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Friday 9 September 2005 - Episode # 4045

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Unscripted Brilliance !!!“

It's early in the morning when Luke is keen to talk to the still in bed Jack. Before Tony is able to say anything, Luke barges into jack's room - and finds Martha is bed with jack. Luke quickly exits the room.

Soon after, Martha goes home and Tony & jack talky about jack's appointment with the hearing specialist today. When asks if he wants Tony to accompany him, jack responds "im not 5 years old" etc.

Later, Luke is taking stuff for the play to SBH when he sees Jack running on the beach. Luke approaches jack - and wonders why he's not at the appointment. Jack tells Luke that he just can't face hearing that his hearing isn't up to scratch (i.e. meaning that he can’t go back to the job he loves). Jack pleads for Luke to keep this to himself - and Luke says that he will.

Later, at the Holden house, Tony asks Jack how things went. Jack says that the hearing specialist has given him the all clear.

Later, Jack & Martha are sitting beside each other a the play - and jack wants to bail (see below) but colleen is at the end of the row of seats he's in - so jack decides against bailing.

After the play, jack & Martha says goodnight to each other - and as jack begins the walk home, he doesn't hear Ric's cries for help (see below)

Ric, Cassie, Sally & Alf are at the hospital. Cassia is taking every opportunity the verbally attack Ric for what she thinks he did on purpose. Flynn approaches them, and says that Aden is badly concussed - and there's no way that he’ll be able to play the next rugby game (with the talent scouts watching). Cassie uses this as more ammunition against ric. Aden’s dad approaches. He major verbally attacks ric for what he did. Aden’s dad claims that ric hurt Aden because he knew that Aden was better than ric could ever be.

Later, at the van park house, sally talks to ric. She wonders if his actions were intentional. Ric says that although he planned to tackle Aden HARD, but never meant for all this to happen.

Hyde arrives at the house. He tells sally & ric that if it can be proven that ric acted with malice, ric could be expelled.

Things get worse when ric hears a loud knock at the door. He answers it - and Aden’s dad verbally abuses ric again.

When Ric goes to SBH (for the play), he admits to Cassie that he DOES still have feeling for her, and that it's killing him to see Cassie with Aden.

Colleen enters the room. She wonders where Aden is (as he's playing tilly's mum in the play). Cassie tells colleen what ric did - and colleen tells ric that he'll have to take Aden’s role in play. When colleen is out of the room, Cassie is not pleased to have to share the stage with ric.

During the play, Cassie goes with Luke & Tilly's ad libbing spirit (see below) to make a snide remark to Ric.

After the play is finished, Alf congratulates ric for steeping in for Aden at the last minute. Alf suggests that ric should bask in tonight's mood, and worry bout Aden etc tomorrow.

Soon after, ric sets off on his way home. He is confronted by Aden’s dad - who punches ric and brings him to the ground. Aden’s dad then kicks ric several times - before he bails. Ric (with blood coming from his mouth) sees jack and calls out for help. Ric is distraught as jack just keeps on walking (end of ep)

Tony isn't pleased that Luke snuck out to be with Tilly last night. Luke, however, is then V surprirsed when Tony says that he will let Luke have the place to himself (to invite tilly over for dinner).

Later, at the surf club, Tilly tells Luke that Beth was really annoyed with her last night. Tilly wishes that they'd actually kissed - so all the trouble they'd gotten into was worth it.

Tilly & Luke have one last rehearsal - and are about to do the summer/rex kiss when they are interrupted (smoke machine goes off etc). Colleen suggests that this is a good thing - makes that 1-st kiss (on stage) more real.

Colleen then asks Luke to help with taking props to SBH (which is when Luke runs into jack - see above).

That night, with a packed audience at the SBH hall, colleen introduces her play ("all proceeds to hospital" etc). Backstage, Luke & Tilly still aren't keen on the woeful script.

Luke, Tilly and the others take the stage for the 1-st scene of the play - and despite the bored looks on the audience’s faces, I quite like the way summer (tilly) and Rex (Luke) moves to the front of the stage to voice their thoughts.

When the scene ends, Tilly & Luke voice their concerns to colleen about the play - and that the audience is leaving in droves. Colleen insists that her script will see them through. Luke has other ideas.

As the next scene of the play begins, Rex is sitting atop a lifeguard tower. Summer calls out to him - and throws something at him when rex doesn't respond to her calls. He then slumps backwards - and Tilly totally ad-libs by saying that although rex was supposed to be her soul mate, there's plenty of fish in the sea etc,

Rex stirs (and with a V ocker accent) wonders why summer is so flippantly that he's dead.

Tilly & Luke then REALLY ad lib, as they use both the scripted lines that colleen is loudly calling out from the crowd (jokes about summer's personality disorder) and when cassie totally sticks to the script (summer's response "get back on the meds, mum. I didn't say anything") to their advantage.

When there's further staging confusion, Tilly & Luke decide they can't wait any longer - and the passionate French kiss seems to last FOREVER !!!! - all to the plaudits of the crowd.

When the play is over, Colleen (of course) takes the credit for "reading the audience" (changing things from a serious drama to a comedy) whilst Tony comments that it definitely wasn’t JUST a stage kiss !!!


All are shocked by what's happened to Ric - esp. Cassie, as she wonders who would have just left him there to die

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