealing. Rob stretched back and met Kim’s feet under the table his face beaming. Kim understood the situation and had the proof he needed.

“For someone who was so keen on dessert you’re letting it melt†Beth chipped in.

“Just who was that girl Rob, tall and blonde, did you’re eyes meet across the sand? Did you know you love her in that instant?â€

“Shut up moron†Rob said with a chuckle, colour slightly raising in his cheeks

“Oh my God, they did, Robs been flirting†Henry laughed

“What Colour were they, could you see into her soul Rob†Kim was pushing it.

“Oh come you lot, you two help with the dishes†Rob was thankful Beth stepped in to the rescue. However Kim was getting carried away under the table

“Ouch, Kim I know you cant resist me, but really you should refrain from leaping across the table at me†Answered Matty as Kim’s foot slipped further than he meant. Robbie blushed and went to get up but tripped over the table. That was too much for the twins and they fell about laughing.

As the family parted ways Kim took Robbie aside in the pit.

“You worried about Tash coming back huh?â€

“Hmmm, you could say that†Robbie felt like a worm dangling on the end of a stick. He had been caught up in the euphoria at the dinner table. The question had struck something. Although he had to tell Kim that he was worried he didn’t feel ready to disclose any information. He knew one thing for sure though, Kim for the meantime was the one he wanted to be with and hopefully he would know this when his worries were revealed. “What were you thinking at the table?†Rob asked slightly agitated.

“Come on Rob, I wanted to know how you felt about that tall blonde stranger I saw you on the beach with?†Kim told him gently as he placed Rob’s hands in his.

“You know how I feel about them…you†he stuttered. “Just not at dinner right!â€

“Sorry Rob, I thought, well, you know, you were ready as you gave me answers.â€

“Yea, for the stranger being femaleâ€


Rob walked into the bathroom to sort himself out. His face was red, his heart was pounding, his hands were warm where Kim had held them tight, he bought them to his chest, it blazed onto of his heart.

When he came back to the pit Kim was lying on the bed. As Rob sat down Kim sat up and put his arm around him.

“I’m sorry for what I did out there, I jus got carried away y’know he said looking into Robbie’s eyes.

“I understand why you would feel weird about Tash but it’ll all work itself out you’ll see. I can’t help myself when I’m around you Rob. I’ve said it before but you will make sure you let me know what’s going on, if I’m too fast or too strong yea? I don’t want to loose you or what we have?â€

Rob sighed he felt totally at ease. Nobody had understood his feelings truly in the way Kim did.

“Of course, and I’m totally happy right nowâ€

Kim picked up a loose strand of his hair and ran his fingers down Robbie’s face. The atmosphere sizzled and they each leaned towards one another. This time there was no holding back from either. As their lips met, emotions ran all through, pent up feelings were being released and the moment was perfect bliss.

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